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A Dragon Arrives

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Hello! I'm New here on the forums so I decided to introduce myself as DragonQueen23, or on my Scroll, KoyoteQueen23.

I decided to answer some questions  and give some questions.. idk why but.. why not!


How did you find DragonCave?

Well as crindgy as I might be, I found DragonCave from another Forums site. Looked around a bit but didn't decide to join until now! On Easter of course ;D. 

Any Questions?

Yes! Actually. After looking around and all the jazz and just started my first four dragons. I was a bit confused on how to actually Hatch these fellas. Do I just have to wait? Or do I actually have to unlock the growth stages for the dragons?


Second I was wondering what a Scroll actually was. I think I know but, I'd rather understand it more better if that makes sense xD.


ANYWAYS! That's all and I hope yall have a great day.

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Hello and welcome! Your eggs need views to hatch. Clicks are nice to have, because they're worth a lot of views, but it's possible for dragons to grow up without them. Most members use fansites to get their dragons the views they need. I use Valley Sherwood, Silvi's Lair, and Allure of Neglected Dragons. Here is the list of fansites you can choose from. Keep in mind that no matter how many views your dragons get, they must reach at least 4d left before they hatch and grow up.


A scroll is just the record we keep that shows which dragons we've raised. We can view them, breed them, and use their BSAs (breed-specific actions for dragons that have them, like Pink and Magi dragons) on other eggs on our scroll.

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Welcome to DC forum! Hope you enjoy!


I came from another forum too! For me it was Minecraft forum. What was yours?

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Hello and welcome to Dragon Cave and its forums. If you are ever looking for help understanding how Dragon Cave works, check out the Mentoring Project here 


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