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red eyes | take warning [[modern day sandbox open and accepting]]

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Through the city you see the faces of many people, many whom you pass without a glance.


You lower your eyes and pull down your hood.


A beggar motions to you to come closer and drop a few coins into his cup. Like everyone else, you train your gaze ahead and pretend not to see him as you make your way to nowhere in particular.




Intimidating glass towers reflect the clouds gathering above and everything seems grey, grey, grey, from the dark grey of the asphalt to the sky and the concrete. Even the people look grey and weary, in their faces, their posture, and their fashion. They seem to know where they are heading, but not where they are going.


It is here where you are in plain sight and yet invisible to the world. People pass by without acknowledgement, their presence fading away among the sea of passerby. Everyone is the same, pattering to and fro like a herd of dark-jacketed sheep.


But you're not one of them, are you? You're different.


Among the hundred thousands living here, you begin to witness some of the same people and some of the same eyes in the faceless crowds. People like you. Exceptional, powerful people with all eyes on them -- although unlike them, you don't think you're exceptional in any aspect at all. But that look you saw in their eyes when they met for an instant -- you thought you recognized it, or at least, caught a glimpse of yourself reflected in them.


You train your gaze ahead and continue to walk forward, resisting the urge to look back.




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a project based on kagepro (but only slightly)




When there are many, the individual fades away. But you’re not like the others, are you? You’re not part of the many.


You’re not that unusual, that’s true. You melt into the world just like anyone else. You might go to school, or work a job. You might have someone you care about, or maybe not. Or perhaps, having no one else to turn to, the rhythm of the street is the only heartbeat you know.


Loss is not unfamiliar to you. You can’t tell someone’s loss by a glance, but you can see it in the depths of people’s eyes.


You’re normal and you get by… except, strange things continue to happen around you. Because of you. Maybe you’re aware, or maybe you’re as ignorant as the endless sea of ordinary lives around you.


There have always been tales of demons and vampires roaming the dark alleyways of the city, urban legends that pretend to be scarier than true threats. Everyone knows those are silly myths, but only a select few know that the myths do have one degree of truth to them.


~ The Eyes of the City ~


A small fraction of the city’s population has special, psychic-like abilities linked to their eyes. These people could be anyone, anywhere, and look just like everyone else -- and indeed, in the past they were once just that: normal.


No one knows exactly how they gain their abilities or why, but all of these people -- many younger than twenty years of age -- have begun to develop their power after witnessing a great tragedy or trauma in their lives. Adversity unlocks hidden potential, perhaps.


These people with supernatural abilities are colloquially known as red-eyes, in reference to how their irises glow a bright red whenever they apply their power.  


Other red-eyes can see the carmine glow of their kin whenever they use their abilities. Normal humans are blind to it. The rest of the city is oblivious to their existence. And yet at the same time… the city is deeply entangled with the influence of red-eyes on both the legal and criminal scenes.


Curiously, cameras are uniquely able to capture the red-eyed glow, although red-eye powers do not affect anyone viewing a recorded video.


~ Red-Eyed Monsters ~


  • Each red-eye has a single ability that only grows over time. First manifesting in brief flashes or subtle effects shortly after their tragedy, oftentimes the user isn’t even aware of it until they grow older or encounter other red-eyes.
  • Some red-eyes have had their abilities for years, for up to a decade ago. There is no known red-eye who has gained an ability naturally after the age of 25 -- meaning the oldest existing red-eyes should be around 35.
  • It is said that a red-eye’s ability relates to either their tragedy or their desires, but there are equally many those who do not fit this mold.
  • It is uncommon for the same ability to manifest in more than one person, although it is not unheard of to have abilities that are similar in type and end up having the same effect. The vast majority of abilities are visual, or relate somehow to sight and may affect either user or target (or, both, once the ability develops to its peak). A red-eye’s power tends to be mental or psychological, as opposed to physical. The more powerful abilities that rely on eye contact between user and target can be neutralized by tinted visors or mirrored sunglasses.  
  • Red-eyes, in addition to their ability, have increased physical endurance, healing factor, and durability when compared to ordinary and untrained humans.
  • A red-eye is much harder to influence with an ability than a normal human. They have some degree of resistance and can usually detect when they are the target of another red-eye's ability, although they are not completely immune.
  • All red-eyes are created with a single ability. However, a red-eye can steal additional abilities by locking eyes with a another, dying red-eye.


~ Seeking a Place ~


Welcome to City S.

That's what everyone calls it. Truth is, it could be called anything.

It's like any city, really. Could be yours, or mine.


City S, as it is known, is a an ever-changing metropolis of high towers and crowded streets, with technology and culture typical of today. The climate is mild, and anything imaginable is within a subway’s ride away. There is a large body of water not very far away. Everything is here, from the dreams of glamor to the dangers of the dark.


Spring has given way to summer. Many students don’t know what to do with their freedom over the next two months, though the rest of the world continues to march along the same daily rhythm as it always has.


~ Where Loyalties Lie ~


City S is also known for its gang activity. Regular humans often dismiss a red-eye’s abilities as s simple luck, but some red-eyes can be found in positions of power, whether they be reputable or not, and there are too a number of groups that seek to collect red-eyes exclusively. [[GM note: Ask for more details or propose your own.]]


Some faction examples:



Aperture - An incredibly wealthy multinational company dealing with the production of cameras, lenses, CCTVs, and other related products. They have a headquarters in city S, and are notable for making many charitable donations to orphanages in the area.


DB (double blind) - A strange smartphone app that is only visible for installation by red-eyes. It functions like a chat and dating app, allowing for groups to connect and to discover each other without revealing their identity.


The Red Cobras - A gang of teenagers who like to hang out together and cause trouble, but they pale in comparison to real gangs like the Grey Wolves or the Three Blind Men. Other than all being red-eyes, they can be recognized by their red scarves or bandanas as well as their snake motif.


Black Kitsune - Known by the faux-fur tails at their hips and their fox kanji tags, the Black Kitsunes are a small gang led by a certain red-eye known broadly only as Kuro no Kuroppoi. They are known to perform petty crimes and make trouble, along with a couple cases of arson if the rumors are true.


Three Blind Men - A notorious criminal organization whose leader is a red-eye with several abilities, as rumor has it. Like a few other organizations, they are actively seeking out or hunting for useful red-eyed abilities to add to their ranks -- whether living or dead. They are called upon for important criminal jobs involving theft, burglary, or assassination. TBM asks for a hefty price, but always gets the job cleanly done.


The Elwood Family - A rich, influential family cloaked in the dealings of the underworld, the Elwoods are practically the mafia of city S and beyond -- dabbling in bribery, gambling, and stock manipulation (among many other things). The Elwood lineage itself displays some instances of red-eyes, and they are known to either recruit or contract those with special abilities. They are not afraid to eliminate all traces of those who oppose them.


Mirage Tea and Coffee -  A popular café in the downtown of city S. It is a favorite spot for red-eyes to seek refuge, and the manager is a young woman who just wants to adopt all the poor orphaned children.


Cataracts - A bar known for its… interesting clientele. The entrance to the establishment is down a hall off of main street, behind a nondescript door and down a flight of stairs.


Silver Creek High School Special Interests Club - One of many schools in the area, Silver Creek would be unremarkable had it not been the site of a school shooting two and a half years prior. A few pupils from this school found themselves developing red-eyed abilities over time, and frequently hang out together while seeking new members to befriend. It is currently the summer, so school is out.


Habeas - An idealistic, humanitarian group that wants to promote the well-being of citizens in City S. Small at the present time, the group's leading figures are said to have some big dreams for everyone involved. Despite it's pristine outward appearance, there might be some dirt hidden beneath it's skin....



~ Signing your Fate ~


  • Title: Through the streets, one gains notoriety. People call you titles based on your reputation.
  • Name/Alias: Some take new names, and some bury their old names...
  • Ability: There seems to be a minor correlation between one’s ability and one’s desires.
  • Faction: Allies are essential. Who you know may save you... or kill you. Are you part of any groups?
  • Appearance: Choose to blend in or choose to stand out. Images okay.
  • Personality: Can be RP'd. If nothing specified, will assume is a quiet loner.
  • History: Optional, although I may ask for more information. You may hide your tragedy or have it out in the open.
  • Other: Other information.



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~ OOC ~

Mood/setting references: kagerou project, durarara, persona, TWEWY, Playlist (in progress)


Hello, I'm Mage, and welcome to a project that isn't a revival! I think this could be very refreshing to do, and I think we'll all have fun with character creation in something classic, edgy, and reminiscent of late 2000s' punk rock. This is an open sandbox focused on characters, about factions, teens, angst, and a little bit of magic.


Chat here! Will remain open and public until we start. https://discord.gg/zRBSxj7


Some rules to set the stage for this infernal dinner party:


~1. Have fun! ~

1a. If you are ruining the fun, you may be asked to tone it down or leave.


~ 2. You may negotiate with the GM to improve yours or others' experience to increase fun. ~

2a. I will be flexible on all but two things: powers are limited to being sight or mind related, and other than the red-eyes, the world works like how it would in the modern day.


~ 3. No character limit. As long as powers are approved, you may use that character as much or as little as you want. ~


~ 4. Normal humans are almost supernaturally unaware of the red-eyes' existence, which means that they will all be NPCs. ~


~ 5. Please go over the top with eye/vision puns or references. It's part of the flavor. ~



Ability examples:


Changing appearance

Slowing perception of time

Glimpsing into the immediate future

Observing the past of objects


Paralyzing glare

Drawing gazes

Reading thoughts

Projecting thoughts and emotions


Seeing through objects

Seeing distant things

Observing hidden trails

Hypnosis/Mind control

Sharing or relaying sight


Photographic memory

Reading emotions

Creating illusions

Erasing memories


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Alright, I'll try my hand. 

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Ohoho, our first sheet posted out in the open, in contrast to the secretive whispers I've been exchanging with everyone. Looks good!




As I mentioned before, I'll be preparing material over the weekend. It is likely that we'll be able to start by next week, if not earlier.

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Title:  Dj Khao Manee

Name/Alias:  Miyuki Snow

Age: 17


Colorful waves: She's able to see sound waves as streams of various colors in akin to the Northern lights. The color lightens or darkens depending on tone and pitch. If music or sound is in the air, she'd be able to follow it to the source. Each person when they speak has a color that streams as long as their voices could carry making shouting longer and more vibrant then whispers. Animals and man made sounds have a more distorted or duller color to them and echoes cause a double layer to the sound wave giving her a form of echolocation in dark places. This also enables her to "see" pitches that are normally unheard by human ears.


  • Silver creek High School Special Interests Club- She joined the club just before school let out for summer.
  • Max- Just a long time friend of hers who obtained his powers very young. He's always found her no mater what school or how far he moved from her. He helped her adjust when she became deaf and her abilities manifested.
  • Mirage Tea and Coffee- A common place where She meets with Max frequently.
  • House of Artists: Gallery and Studio- She puts her paintings up here for display and for sale. If not at the club she's here working on art.
  • Fantasy- A under age club she works part time making dance music and techno songs. She spends most of her time here if she isn't with Max, at school or at the gallery.

Appearance: Miyuki is 5'3" tall with long white hair, pale skin and two colored eyes. Heterochromia runs in her family, giving her one light  blue-silver eye and one light green eye. Slender, yet strong, she might not look tough, but her black belt and medals say otherwise. She wears a purple colored contact in her green eye when not being a DJ. Her DJ outfit consists of white cat ear  hair clips, a white outfit and a white cat tail. She wears white finger less gloves that have pink cat paws on the palm.

Personality: Often called bubbly and outgoing, she's more like a snarky spitfire who's a karate champ, DJ, artist and a outdoorsy kind of girl. She would prefer the country to the city, but her parents live in city S so she can't live how she wants to. She's an animal lover, foxes being her favorite and is mostly optimistic about things in life. Although she can't hear anything, she considers her gift as a blessing to expand her music and art style. Even Beethoven was stone deaf when he wrote Ode to Joy right?

History:  Max Denarro has been her best friend since grade school, meting in kindergarten when she split her sandwich and her cookie to share with him at lunch seeing that he didn't have any.

 When she was 15, she went to a rave party with her friend Max and his estranged foster brother as their chaperone to see his brother's boyfriend to play. Max left to find his brother and she pushed her way to get a better view and hear the music better when an explosion sounded. The blast pushed her back and gave her a concussion, knocking her out. She came too, three days later in the hospital. She couldn't hear anything. Later she found out that Max's brother set the bomb to kill himself and his boyfriend  who was breaking up with him. It killed them both and a dozen other people, injuring many more. She became deaf but that didn't stop her from being bubbly and a proactive girl.

Other: Her parents are divorced and she sees her mom every other weekend living with her dad for the most part. She plays the violin and often remixes classical songs with her playing a newer song to create an awesome sound.

Her DJ name is the breed of a cat who has white fur and is known to have miss matched eyes.









黒の炎 / kuro no hono- black flame Used by his gang members

kuro no kuroppoi - black darkness Used by the public

Name/Alias:  Max Denarro/ Ankoku

Age: 18


Burn:  He has the ability to make a person he looks at feel like they are in a burning fire. They feel very hot, and start to feel pain like they are on fire, choking on smoke that’s not there. If caused long enough they would pass out from trying to hold their breath.

Passionate fire: He's able to "ignite" feelings of burning desire or passion in someone. Like a love spell, they could get hooked on the euphoric feelings they get and would do anything for that high again. So far he's been able to get people to steal small items for him, but with more practice and fine tuning, He'd be able to be so in love with him, they'll steal more expensive items for him or do something  a bit more dangerous.


  • Black Kitsune- A small gang he started, they mostly do petty crimes like theft, tagging, and  destroying property, but a few times things might have caught on fire by "accident". They are rivals of the cobras and are known for the black faux fur tail hanging on a chain from their belts they wear or the   symbol they tag on surfaces around the city or have tattooed, drawn or on a patch somewhere on them. The number of tails they have show the years they were in the group. Identity's are hidden with a Japanese black fox mask with gold motifs. The leader is known to wear a black fox mask with silver designs and a five black tails and one silver tail showing he is the founder.
  • Mirage Tea and Coffee- Meets up with his friend Miyuki here
  • Miyuki- His one and only friend he trusts with his life and the reason he founded the gang.
  • Dark Poets Society- A group of people who are into the macabre, reading out short stories from Edger Allen Poe or their own works

Appearance: Gungy, Six foot nine inches tall, he's lanky and unruly in appearance. Clothes often supporting holes, patches or are second  hand cloths bought for cheep. Hand-me downs  make up most of his closet, often being too small for him. His hair is a mass of deep brown/black curl with premature silver hair speckling it slightly. His entire left leg, side and most of his lower back has burn scars, and he has scars on his left wrist where he punched out a window to escape, He has various other scars from fights on his face, a chipped tooth and a crooked large canine on his upper right side. Often seen with a single silver fox tail hanging from his hip. He has the Black Kitsune  mark tattooed on his left inside wrist he keeps covered by a sweat band when not engaging in gang activity.

Personality: Ankoku is obsessed with fire, the sight of fire calms him down for some reason, and piss him off enough he'd likely set something on fire or punch your teeth in. He has a violent past, often being the instigator in fights. Usually quiet, reserved and  brooding, he makes a complete 180 around Miyuki. He laughs, smiles and tells stupid puns/ jokes to her to make her giggle. He even learned sign language when she did to communicate with her better. He loves the sciences in school, although he got held back a year from being suspended so many times his grades plummeted. Although he's a troubled kid, he is intelligent despite what others say, able to quickly asses any situation within seconds to a minuet. If he hadn't been expelled from 5 schools and suspended excessively for talking with his fists he would have actually graduated at 16.  He is one of those foster children that actually became the delinquent everyone assumes they are yet he somehow always slipped through the clutches of the law.

History: He met Miyuki when he was 5 and he had forgotten his lunch at home.His house exploded when a faulty gas pipe was ignited. He was the only one who escaped alive, but ended up burned 27% of his body at the age of 7. Lost his parents, older brother and two infant sister twins. Since then he had been bounced around from home to home in foster care going to nearly 26 homes in ten years. 

    Bullied mercilessly by both kids and adults for his scarred leg, walking with a slight limp at times and developing a dangerous fascination with the very thing that caused the death of his family, he was often wrongly accused for the fire.  His power showed up at school one day  a year after the fire at age 8 when a kid shoved him off a play toy calling him fowl names. He glared at the kid, wanting to pick a fight when the kid started couching and shouting something about being on fire. At 14, his foster sister was a red eye who committed suicide. He found her dying and couldn't save her, making eye contact unknowing her ability would be given to him. He discovered it he had it when he was jealously eyeing a jock's girlfriend and she dumped her boyfriend and came over to him under his spell.

    Tragic events always seemed to follow him around no mater where he went. Miyuki was the only light in his dark existence. Her accident happened when he was 16, and after it, her mother got into the bad crowd. He started his gang to protect her, members are often stationed at the places she frequents when visiting her mom to make sure no harm comes to her. Her consistent kindness towards and others like him, makes him pudding in her presence and wanting to cry. She, and only she gives him hope and restores his faith in both humanity and himself.


  • He carries a Zippo in his pocket at all times, or a match book.
  • He's bisexual and had a crush on Miyuki for the longest time, but isn't willing to use his powers on her.
  • He had glued a dog fang in his mouth when he lost a fight in middle school and got his adult tooth knocked out. He did it himself after steeling some denture glue form the elderly woman who lived next door to him at the time.
  • Only Miyuki can still call him Max. He refers to himself as Ankoku now.
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Name/Alias: Naoya Tayama
Alias: Mementos
Age: 24
Ability: Mind Eater: Naoya's special ability is unique in that it is multifunctional, though all functions are part of the same root ability. To be able to access, alter, erase, and even restore the memories of those he comes into contact with. This can range from quite literally changing a persons own personal history and background, or rather how they perceived that background. For example, if someone had a particularly happy upbringing where they were raised in a loving family Naoya can just as easily change the targets memory of their childhood, making them believe that those same parents who held them warmly struck and abused them. In the same vain he can also fix memories for others, restore memories to extract information, or even erase previous traumas with equal ease and can use this flexibility as leverage promising to restore happy memories, for a price. This talent has earned him a notorious reputation both as a torture technician, 'memory mender', and an information broker under his alias 'Mementos'. The biggest drawback to this ability is the fact that it requires Naoya to maintaining his 'subject' in his direct line of vision. 
Faction: Three Blind Men (Loose contractual business relationship), Mementos Paradise (A small back alley shop located in the city that serves as Naoya's base of operations. A small yet quaint shop that gives off a fortune teller or antique shop vibe where Naoya acts as both information broker and 'memory mender' for adequate payments. It is noted that the authorities are well away of the backdoor nature of this shop but completely disregard it and even hide its existence to protect Naoya not because they like him but because many officials and even officers are frequent clients of his and because of his ability he also holds untold amounts of blackmail material against them.)
Appearance: Naoya is notable in his unique appearance. With a handsome face, narrow piercing red eyes, shoulder length silver hair, and light skin mixed with a rather lithe yet tall frame gives him a rather interesting appearance. Interestingly because of his own natural red eyes it also works as a double for him in hiding that he is an actual Red-Eye until it's too late and he's already made contact. 
Personality: Naoya is noted for his rather cold and callous nature. Naturally predispositioned towards outright apathy towards most 'normal' human values he fails to see other people as sentient beings but rather as a means to an end, with his end desire being to further his own material wealth. His most notable trait is infact his greed and ambition fueled by his ceaseless desire for more and more material wealth due to his own warped values. Noted for being cruel and outright unethical by those who actually know his reputation as the go-to torturer for Three Blind Men due to his Red Eye ability he holds no value for human life as a whole, caring nothing for who his 'subjects' are or why they were targetted but simply doing so for the paycheck at the end, meaning that he cares not if they are man or woman, elder or child showing that he doesn't even discriminate towards his 'subjects'. However on the other hand he derives no pleasure from torturing others either, he does not revel in their powerlessness to resist nor does he torment people at random showing that he's pragmatic about it atleast and that he isn't some mindless sociopath. On the flip side his loyalties towards the Three Blind Men are extremely loose to the point that while he is their go-to for torture and information extraction he also is the last person they ever desire to share information with, something that matters very little in the long run to Naoya. Aside from his job with TBM he also is noted for running a small back alley shop showing that he is pragmatic with his abilities in that he doesn't just erase or alter memories for the worse, but if sufficiently paid will alter ones memories for the better or even remove dubious memories for clients with no questions asked aside from the large sum of money that is the price for his services. His obsession with money is rooted from his youth where he had to take care of his ailing grandfather who had raised him. The elderly man suffered from alzheimers, something that Naoya stuggled to deal with and he knew with their meagre savings that no doctor would bother caring for the ailing old man simply because a child cried for help. Instead realizing this fact he developed an unhealthy obsession with material wealth after his grandfather passed away, his mentality warped by the ideology that money really DOES make the world go round. With enough money one can live a life of comfort and luxury with no worries, with enough funding one can blackmail and bribe their way out of any troubles, with enough cash one can get away with virtually anything with nary so much as a slap on the wrist. This warped mentality developed into his current material wealth obsession and desires, and as of current he is already considered one of the if not the most wealthy individual in the city yet he remains unsatisfied. He does however hide a lot of this callousness behind a facade, a fake mask of friendliness and has proven that because he lacks empathy he makes for quite the actor as a 'friendly' fellow to blend into society.
History: Naoya is unique in that his Red Eye ability was inherited through trauma yes, though not by a trauma that was his to bear. As a young Naoya was particularly close to his grandfather who had raised him since his own parents had unfortunately been killed in a traffic accident leaving him to his last remaining relative his paternal grandfather. For much of his youth he was raised by Honda Tayama and was treated well by his elderly grandfather. Unfortunately his grandfather was elderly and slowly started succumbing to Alzheimers Disease. For Naoya his trauma relating to memories isn't due to having bad memories per-say but rather because he watched his grandfather slowly but surely losing his own memories. At first it was forgetting to prepare meals, then it slowly grew into forgetting medications, and after that the process was slow but then he started forgetting Naoya's parents until finally Naoya himself was little more than a stranger taking care of his elderly grandfather. Those final days were torture for the young Naoya and they hardened him to the world and others, slowly growing colder and more callous to those around him until his Red Eye ability manifested at which point it was already too late for his grandfather and so his sense of empathy and care for others deteriorated into a cruel exploitive nature that doesn't care for others as people, but rather as tools that are only useful if he has something to gain. As of current he is part of Three Blind Men but he has made it clear to them that he is simply using them as he lets them use him. It's a mutual business relationship and nothing more and nothing less. 
Other: Other information
Huang Zhang:
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Just posting here to say that I’m currently on spring break vacation and probably won’t be able to get stuff done till next Tuesday at the earliest. You don’t have to wait for me or anything but I’ll try to brainstorm while I’m gone. ;^;

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I'm just going to shuffle these three into the thread. Consider them complete. If I touch them, it'll be to put Heather and Callisto's appearances into real paragraphs instead of just bullet points.

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Currently reading through all the sheets, but Miyuki, Ankoku, and Naoya look good! Can't wait to encounter the Black Kitsunes.



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Elwood, Heather, Cam, and Calli are fantastic. Please throw money at me, big mafia boy, and good luck on your hunt, H. You'll need all the luck you can get.


Also nearly missed Huang. He's good too.




I'm currently assembling comments for Lav/Perri/Lara but we can discuss that over Discord.




I will update the opener tomorrow when I'm off work. Since we do have a chat for OOC, we can RP out of this topic (no need to delete any posts, though) and I'll be writing some openers on Friday/over the weekend.

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JULY 21, 2018




"Good moooorning, City S! If you're just tuning in, you're listening to Lumi Nation 75.6, playing classic hits from the 80s, 90s, 2000s and beyond. I'm your host, Reys Martin, on this beautiful Saturday morning. It's 10am and the weather's looking great outside, with highs around 23, sunshine and distant clouds, with a chance of light showers later in the day..."


Brooke let the radio drone on as the host continued to squeeze in information about the weather, traffic, and local news. On quiet days, the radio was the only thing that banished the silence and kept time for her, making the hours go by with delightful speed. Turning on the radio was part of her routine when it came to open up the shop in the morning and its songs signaled the start of a new day. She was usually the first one in at the shop up early, rolling up the shutters and making sure all the equipment was all in working order, before unlocking and flipping the open sign.


7:00 to 9:00 on weekdays, it said. 9:00 to 9:00 on weekends. Closed Mondays.


She didn't want to take a day off. It was only because other people, concerned for her health, asked her to make some time to relax. (She retorted that she had ample time to relax over the relatively quiet hours from 5 to 8pm.) Friends were concerned that she was working herself into an early grave, and sometimes, thought she hated to admit it, she really did feel the exhaustion in her heavy eyes and limbs. Mirage was doing well enough for her to hire assistants, but Brooke was convinced that she needed to be there at all times and that things wouldn't go as well if she wasn't present -- but it wasn't because she was controlling, or micromanaging.


Brooke was the reason people came in the first place.


Her eyes glowed red as she greeted a woman at the counter, repeating back the usual order she made on Saturdays (Brooke learned that was the time when that lady visited her mother, and she picked up a medium black coffee, no milk, two brown sugars before driving over) and poured her drink. She slid the paper cup over and looked the woman straight in the eye while genuinely telling her to have a nice day; in the background the effects of her power manifested to ease away at her target's feelings of stress.


Of course, no one consciously felt Brooke's touch on their minds. Everyone who left Mirage ended up feeling a little bit better without knowing why -- and knowing that she could help people like this made her heart swell and gave meaning to each day. It had already been a few years since she first learned she could do this, and since then she had met a variety of people with powers like hers, both good and bad, clueless or selfish. Mirage, the shop, itself was a vector to weed out red-eyes: they were the only ones that could resist her gaze when she stared at them from the counter-side.


I Saw the Sign from Ace of Base began to play on the radio.


"Good morning, Brooke," greeted a teen approaching her from the staff-side door on her side of the counter, already sporting the shop's light barista apron. His round face and stocky build reminded her a little of a bulldog, with a small, pouting mouth and large, red-tinged cheeks that made his short light hair look even more invisible.


"You're right on time, Baron," she noted. "Usually you're five minutes early." She punctuated it with a smirk, to show that it was only light banter.

Baron was not a red-eye. The boy had no idea about everything that happened right under his nose like the tensions between customers, the staredowns, and the silent threats exchanged through glances. Mirage was not a front, at least not intentionally. But it did seem like that way sometimes. Despite all that, it was a place where even sworn enemies could tolerate each other over a cold brew -- Brooke's reputation had spread widely since she first began, three years ago, and many red-eyes had taken advantage of that.


In fact, she could pick out at least three red-eyes in the cafe right now, all regulars. Heather's unassuming presence, Lavender's bright red hair, and Jocelyn's ragdoll-like posture. All regular people, if not a little bit eccentric, but each one confirmed to hold a secret and mysterious power within.


Some days she wished she had a proper assistant. However, she had yet to find a red-eye cut with a similar ability to hers, at least not yet. But now was the best time, perhaps, to hire more people, red-eye or not. Mirage was doing as well as ever because of a recent blog post and, despite not serving any food other than wholesale cakes and croissants, there have been many people visiting in an attempt to experience the atmosphere Brooke tried so hard to create both literally -- from the coffee and cream colored interior decor, the soft red seats and the abstract art on the walls -- and psychically.


With Baron now working the cash register, Brooke had a little time to step out and greet some friends.



((also preparing a TBM post to be posted soon, + maybe a cobras post. You don't need to start in the coffee shop, be anywhere! go nuts and feel free to ask questions.))

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Heather | Mirage Tea and Coffee -> ?


The paper cup sat uncovered near the opposing corner of her small table, steam rising from the brown liquid. The scent of peppermint was just strong enough to reach her nose before it dissipated into the open air. As her tea cooled, Heather worked her way down a narrow sheet of paper, torn from one of those news reporter memo pads. The black ink pen scratched across the white surface, the letters of individual names and notes bleeding into the fibers. 


A pause in her writing. She reached towards her tea, testing its temperature with her fingertips against the "100% post-consumer" cup, just above the coaster sleeve. Satisfied, she re-secured the travel lid to the top and took her first few sips. As she did, she took the moment to look around the shop, tracking Brooke's latest customer from the counter to the sidewalk outside. Setting her tea back on the table, Heather raked her gaze down the scribbled notes. Her mother always complained about Heather's chicken-scratch handwriting, bemoaning how the untidiness of it did not befit a woman, let alone one who she called a daughter. 


Curling her fingers abruptly, she crumpled the paper against her palm and capped her ball-point pen before shoving both into her blue ombre bag. Standing up, she slung the cheap bag over her shoulder, the black fabric strap fraying where it connected to a metal loop on one end. "Thanks, Brooke," she called half-heartedly, thoroughly sincere in her appreciation of the woman but unable to make herself shout it across the entire shop as she left.


Tea in one hand, the other palm pressing against the door, Heather started to apply force when it swung open, a young girl suddenly filling her vision. "Oh! Sorry!" the girl uttered quickly.


Heather grunted as she stumbled, hissing an inhale of air as the woman focused on not spilling her tea. "Watch where you're going," she muttered, even as she realized her lack of attention. How could you miss another human being on the opposite side of a glass door? Adjusting the drape of her denim jacket, she walked away from the shop. She had errands to run eventually.


Calli | ? -> Mirage Tea and Coffee


"Ca-a-alli!" Her friend started snickering, nudging the young girl's elbow before lightly grabbing and shaking it. Calli blinked, eyes glowing as she watched the brown-haired woman disappear in the distance. "She's a *****, just ignore her." 


Blinking again, the red glow faded from her eyes as she turned to face her friend. "I know. Still, I don't think she was that upset. You don't have to call her names," Calli defended. 


"Whatever. Let's see what's on the menu here. Jacob said the coffee was good here." Her friend briefly played with the ends of her blonde hair, blue eyes staring down at the menu on the counter. She seemed to completely ignore the cashier's greeting.


Calli smiled slightly at the light-haired boy, standing a bit behind Amber, before glancing around the shop and noting the different individuals. "Amber? Since when did you like coffee?"


Glancing over her shoulder, Amber scoffed and shrugged. "Since forever, duh! I'll take a Mocha Frap. Medium," the pale girl informed.


Calli rolled her eyes, turning her attention back to her and the cashier, Baron. "Liar. I've known you since diapers! You've never liked coffee! In fact, you made an oath to never drink it and even spat on it." She folded her arms across her chest, frowning faintly. After a moment, a smirk started across her face. "Oh I get it! You like Jacob!Her eyes lit up again as she started giggling, shoulders beginning to shake as her laughter built up. "I don't believe it! You actually like him! Wait until I tell Lauren! She's going to have a fit!"


Amber gasped, turning away from Baron just before he could take her payment for the drink she ordered. She shook the hand that held her debit card in Calli's direction. "Don't you dare!" she almost shrieked. "Promise me you won't tell a soul! Promise!" she pleaded. 


Snorting as she attempted to contain her amusement, Calli nodded emphatically. "Alright, alright, I won't!" 

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WOW I am very impressed with Aine and her faction! I haven't been this excited about a character in a while. It's been 10 minutes and I still can't get over how Watcher is several puns rolled into one omg



@ Emerald: I'm sure a couple people have mentioned it to you, but your sheet isn't set to link viewing yet! Looking forward to seeing it, though!

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Max- mirage tea and coffee 


Ankoku pushed open the door to the cafe with a wide yawn. Summer. Seemed like the only time he gets to see Miyuki. School sucked and he barely graduated anyway, but his dear friend was a social butterfly that is difficult to track down. Even more so when her mother makes her leave any electronic devices at her father's house when visiting her during the summer. Fortunately for him, he had received her schedule after the first two weeks of summer vacation from a few members of his gang. Today was Saturday meaning she had a yoga class then she gets a cup of peppermint mocha with extra foam here before she sits in the local park sketching until the art gallery opened. Although Miyuki was a religious regular at the cafe, her drink varied from day to day. Such as a Sunday, she'd be in at six p.m. for a zest black tea so she'll have energy to pep the party at the club. Wednesdays she'll have a calming rosemary and mint tea after school, Friday's she takes a cup of black coffee extra bold and so on. Her coffee goings was something he knew by heart, however her summer schedule changed each month so it made things harder to keep an eye on her safety for him. 


He yawned again, far too tired for the commotion in front of him as he got in line. 


"Liar. I've known you since diapers! You've never liked coffee! In fact, you made an oath to never drink it and even spat on it."  The first girl folded her arms across her chest, frowning faintly. After a moment, a smirk started across her face. "Oh I get it! You like Jacob!Her eyes lit up again as she started giggling, shoulders beginning to shake as her laughter built up. "I don't believe it! You actually like him! Wait until I tell Lauren! She's going to have a fit!"


After the second , a blonde, rebuked the first waving the card at the first girl until that one giggled and promised she won't tell this Jacob dude she likes him, max yawned again, the yellow crooked dog fang make him look unusual, more so since he sharpened it. "Are y'all gonna pay? " He asked mid yawn. "I'd like to get my caffeine before I fall asleep standing up. " He grunted out blinking his grey yellow eyes  to focus them.  




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