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Hello. :) I'm Alex, and I adore dragons. Everything about this site is right up my alley, so I joined the forums too. Been around for a while, just haven't posted much, as I'm terribly shy.


Can someone give me some rundowns of the more complex site stuff here? :o For instance, abbreviations, tips on increasing dragon count quickly, value of dragons if there is any... Thanks!!


Hope everyone is doing well.

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Hello and welcome! I love dragons too. This thread has useful info on breeding terminology, and there's also a good rundown of terminology on the Cave help page. If you add your dragons to fansites they'll get the views they need to hatch at 4d left. I use Valley Sherwood and Allure of Neglected Dragons. Here is the list of fansites you can choose from. Dragon values are subjective, some people love certain dragons while others refuse to collect that same dragon. In terms of rarity, we tend to assign that based on how commonly dragons breed true or can be found cave-born in the biomes. The Rare Trading Bazaar, for example, is a good example of which dragons we consider rare. 


I hope you're well too. :) 



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