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ANSWERED:Using DC Sprites in Signature

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Hello, I wanted to know the rules about using official DC sprites in my forum signature, specifically the Pygmy dragons. I am also interested in using the Pygmy Magelight sprites from the Valkemarian tales in only my signature. Should I contact each individual artist first and include a link back to their page for each sprite? I won't be including them in until I have permission and know what and what isn't okay.

I won't be using the sprites to link to my dragons, I am only using the images themselves for my sig. Thank you!

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You can see this thread for permissions regarding art usage:


Also, a quote from the thread:


You may use non-edited general use DC sprites (cropping or changing the image size is allowed) on the DC forum without asking prior permission. However, please ask permission before using spriter alt sprites. Spriter alts are a special treat for the spriters and should be treated as such.


So yes, you can use the sprites in your signature. :) (Note that using edited sprites are another matter, though!)

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