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ANSWERED:Missing Holiday Dragon In Progeny Page

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I was having a look at my CB Heartseeker and Radiant Angel progeny pages and noticed that I couldn't find any bred 2018 Valentine dragons anywhere. I initially thought I must have stupidly forgotten to breed them but then I remember I bred this guy and, surely enough, I couldn't find him listed on his father's progeny page or his mother's progeny page  so I was wondering if anyone else can see them and whether there are other people suffering from it.


As a note, this doesn't seem to be affecting this CB Heartstealer's progeny list but I can't seem to see what I bred this Valentines from the following dragons:


CB Heartseeker + CB Heartseeker

CB Heartstealer

CB Mutamore + CB Mutamore


Here's a screenshot of what I used to see in (VViT5)'s mum's progeny page for proof:



Note: Seems to only affect pairings bred during the Valentine season and only the Valentine season.

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1 hour ago, 11th said:

The Valentine offspring not appearing on progenies may possibly be related to this recent change:

It seems that the pairs currently aren't counting when the first (and only) breeding was during the holiday week. Breeding the pair again outside of the holiday week might make them appear.



(Just quoting myself because I don't have anything else to add. :T)

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Huh. Well that's strange. I'd try and breed them again to their original 2018 Valentine mates but I can't remember which dragons were bred to which. XD 


You're right, though, @11th, my bred Heartseeker did appear after re-breeding the pairing.



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