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flops right in

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Hi there everyone! I'm TheMilkyBeast and my sister dragged me into this game. It looks like fun, and she helped me get my first egg! It's black and sparkly and reminds of constellations :3 Even though it looks nothing like its parents... Anyway, I'm really interested right now! 


Among some of my other interests are just Undertale (the game) and Warriors (the book). I also do a lot of studying on dragons (which is why I'm here, I was told things are really well-explained here) and listen to tremendous amounts of music. And also live a boring Ukrainian life while unsuccessfully eating cookies.


So hi everyone)

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Hello and welcome! I think your sister has good taste. ;) 


I haven't played Undertale, but I've watched playthroughs and think it's amazing. It reminds me of playing my SNES year ago!

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