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Hi ! I'm New!

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I'm LittleReapling. Just call me Reapling. I'm new! I got attracted to this game by seeing all the pretty dragons that are in everyone's forum signatures on other sites. 

A few random facts about me... I'm a Slytherin. Dragon-obsessed. College student who has virtually no life... anywho. 

Glad to be here! 

Please (Please read the forum rules) :) It's very much appreciated. 

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Hello and welcome! We're not allowed to post view links to our eggs and growing dragons, it's considered spam. I recommend adding your scroll to fansites if you want to get views for your dragons. Here is the list of fansites you can choose from; I use Valley Sherwood, Allure of Neglected Dragons, and Silvi's Lair. You can also add a link to your scroll in your signature if you would like us to view your dragons.


Have fun on the forums! What are you majoring in in college?

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Hello and welcome, fellow Slytherin (;D), to Dragoncave and the Dragoncave forums. Hope you have a great time.

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