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hello from a space nerd!

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Hi guys, I'm Yuri! I made this account years ago and I'm just now starting to use it, haha. I also play Flight Rising; I'm GuidanceOfficer over there.


I recently accomplished a goal to get all the Apollo astronauts except for Apollo 7 because i didnt wanna, you can see the group of them here! I lowkey wish I could give dragons descriptions that could break the fourth wall, especially for my Apollo 1 dragons so I could just put a lil "Ad Astra Per Aspera," but ah well, I can do that on FR to my heart's content anyways.


As far as proving that I'm a nerd, I'll let my groups page speak for itself...




Anyways, hi!

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Hello and welcome! Whoa, that's dedication! Have you made any other dragons groups based on other space missions?


Also, you might enjoy our Flight Rising thread!

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