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hello uwu

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Hey there! I’m Cypress / Cypurress but I also go by Cy. I enjoy spending my time talking to my friends and boyfriend, playing Splatoon and classic Rockman, and drawing animals. :0 (an example of my art is attached below.) My scroll isn’t packed with thousands of dragons or anything but you may find it interesting.  -scrollspam removed-

My favorite dragons in the cave are Fire Gems, Script Dragons and Blusang Lindwyrms. I’m also a big fan of Halloween event dragons.


Also, I’m not allowed to edit my profile which is kind of weird. If there is a reason behind this feel free to tell me.

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Hello & welcome to DC forums. :) That artwork is very lovely. Also, if you'd like to show others your scroll, you can now edit your signature by going to Your Username at the top left of the screen --> Account Settings --> signature. You're allowed to put your scroll link there. 


I hope you enjoy the rest of the Vday event! 

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Welcome to DC forum! Hope you enjoy!


Nice work you got there. If you want to share some, you can open your thread at General Discussion -> Multimedia-> Original Works section.

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