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ANSWERED:More breeds of dragons (ideas)

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Hi there! I have some ideas about new dragons, i have dragon species i have made and that belong to me but i want to give yall the idea of them incase you want to put them in the game, now i myself is an artist i mostly draw dragons. I will give you pictures soon! but any way here are my ideas! 


SolarFlare dragons

These dragons live near suns, they must stay near heat or they will die, each SolarFlare dragon has its unique markings on its wings the rarest being a sun casting a solar flare in space, during mating season females will get higher in temperature and males wings will get brighter in color, they mostly come in shades from pale yellow to cherry red


Grim Reaper Wyverns (Halloween) 

Legends have been told of these wyverns sitting on a grave of a recently past loved one to put a black flower on there grave, they say its wings are covered in black roses and thorny vines and. The markings under its eyes look like its crying blood from its pitch black eyes, everyone fears it but its actually a friendly wyvern



These ancient dragons are the the  ancestor of all dragons, these dragons can imitate and shape shift any dragon of its choosing, they are feared by tge humans because of rumors told that they turn into humans only to salvage them


More coming soon!!

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And dragon requests is still - as far as I know - closed till it gets cleared out some..

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3 minutes ago, demonrace22 said:



It's ok, you didn't know. :) Dragon requests is actually closed to new suggestions right now (too many in there currently!), but will reopen in time. However, you're free to work on concepts privately, whether alone or with another person, and submit them to TJ when you're done.


Also, holiday concepts MUST be kept secret--TJ won't accept ones that have been publicly revealed because he likes to keep holiday releases secret. You only gave us a bit of information here rather than a sprite, so it's not a big deal this time, but as you continue to work on your concept make sure to only let people working on it with you know about it :) 

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