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Princess Kiara

DUPLICATE:Brag about your pets!!!

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People say I'm crazy all the time because I already own 13 pets and I still want others! I say, as long as you can afford to give them proper training, food, attention and vet care, you do you.

Anyway, this is the place to brag/talk about your furbabies! I'll post mine here! Starting with Cherry, the beautiful little girl who will be added to the family tomorrow night to turn 13 into 14! *melts*

Her father, Balto!
My lil girl, Arwen!
My girl Éowyn, born in my home April 24, 2016!
My boy Einstein, rescued off the streets over a year ago!
Maya, my boyfriend's 5 year old mutt. She's grumpy as all hell, but we love her!

Vanellope, our 2 month old deer head Chi pup...
...And her brother Michael.
There's another dog, a 13 year old Malamute mutt named Camilo, but I don't often photograph him.

And my kitty Whitestorm, found on the street a couple days ago!
My two boys Bluestar and Mocha...
Lil' boy Lynx, still adapting to life in his new home...
Little diva girl Pelusa...
And baby girl Skitty.

I plan on getting a Ragdoll, a Bengal, a Rough Collie, a Whippet, an AKK, a wolfdog and a Serval, just as soon as my boyfriend and I can buy a bigger house with a large plot of land.

So show off your own babies!!!

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Adorable Babies!!


There's already a thread for your animals, though. Check this thread out :)


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