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I'm not a fan of limited dragon breeds. I'd much rather limits be removed from the ones we have than see more. 


As for the alternating years...... I have no problem with a "Valentine's dragon" or 10 who focus on singles, or other types of love. Take Disney's Frozen, that's about sibling love. And you could have it focus on general kindness. But I do have an issue with changing the name of the holiday. That seems to me to be nothing more than Political Correctness. It also won't work. Even if you officially call it something else, the userbase will still call it Valentines.... Just like almost everyone still calls the Holiday dragons "Christmas dragons" despite an official name change.  


And healing the Sweetlings? Won't make a dent in that. Because the majority of the userbase will still NOT have black Sweetlings, while a few get both.


The "hating Valentine's" is the only reason I could see for this, but again: this Holiday has always been associated with Valentine's day, it'll still be on Valentine's day, and around this time of year everything goes pink. So even if you don't call it V-day, and even if you have dragons that aren't about romantic love.... These that hate V-Day will still see it as V-day, in all likelihood.... just like those that love V-day will still see it as V-Day. 




I'd love a few dragons, released as the "Valentine's Dragon" that celebrate other types of love, or being single (anti-Valentines), and I definitely support a much wider color variety than just red and pink. But changing the name, IMO, won't work, and doesn't really have much point. 



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I'm single, pink is my least favorite color, and yet - I'm not sure if we -need- that. We may -want- that, though, for more variety in releases. The alternating cute and not so cute colors? Or even a double release, although the semi-full scrolls and busy schedule may cause a tiny tiny problem (two holidays uncomfortably close to each other = mess!)? Grabby hands right here, gimme all that sweet content. I maaaay be just a bit greedy.


I would prefer the special release not to drop for only one day - unless the majority sees no problem with this.


Depends what one's culture is, but in my eyes Vday is a holiday for a wider group, not just lovers, but also friends, family, pets even! And a reason to get your hands on pretty dragons, obviously. That's how I treat Halloween, there's no way for me to actually celebrate the cheerful holiday itself, since it's basically colliding with All Saints' Day - a serious memorial. It feels super awkward for me to even try getting into the happy spirit (pun intended), since ASD takes the priority, so instead - pixels.<3


I'm neutral on the Sweetling dilemma.

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Well, while it is a good suggestion, I'm having a hard time seeing this work. How would one do this for Single Awareness Day? All the holiday dragons resemble something in real life and how would this work into the dragon? Not to mention it would be up the artists to do it

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I'd just like to see more variety and color within the Valentine dragons themselves. There's nothing to stop there being a brown, red, blue, purple, white, or green Valentine, and the definition of Valentine's Day can spread to encompass things like familial love, affection between friends, loving animals or nature, loving yourself, etc. We don't need to change the name of the day (or add an extra holiday) to do that--just gotta hope more artists submit differing concepts (and that if given the choice between two great ideas, TJ picks one that's NOT PINK FOR ONCE! XD )

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