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For both the forums and the main game itself. I've only got a few dragons right now, and any tips would be greatly appreciated! ^^,

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Hello and welcome! For your dragons to hatch and grow up, they'll need to get views. Clicks are nice to have because they're worth a lot of views, but it's possible for dragons to grow up with zero clicks. I recommend adding your scroll to fansites if you want to get views for your dragons. Here is the list of fansites you can choose from; I use Valley Sherwood, Allure of Neglected Dragons, and Silvi's Lair. You can also add a link to your scroll in your signature if you would like us to view your dragons.


One thing to remember is you should not get your dragons too many views too fast when they're young (7d left). It increases the chance of them getting softshell (sickness) and dying. I don't add my dragons until they're at least 6d15h left, and during holiday releases I don't add them until they're at 5d23h left since fansites get more traffic for these releases. 


Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions!

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Hi there! :) Welcome to the forums and to the Cave! We're so glad to have you here. @purpledragonclaw did a great job of explaining how to hatch your dragons. Sometimes it can be a good idea to fog your hatchling when it first hatches as well. I usually do this for 12-24 hours and/or remove the hatchling from any click sites it was in as an egg. Once it's ready to start maturing, you can add it back to the sites you decide to use! I usually only add mine to 3 or 4 sites at a time. 


As for the forums, you might like to check out the Community Notice Board - here. People post free eggs and hatchlings they don't have a need for on this thread! And you can have them! For free! :D People are so nice and give away lots of stuff, especially around holidays. Camping out here is sure to find you some lovely lineages for ideas with your own breeding next holiday! ALSO, make sure to click "enter event" under the event at the top of your scroll before the end of tomorrow - you'll get a special badge added to your scroll, and maybe even some Valentine's! This year's event is a fun flower collecting game. You can send out different dragons to find flowers and trinkets for you to send to random players or to people you meet on the forums! 


Happy hunting and good luck! If you have any questions, I'm only a PM away!

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