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"all new users must post here."


enforced socialisation. the least favourite thing of disabled people who have to use energy needed for surviving if they want to talk or be near people, who are terrified of humans, and who will now spend a month recovering from having made this post.


prettypretties exist. we are sleeping. forever.

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Hello and welcome! The main point of posting an intro first is to block spammers from gaining access to the forums. There are quite a few that try to get through, unfortunately. Enjoy your sleep. :) 

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Speaking as a fellow disabled person with very low energy and social issues, I'm curious. If posting an intro post here is so difficult for you, I have to wonder - and I'm not trying to attack you, this is a sincere question - why you want to use the forum at all? If a simple "Hi, I'm new here" was so stressful for you, then I can't imagine any regular use of the forum for trading or socializing would be any less of a challenge? I mean, there is literally nothing else to do on a forum except socialize. And it's perfectly possible to play DC without using the forum. So why are you even wanting to use the forum if you don't want to socialize? Posting here in Introductions isn't any different from posting in the rest of the forum, after all. You're going to have to go into a forum, read others'  posts, and reply to them, and then have people reply to you. 


I mean, if this was all tongue in cheek and I just missed the cue, sorry about that. But if you were sincere, then I don't understand what the difference between posting once in Introductions is and simply using the forum in general. Why would one be so stressful and draining while the other isn't? And if they're both stressful and draining, what's the appeal of using the forum for you? Again, I'm speaking as a fellow disabled person who fully understands the need to budget one's energy and that sometimes things can be a lot more exhausting than they would be for healthy people.

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