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Hello there! I'm semi-new artist, haha

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I was registered here 12 years ago (in 2006) and I'm super happy that this site is still active ^^

Dragcave was one of my first adoptable games that I loved, but later I was playing in dragonadopters (now died) and marapets; and now I'm a big adoptables fan, but mostly make adoptables by myself, on deviantart and furaffinity :3 This is my history! And this is amazing feeling, tbh. I was ~10 years when I registered here, but now I'm 22 and still love such projects and even think about creating my own, but on another theme a little (I love Art Role Play Games, if you know what is that *q* !!)


Now I registered on this forum too, maybe will trade/breed my dragons (now I'm looking for one special ♥).

VD event is so cool, I love this idea with VD postcards and gathering flowers, btw!


Thanks for reading, have the great days!

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Hello and welcome to DC forums! Wow! 2006 that's crazy! I was at the tail end of 12 when I joined, and I'm also 22 now. :) I hope you enjoy the event! 

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Wonderful, welcome to DC! I used to play with my sister account and came back to DC just recently, and I'm so glad it's still alive and more active than ever!

Also, I'm happy to get to know a fellow artist 😉

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