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Hiyo peps. New to forum & a bit old on scroll

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Nice to meet you all. :)

-Incoming long background story-

Although I made an account around 2009 to raise dragons, since I love em, I've been sporadic due to life events.

Then one day I had time to go on a nostalgia spree; to surf the internet, retrieve my old accounts on other websites/games & check on their status. 

After awhile of digging and deciding what to keep or bin I come across dragon cave and I was mind blown on how much progress was made. :o

"So many pretty dragons to raise! Oh what's this? Events for holidays too?? Definitly keeping this!" At least that was my brain process as I giggle like a kid in a candy store.


Anyhow, thanks to all that has taken their time and energy to make not only a cool website to raise precious dragons but also fun to share and interact with others in the community. 


^_^ In short, I'm glad to check and get my only account back in the groove on dragon care. 


So there you have it. Apologizes if there is any grammar errors since English is my second language.


Oh, I also made forum account in part to share my gratitude for the dedication on dragon cave. :blush:


Happy Valentin's Day and good day!

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Hello and welcome back! I love that you want to share your gratitude, I love to express my gratitude and happiness in the world, I feel it makes the world a better place. Your English is fine. :) Happy Valentine's Day!

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