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Give a flower, get a flower.

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Sending to lots in the thread :)

Would love one of these


scroll: afie

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Sending to Glaciarie

Scroll is flurp :lol:

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3 hours ago, Wiz said:

If anyone would like a certain flower/background combination send me a card with the combination. From now on I'm going to copy whatever I'm sent (except for the meassage). If I don't have the flower yet I will send your card as soon as I've collected it.

Scroll Angie Baby.


Bumping and to add I don't mind doing repeats if people have more than one thing they are looking for.

Still waiting for some flowers/items before I can send a few cards back but I haven't forgotten.

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sending to jewel21 and ones above me


scroll: draco_custos

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