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Give a flower, get a flower.

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Woah, anyone have full clear list of all flowers? Miss plenty but for sure those:


Scroll name: Ilvea


Starting sending some above.

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Now I've wished everyone on last page a happy friday a few times hehe :)


Doing this page too


Fandoms: Final Fantasy 7 and 12, Dragon Age (DONT spoil inquisition though, can't play it on my potato of a laptop), Borderlands (especially Jack, he's so terrible, I love him :P ), Elder Scrolls, Lord of the Rings, Redwall

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@ me if you want a few flowers from your lists with just their description on it sent. I don't need flowers back, my sending is good enough since I see my own cards :P

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51 minutes ago, MoonTiger said:

Scroll name: LoveOfTheMoonChild



 Feather Aechmea               Karigolde


  Animimic                              Gloriosa

Curly Bloom                                    Redbud                                                                    

Tremordew                                      Hybi                                      

                                       Strange Seedpod

Cockscomb Celosia                         Silent Princess                                                    

Grassflower                                     Milkweed Thistle                 Heliotrope

Lotus                                               Dragon Arum                       Enamel Orchid


 Soulglow Bells

Gaudy Flower                                                        

Daphne Lucae                                                           

Gale Blossom                                                                         

  Snow Flower                              Stone Flower

Snegbell                                         Kaluchka                            

Coastal Daisy                                 Mystic Orchid                   Flowering Echeveria

Cashmere Flower                           Cashmere Rose             Blue Crystal

Chrysanthemum                             Ridgebloom


                                                              Fishglobe Succulent

Ya'll are amazing!!! The list is shrinking fast! Been sending flowers. Would adore a Harley Quinn, Death Note, and TARDIS reference :3

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Scroll: Shanthaia


I'd really love any of the following:





Regal Moonberry

Grass Flower

Milkweed Thistle



Kagaya Canina

Blue lily

Ribbon Bloom

Parasitic Bloom

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Removed image so that people don't get confused as to what I need.


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Sending + Updated List


I'm almost there. Test is hard to figure out since the flower names are on a different page....


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Sending to all the people on this page who posted lists. I've got all of mine.  Thank you so much, everyone!  You're all awesome! :D

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I have them all (finally!) so I'm just going to go on a flower sending crusade. :D 

I'll gladly and always reciprocate any flower sent- and I love creative messages, facts, puns, jokes, anything! ^o^

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Just a few to go for me! Thanks to everyone who helped me get there!





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Really big thanks @Moonlightelf and for all who sended flowers.

Updated missings:


Scroll name: Ilvea


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I've sent a few puns/snakes. :)


njcdki.pngI'm just looking for a tree, thanks.  I now have enough to plant a forest. Thanks, guys. XD 

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I haven't received these:



And a couple of specific requests if that's okay- could I get 16zduer.png1ki74gu.png1392ifv.png with quotes from Terezi Pyrope and 15oez66.png177i9sv.png with quotes from Komaeda Nagito? xP


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Scroll name: diannethegeek


I still need these:




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updated list

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