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Give a flower, get a flower.

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Sending out flowers! If I see you've got a list, I'll try to help fill it.


If anyone doesn't mind sending me a flower, could I request a pumpkin flower?

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sending back ;) Scroll name: Gerdu

Flowers missing:




Lesser Celandine
Dragon Arum
Fishglobe Succulent
Enamel Orchid
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Sending ^^ 


scroll name: wyvernaa

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sending to the page & will return flowers with the identical flower if I can (I only have about half so far)

ETA: returned the ones I have - I'll return the others today, after I gather as many flower types as I can!


my scroll name is my forum name, sfts

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Finally compiled a list of flowers I'm missing!:




Wind Crucifer

Corpse Lily



Milkweed Thistle


Soulglow Bells


Kokio Kea


Kagaya Canina

Tacky Flower

Snowfall Lily


Watercup Bloom




Lumina Scale

Mage Echo


Scroll Name: ClarrissaK

~Thanks so much to everyone who's helped me so far!! :3

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You guys are fantastic! :lol:


Got them all! Will repay the good deeds tomorrow. Have a lovely afternoon/evening/night and thanks for the fun!



dragon cave valentine 2018.jpg

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final update

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Sending! I need all stuff so whatever is cool :D

edit: I don't have the flower needed by the person above me, so they probably still need that

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Thanks everyone, the puns are lovely. <3 All other are awesome too and still sending, till my fingers glow. X´D



EDIT, missing the ROSE ^____^; just anyone, thanks. <3 thx again

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Trying to send what I see people missing, so sorry if I spam you :blush:


Thanks for all the flowers!



Going to bed, will send more flowers next time i have the chance. I appreciate anything you can send <3


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I have all the flower to send out right now, so if anyone wants specific ones speak up!

The ones i received are greyed out: (To be entirely honest I want a huge pit of snakes)




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I've been going through the first pages of this thread to send to people who posted before I discovered the thread. Will keep sending to everyone I possibly can! (I love Mage Echos and sneks if anyone sends to me!)

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