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ANSWERED:False breed limit soulstone

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I finally got a Soulstone egg and tried to get my second but am told I have two already. I looked through my entire scroll (using every possible option to view the dragons) and I only have this one egg that I just got. Is there a reason I am limited to only one?


The breed limits page shows "limit 2" "your status 0".  My scroll only shows the egg I just got earlier today. No hatchlings or adults of this soulstone variety either...just the one egg.  

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There has been occasional glitchiness regarding breed limits reported with the re-release of old CBs.  It happened at Halloween and Christmas too.


If you currently have a Soulstone egg, the breed limits page should display as you having 1.


Is this happening on all CB Soulstones you try to pick up?

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