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Beacons of Hope

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~Jehan, Armin, Zhibek- All-out attack!~


Jehan was the first to give it a try. He ran forward and shot a dart of fire at the slowly-dying Troll. The enemy was somehow able to dodge, quickly moving to the side and swinging a fist at Jehan. “F—” Jehan was able to muster before managing to hop to his left. He managed a little dodge roll, although his ankle decided to cave in. Jehan swore loudly in pain, attempting to send another rush of fire towards the Troll. This time it flat-out missed, roasting a goose out of the air. The cooked bird landed in front of a house, the tenant of that house making off with the meat.


The giant paw of the Troll approached Jehan with a speed he knew was going to hurt like hell. Trying to relax his muscles to reduce the impact he was inevitably going to have with the nearby house, Jehan felt the smack of the flat paw against his back. A loud shout echoed from him as he smacked face-first into the house, then sliding onto the floor. He heard Evonna shout, but the ringing in his ears prevented him from figuring out what she said. He was in pain, but he knew he couldn’t move, lest there was a fracture in his spine or something. Jehan hoped and prayed with everything he had that he wasn’t hurt nearly that badly. It was the sole of the paw, not the toe of the paw that made contact with Jehan’s back. Jehan groaned, hoping someone could just defeat this Troll so he could get to his bus and go with his sister to safety. Little did he know, Aurelius had other plans.


Aurelius ran to Jehan, hoping to check on him before the Troll attacked again.


Armin sent a small bolt of lighting at the Troll, but it instead hit a metal pole nearby. Armin felt the shock of his own bolt run through his body, and he quickly stopped sending out lighting out of fear he was going to get cooked like that goose. He cried out in pain, curling up to protect himself.


Finally, Zhibek sent a current of wind at the Troll. She could feel just the slightest surge of power. [level up] She watched in glee as she saw it lifted up into the air. The Troll fell on its back, twitching just a little bit before it went limp. Zhibek’s tiny frame seemed to stand just a bit taller. She just finished the biggest enemy she had ever seen, with help of course. Armin looked up and watched Zhibek suddenly lose her cool and cheer out, “YES! I DID IT!!! I **** DID IT!” She danced around, cheering “WE ARE THE BEACONS, THE MIGHTY MIGHTY BEACONS! EVERYWHERE WE GO-O, PEOPLE WANNA KNO-OW—-” Aurelius walked over and placed a hand over Zhibek’s mouth.


If you don’t mind, let’s save our voices. I have Beacons to heal.” He made his rounds, tending to the hurt Beacons, especially Ryo, Armin and Claris. Their wounds were not completely healed, but open wounds were closed and pain was eased. Jehan felt himself able to move his toes, turned out his injuries were minor. He stood up and grinned, glad that he wasn’t alone in this. He was glad that he wasn’t the only one fighting back with freakish powers, and he was over the moon that his baby sister was safe. This battle was a successful one. But it was time to go, or so he thought. As he prepared to tell Evonna to go to the bus, Evonna grabbed his hand.


Jehan! Come with us! You have to, I’m not asking you. We’re recovering family right now, [to which she frowns, but soon recovers when she looks at her brother again] but you should see our base! It’s nice, and it’s so, so safe. We haven’t seen an enemy in months! You’re coming with us.” Jehan blinked. There was that. But his bus- Ah, who cared. Aurelius looked at Evonna’s bins and sighed.


I suppose we can use the teleporter and send those back to base, but can we all not bring fifteen bins of **** ?” Evonna glared, but Aurelius moved along. He didn’t really care much about the bins, he only really figured that the rooms weren’t big enough to hold everything. But maybe he was wrong, maybe those things could fit. Who knew, though. He nodded. “Alright. Our next stops will be separate. We will be splitting up for the sake of efficiency, so that we can get this done as soon as we can. We will not all be facing enemies, some of us may get lucky. May the gods be on our side. Now. After we explore James’ home together, we will be going to the following places- Monica’s home in Nevada, Armin’s home in New Jersey. All others will go back to base. I will be going with Armin to Piscataway. I am aware, Armin, of your family, but I’d like to gather information about the enemy. But for now, gather your bearings. We leave in twenty.


Everyone who has not leveled up feels just a little bit stronger. Level up! Congratulations on your first battle, Beacons.

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Monica | Fear | About Time


Crossing her arms, Monica frowned as Aurelius explained the situation and the group's next few steps. She didn't like the idea of people following her to her home in Nevada. A spike of anxiety laced up her back, stiffening her shoulders as her muscles tensed. "No," she stated briskly, her voice clipped by what she hoped was annoyance. "I go alone. If you wanna send someone after me, then fine. But they need to stay the hell out of my way and out of my home." It wasn't a gentle demand and her eyes narrowed in companionship to the unspoken threat underlying her words. She was perfectly fine with looking territorial, put on edge by the recent hoard that had attacked them all. 


"Monica..." Ryley almost whimpered beneath her breath, reaching a tentative hand out but stopping before they touched the older girl. "We're here to help, you know?" Their voice quivered just a moment. They were tired and only wanted to go home. However, they didn't know which home that meant.


"I don't care. I don't want anyone in my business," she snapped, shooting a glare at Ryley that made the other jerk a step back.



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