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Staff Conduct Rules

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Hello all. In wake of recent events, I've decided to make this suggestion. I'm sure that a "code of conduct," already exists for staff members, yet I feel that if it exists it is missing a crucial element. I'm unsure if they have anything separate from the rules binding the regular userbase, however I feel this suggestion could be extended to them as well.


I would like to propose a rule update that out of the moderation/admin staff, only TJ, or a staff member at the behest of TJ with written, explicit permission, can create an off-site discussion locations and that these locations must be open to every member of DC unless they have broken DC rules enough to have such privileges taken away. 


With a sort of 1.2 portion of the rule: Any off-site discussion location, with the exception of the official, moderated IRC chat, cannot be endorsed by members of staff.


Reason for Consideration:

+ Staff members running things give a false sense of "official" to many users. This is not a DC-only problem, when a staff member does something, it has much more weight than if a regular user did. A staff member being a normal user of someone else's discord, for example, with no special privileges is not a problem. A regular member excluding users on their own, private off-site location is not a problem, it is their locale and unless harassment/bullying is taking place they have a right to have whomever they like on it. HOWEVER, the staff represent DC and, by extension, TJ. A staff member excluding certain users from doing things just because that's how they want it is NOT acceptable, and violates a staff member's supposed impartial, unbiased viewpoint.


+ Help the staff members remain impartial. Sure, people are going to have favorites, people they like, and friends. It's a part of being human. However, allowing staff members to exclude people or require proof of some condition to join a group is not remaining impartial. 


+ Excluding users because a staff member wants to makes DC look bad, unprofessional, and biased in the eyes of the internet community. DC has always wanted to come off as professional - we have description reviews, sprite updates, and a strict dragon request review/revising system for this reason. The staff should not present DC in a way that is unfitting of this professionalism, except in the case of truly private/not site affiliated situations (ie, a staff member's personal account on a website is their own business, so long as it's unaffiliated with DC business)




+ Sprite staff, as they have no real power on the forums or on DC moderation-wise. They should be exempt from this rule and free to be however biased they want, so long as they're not also a moderator :P


+ Staff creating or maintaining an "official," channel on any platform with the express permission of TJ. 


+ Staff's own personal pages that are unaffiliated with DC; staff can do whatever they'd like with their own pages on platforms not associated with DC. However, when making a chatroom/group/anything else related to DC directly, being advertised on DC by a staff member, exclusions cannot be made of users just because.


+ Users who have broken forum rules/site rules and who have lost chat/forum privileges can be excluded for the duration of their forum/chat/site punishment, but cannot be excluded after the chat/forum/site punishment period has ended. Perma-banned users can be excluded permanently without warning.



I'm sorry if this doesn't make sense, if you need any clarification feel free to ask.

Tl;dr: Make a new rule that staff cannot make + endorse mediums of communication off-site using their position as a staff member if it excludes members without a.) the explicit, written permission of TJ himself or b.) a punishment on the forums, chat, or site itself that warrants the muting or exclusion of a user from discussion with other DC users for the duration of their punishment.

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Full support.


I've made my views on recent developments known in the forum feedback thread, so I won't reiterate it here, but I feel that those developments have caused such a policy as this to become an absolute necessity.

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As much as I agree with this, I PM'd TJ last night when this whole thing started. He didn't seem to care one bit. The issue runs deeper.

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This is something that would need to be handled by TJ. 


I get that emotions are running high but this is not the time to get into something like this.


As such, closing.

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