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Happy Valentine's 2018 Trading Thread!

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Sweetling_egg.gif 3EG Sweetling with a code close to a program name. lineage

Radiant_Angel_egg.png 4EG Radiant Angel that's somewhat checkered. (Holiday father x Golden Wyvern) lineage


Want: Offers.


Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!


Will abandon if no offers are given by Saturday. Abandoned


I also have Caveborn from Heartseeker to Soulstone, and can thus create 2nd gen.


Heartseeker_egg.gifHeartseeker CB1 CB2

Arsani_egg.gifArsani CB1 CB2

Radiant_Angel_egg.pngRadiant Angel CB1 CB2

Heartstealing_egg.pngHeartstealing CB1 CB2

Mutamore_egg.gifMutamore CB1 CB2

Soulstone_egg.pngSoulstone CB1 (other has bred)


Message for desired combos.

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I have all of my Val CBs to breed (I have everything but CB Val 09 and CB swetling/alt sweetling).


Looking for a regular sweetling by silver, soul stone by silver

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3erd EG Mutamore egg with Mutamore x Undine checker lineage with Alts at the base Offer


Have available to breed:


2011-2017 Valentine dragons. I have CB versions of every dragon breed except a few Halloween and the two oldest Valentine available for breeding mates. I also own Silver Shimmer Imperial Starlight (male) that can be bred for a Valentine Shimmerkin.






CB hatchlings/eggs


Low gen Prizes, Shimmers preferred 



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Last Chance!


Have: 2G Soulstone x Upsidedown/April Fool Mint (Lineage)


Desperately Seeking: 3G RA x Grave unrelated to Her and Him.

Will take any CB Valentine EXCEPT Soulstone (preference for RA).


Make an offer or PM me. :)

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Have to breed:


CB Female Bronze Shimmer latest?cb=20130203040323   - can breed to all Male Valentines (your choice)





2nd gen Valentine from:


* Male Silver Tinsel (Soulstone would be perfect, but other Valentines ok too)


* Female Bronze Shimmer  (any Valentine ok)


* from Spriter's Alt





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Soulstone_hatchi.png 3G -- Make an offer on my hatchling!

Soulstone_hatchi.png 2G with Sunrise -- Make an offer on my hatchling!

Radiant_Angel_hatchi.png 3G with Snow Angels -- Make an offer on my hatchling!

Radiant_Angel_hatchi.png 3G with Grave -- Make an offer on my hatchling!

Heartstealing_hatchi.gif 2G with White -- Make an offer on my hatchling!

Heartstealing_hatchi.gif 2G with Winter Magi -- Make an offer on my hatchling!



Matching CB egg for each


I took a 5 year hiatus for personal reasons and am never going to catch CB eggs on my tablet (getting all those links together was nightmare enough!). Thank you!

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Can breed sibling of


5th and 6th gens of the same lineage


2nd gens of Arsani, Radiant Angel, Heartstealer, mutamore and soulstone



Bloodswap preferably 3rd or 4th gen, unrelated to jKmvOSyeeNOZGbS

I really want the 3rd gen val 09 from white, I'll consider anything for the 2nd gens

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Freshly caught CB Val '09 on cooldown with 09 code (09h7e), PM me


Can also breed from:

1 CB Val '09

1 CB Soulstone

2 CB Heartstealer


Want (hatchies/low time egg preferred):

CB Rosebud, Radiant Angel, Heartseeker, Arsani, Sweetling

Red line in signature

2G SA (auto)


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Please PM me before breeding anything! Also note that I am egg-locked until the 12th.


Looking for bloodswaps for the following lines:

- 3rd gen Rosebud x Gold Lunar Herald

- 3rd gen Rosebud x Green Gemshard

- 3rd gen Rosebud x Spirit Ward

- 3rd gen Rosebud x Celestial

- 4th gen Rosebud x Falconiform

- 4th gen Rosebud x Indigo Lunar Herald

- 4th gen Rosebud x Purple Ridgewing

- 4th gen Rosebud x Chrono Xenowyrm

- 5th gen Rosebud x Nhiostrife

- 5th gen Rosebud x Gold

- 5th gen Rosebud x Neotropical

- 5th gen Radiant Angel x Desipis


Apart from bloodswaps, I have a bunch of other holiday checkers to breed. Also willing to breed multiple lines for you!

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Arsani_egg.gif  3rd even gen Arsani, checker with GoN/Guardian.  One spriter's alt grandmother.





Different spriter's alt lineage.

3rd gen Rosebud from silver shimmer checker, mate for him.

3rd gen Arsani from bronze shimmer checker, mate for him.

2nd gen '09 Val from black not related to the black x '09 dragons on this page.

2nd gen Sweetling from alt sweetling x gold, mate for her.

CB '09, Sweetling, or Rosebud.

Messy inbred hatching or incubate hatchable egg for freezing.  Need sweetling, rosebud, arsani, radiant angel, mutamore, and soulstone.

Offers!  I'm likely to get impatient and punt this if there are no offers when I get up tomorrow.


Make an offer on my egg!

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Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!



would ABSOLUTELY LOVE a 2G Soulstone from any CB prize

or any 2G Valentine prizekin 

or a swap for a different 3G CHECKER VALENTINE prizekin - here I might decline things related to my other prize x Vday lineages, but please go ahead and try me. I'm fast at declining things I don't need.

or especially a mate for him: 3G Gold Shimmer x Radiant Angel checker: https://dragcave.net/lineage/VEJvK

or a 3G checker with spriter's alt Mutamore / Heartstealing (please no holiday x holiday lineages, I don't like them)

or a CB Valentine 09 with an awesome code (name, word, something appealing)

or offers (I do use decline - if I don't reject your offer it means I'm considering it)

I will make up my mind by midnight at the latest. 


Please note: This is an AP catch, so I cannot make arrangements for breeding a Bronze Shimmer from this line.

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23 hours ago, DarknessDragon197 said:




Two 2G Mutamore Prize-kins from Silver Tinsel (skies) 




Radiant_Angel_egg.png 2G Radiant Angel Prize-kin swaps (1:1), 2G Radiant Angel from any Spriter Alt parent (1:1) Radiant_Angel_egg.png

Would adore any 2G Valentine from Alt Grave

Would also love a 2G Sweetling from black Alt Sweetling (1:1) for these as well ^^

Might take other interesting offers as well, PM to negotiate trades. Thank you!


Still up for trade cx

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Note: I am locked until ~2AM cave time on the 12th.

Please don't breed anything before talking with me!


Have to Breed:


Arsani_egg.gif Vhixen (w/ mate of choice)

Arsani_egg.gif Gummy Hearts (w/ Ice - permanent mate)

Radiant_Angel_egg.png (tOCKV) (w/ Moonstone (ticYO) - permanent mate)

Radiant_Angel_egg.png (5N1VY) (w/ Red (leerR) - permanent mate)


2G and higher:

Please see this group.

I have 2Gs of every Valentine breed with Ice, Winter Seasonal, and Frostbite, along with a small assortment of other things.

Some dragons do not have finalized names because I'm lazy. Feel free to poke me about naming things.

I'm happy to breed most 2G+ pairs for free to those working on lineages~



Looking for:

user posted image 2G from Mint x2 (1 trade found)

user posted image 2G from Black x2 (1 trade found)

Soulstone_egg.png 2G from Ice x1

Soulstone_egg.png 2G from Frostbite x1


Please PM me if you're interested in anything.

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 well then nevermind. guess I'll grow it

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got a rosebud, still need the other

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On 2/8/2018 at 9:26 PM, WWECornSerpent said:


Mutamore_egg.gif 3rd Gen Mutamore X Black Tea checker from Spriter's Alt



3rd EG or checker from Spriter's Alt (see link in signature for list of lineages I already own. Priority to Valentine eggs from SA but not necessary.)

Other offers will be considered so don't be shy.


I use decline so if your offer is still up, I am either considering it or have not seen it yet.


Make an Offer!



Bumping with a new teleport not that the egg is no longer sick!


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Available for breeding :

CB Rosebud (x2)

CB Heartseeker (x2)

CB Arsani (x2)

CB Radiant Angel (x2)

CB Heatstealing (x2)

All partners are available (exept prizes)


I don't really know what I want ... Offers are welcome!

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image.png.400b4dc8950debd492940dfc63f0ded9.pngcb sweetling (on cooldown) quite happy to keep this if i dont have suitable offers

also cb female bronze shimmer (Soft Li) available to breed with mate of your choice now or after valentine I have no adult sweetlings.


Especially searching for 2g valentines from spriter alts Please pm before breeding as I only have one eggslot.

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Silver_Shimmer-scale_adult.pngSweetling_egg.gif / Heartseeker_egg.gif / Radiant_Angel_egg.png / Mutamore_egg.gif

CB silver Shimmer x choice of male Valentine, available to breed now



Valentine prizekin swap, 2G from Spriter Alt, or other nice offer?



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