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Happy Valentine's 2018 Trading Thread!

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3G Rosebud x Black Stair with alt cb black in base [ Lineage | Teleport ]


All cb Vday's are available to breed except 1 heartstealer, 2 sweetlings, 2 vday 09s, and 2 Radiant Angels. (This is for soulstone hatchie offers, 2g from alts, and 2g from prizes only. PM to discuss mate (I have most CBS, including cb hollies) and offers.)



2G from Alts (CB Alts and Spriter alts)

2G from Prize

Cool coded 2G Valentine(s)

Soulstone Hatchies (Any lineage; for freezing; any hatchie stage/high priority)

Will consider other offers 

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-a good home for the valentine checkers I can breed. Feel free to request any, they are under the spoiler at the very end of this post.

-a 2nd gen holiday from the pairings listed below, 
-a checkered holiday as a mate for the dragons listed further below, 
-a freezie Valentine amongst these: RA s2, Heartstealing s1 & s2, mutamore s2 (will accept s1), soulstone s1 & s2.


2nd gens I'd like:
-2nd gen soulstone from chrono, tetra, sapphire, sunrise, undine, mageia, electric.
-2nd gen heartstealing from white, red finned tidal, blue firegem. 


Need mates for these checkers:
-3rd gen royal blue from val 09 https://dragcave.net/lineage/xHDcS
-3rd gen albino from val 09 https://dragcave.net/lineage/MUGSU
-3rd gen electric from val 09 https://dragcave.net/lineage/QKURO
-4the gen sunrise from val 09 w/sp alt https://dragcave.net/lineage/tpSTF
-5th gen thuwed flamingo from val 09 https://dragcave.net/lineage/R7VcG
-3rd gen purple from sweetling https://dragcave.net/lineage/Tnu4x
-4th gen ribbon from sweetling http://dragcave.net/lineage/12ZvE
-3rd gen almandine from rosebud https://dragcave.net/lineage/ZE8WA
-5th gen purple neb from rosebud https://dragcave.net/lineage/2Ny2G (mate hopefully unrelated to https://dragcave.net/lineage/nBoDO ) 
3rd gen mixed wings solstice from heartseeker https://dragcave.net/lineage/D08gG (I can breed a 3rd gen RA from rosy wings solstice checker, PM please I'd you'd like to swap a blue wings line for a rosy line.)
-------radiant angel
-3rd gen red tidal from radiant angel https://dragcave.net/lineage/cVEh1
-3rd gen almandine from heartstealing https://dragcave.net/lineage/vu509 




trading hatchie for hatchie and egg for egg, hopefully >_<

-2nd gen mutamore hatchie from gaia
-2nd gen val 09 hatchie from silver. It almost reads swift. Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!


Dragons left to breed:


CBs ->>> 2x heartseeker, 2x arsani, 1x radiant angel. Available mates: everything but cb golds or prizes or alts. (though i only have 1 pair of cb marrows).





val 09

3rd gen from spring checker http://dragcave.net/lineage/WLLei

5th gen from white checker, with 1 Sp. Alt https://dragcave.net/lineage/xGeRl

6th gen from white checkers, with 1 Sp. Alt. related to the dragon above https://dragcave.net/lineage/tkKIz

checkers with pinks.


  1. the higher gens are children of the lower gens:

      2. not a child of the dragons above but they cause inbreeding if mixed with them (although their lineages are clean by themselves)




My CB Heartseekers: Chocolate en rama & Sahne-nuss


Radiant Angels

My CB RAs:  BL coded dragon :’)


checkered lines i can produce:

  • 3rd gen from purple ridgewing https://dragcave.net/lineage/jXLTU


checkered lines i can produce:

  • 3rd gen from diamondwing https://dragcave.net/lineage/dy7eE
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2g Heartstealing from Blue/Desert Zyumorph

2g Heartseeker from Blue Fire Gem

Nice named parents please.


Have/Can breed:


CB and lineaged Valentines I can breed: 2x from Rosebud to Mutamore, 1x Val09. Lineage ones.

Mate of your choice except for Holly, Tinsel, Shimmer. And I also have none or limited of the newer dragons.

Just send me a PM to know if I'm able to breed the pair you want or other offers

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5G random stair Val'09 hatchie with an epic code (LoVLY)

a sibling to the above hatchie with a Z-code (Zz3dZ)



I'm not a code collector so they are not really useful to me. So offer something that you think is worth them.


Please offer on here.



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2gen Rosebud from Green Copper Trade

2gen Soulstone from Snow Trade





**I also have a CB Female Bronze Shimmer I am willing to breed with a mate of your choice for a mate for this. Please PM! 

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Sweetling_egg.gif 2G Sweetling from ALT/BLACK Sweetling x Black, nicely named parents 




Sweetling_egg.gif  1 x 2G Sweetling from Soulstone (Valentine x Valentine pair) unrelated to FRZEn, would like the parents to be named without "cb" in the names (I've already got a Soulstone from this lineage, so I need only a Sweetling.)


Soulstone_egg.png 2G Soulstone from Heartseeker unrelated to XlbWR, would like the parents to be named without "cb" in the names (I've already got a Heartseeker from this lineage, so I need only a Soulstone.)


Mystery.gif 3G or higher gen Valentine checker from Spriter's Alt


Mystery.gif 2G from Spriter 's Alt / CB HM / CB Prize


Mystery.gif ANY CB Valentine with ALL-NUMBER or FIVE-LETTER WORD/NAME codes


Radiant_Angel_egg.png 5G Radiant Angel x Silver Shimmer checker, unrelated to uqtxj


Radiant_Angel_egg.png 3G Radiant Angel x Gold Tinsel checkerunrelated to Borg Queen & Gold Epica


Arsani_egg.gif 3G Arsani x Bronze Tinsel checker, unrelated to Army & Galletian Victory


Heartstealing_egg.png 3G Heartstealer x Gold Shimmer checker, unrelated to Endless Butter & N2K14


Would gladly breed the future Prize offspring in return if you could help with my Valentine x Prize checkers.

Thanks in advance!


2G Sweetling

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Soulstone_egg.png 2nd-gen soulstone from gold. https://dragcave.net/teleport/66ac06ceae0c3ec458d04eb3b34bf250

Soulstone_egg.png 2nd-gen soulstone from silver. https://dragcave.net/teleport/95c00e2d47586fc312210c77a69c39bf



2nd-gen soulstone from a different pairing. Named parents please.

Or a 2nd-gen Val 09 or sweetling from nhiostrife. Named parents please.


PM me or offer on the link. Thanks!

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Cave Born available to breed with mate of your choice:  Heartseeker, Arsani, Radiant Angel, Heartstealing, and Mutamore.


Sweetling_egg.gif  2nd gen Sweetling from Alt Sweetling x Solstice, nicely named parents.

If you need this egg for your lineage send a PM and we can work something out. Spoken for.


Sweetling_egg.gif  3rd gen Sweetling x Marrow checker ~currently in another trade link, PM if interested


Rosebud_hatchi.gif CB Rosebud hatchling - Z Code!


Valentine_mature_hatchi.gif  CB '09 Valentine hatchling - Z Code!





Sweetling_egg.gif  2nd gen Sweetling from Alt Sweetling x Gold, mate for her.   I only need one egg, just no way to know what someone would want for it. ;)



Make an offer on my Alt parent Sweetling egg!

Make an offer on my Sweetling x Marrow egg! ~currently in another trade link, PM if interested Gone

Make an offer on my Z code cb Rosebud hatchling!

Make an offer on my Z code '09 Valentine hatchling!

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20 hours ago, DemiD said:


Valentine_egg.gif CB 09 Valentine (unique code: 1R1Y1)



Gold_egg.gif CB Gold

Silver_egg.gif CB Silver

Mystery.gif Offers (Any rare of equal value, I already have all of the other holiday dragons I need)



Make an offer on my egg!



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Alt_Sweetling_hatchi.gif 2nd Gen Sweetling from ALT Sweetling x Omen (6d 14h)



(5:1) - Can offer all above for one of the following:

Sweetling_egg.gif 2nd Gen Sweetling from Alt Sweetling swap. Any mate is fine, even a just bloodswap.


Please PM me if you're interested.


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Change of plans. Maybe next year.

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I don't know if "trade wanted" type posts are acceptable here, but I'm desperate, so here goes.

I have found everything previous-year in the Valentine biome except Soulstone.  I don't know if the drops are just weighted that way or if something more nefarious is going on (not on the part of the site or TJ but... oh, well, you know).  Whatever the case, I've seen the Soulstone twice when I was looking for it and was just too slow, but it's odd to me that '09s are a dime a dozen but 'stones are soooo hard just to *see*.  And this is with me sitting here hitting F5 with my pointer over the right-hand egg spot.  And I think I'm just about out of time to catch them myself.  GAH.  Anyway.

I've done an IOU arrangement of 15 uncommons for a silver before, twice in fact.  I think I even hatched them.  I have zero problems with doing something like that again.  I do not have a knack for finding rares but I do well with uncommons.  I can even influence if you want, though that may go a bit more slowly for recharges.

I hope to find at least one 'stone, my ideal is two (and I may pass one on to my daughter's scroll).  If this sounds like something you could help with, let me know.

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3G Rosebud from Sunsong Amphiptere (Make an offer)

4G Rosebud from Red (Make an offer)


Both have about 4.5 days left.

PM to combine.



Any Valentine x Lunar Herald checker (especially Soulstone from Gold/Silver Lunar Herald and Radiant Angel from Gold Lunar Herald)

2G Soulstone from White

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What could equal the worth of a God? (haha jk)

Caveborn offers. I'm still after CB Mutamores and Soulstones with decent codes, but I'll take a non-Valentine all the same.

Pleass PM. I'll check in tomorrow evening.

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CB Rosebud

CB '09 Valentines x2

CB Sweetling 




(For Ribbons)

CB Ribbon with z or Z at beginning of code.

Rosebud #1


(For '09 Valentines)

CB '09 Valentines with z or Z at beginning of code.


'09 Valentine #1

'09 Valentine #2


(For Sweetling)

CB Sweetling with z or Z at beginning of code.



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