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Happy Valentine's 2018 Trading Thread!

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Sweetling_egg.gif 2 CB Sweetlings   1 CB Sweetling



Rosebud_egg.gif Arsani_egg.gif messy-lineaged Rosebud or Arsani, 10th-gen or higher preferred, will decline anything lower then 6th-gen 





Offer here! GONE!

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CB Val 09

CB Sweetling

3rd gen Val 09 x silver checker



2nd gen Hol x Hol lines (pm me before breeding) would prefer hatchies, but will accept low time eggs.

Would love any spriters alt offspring 2nd or 3rd gen checkers. 


I use the decline button so you'll know within 12 hrs if I don't want something. 


Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!


Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!


Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!


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user posted image 2g Sweetling from Silver - Offer



2g Sweetling hatchling from another pairing (no holiday x holiday/GoN)

Any 2g Valentine hatchling (no holiday x holiday/GoN)


May decline if I have pairing.

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Valentine_egg.gif CB Valentine '09 (on cooldown)



Best offer (1-3 maybe?) from the following:


-2G Sweetling x Sunsong

-2G Sweetling x Moonstone

-2G Sweetling x Thalassa

-2G Sweetling x Script

-2G Mutamore x Spirit Ward

-2G Mutamore x Blue Gemshard

-2G Rosebud x Gold Lunar Herald

-2G Radiant Angel x Gold Lunar Herald

-2G Heartstealing x Red Dorsal

2G Soulstone x Gaia


PM me! :)

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Trade 1


Looking for these auto-abandoned babies:

(they're all 2G Radiant Angels / Gaia Xenos) 


- Radiant_Angel_hatchi.png code: z3Shh

- Radiant_Angel_hatchi.png code: XxfFe

- Radiant_Angel_hatchi.png code: d9Jcg

- Radiant_Angel_hatchi.png code: hxiFD --- FOUND, thank you!! 


Probably a long shot, but l'd really love it if I could track down these little ones! They're project babies. ♥



- CB Silver (PM me for a link) 

- CB Valentine 09

- CB Sweeting


I also have a 2G nicely named Mutamore I can breed with anything on my scroll. 


(the pink line in my signature also counts, but has to be fulfilled after Valentine's Day) 


Please PM me if you found any of them!


Trade 2


Looking for

Rosebud_egg.gif Rosebud_mature_hatchi.gif  and / or Heartstealing_egg.png Heartstealing_mature_hatchi.png

nicely coded CB Rosebud / CB Heartstealer egg or hatchie


Word / Name codes are ♥

Xxxxx or XXXXX or xxxxx formats preferred



CB Silver and a regular coded CB Rosebud / Heartstealer hatchie each.


CB Silver +  CB Rosebud_mature_hatchi.gifMake an offer

CB Silver + CB Heartstealing_mature_hatchi.png : Make an offer


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If anyone has trouble catching CBs in the Cave let me know. I might be able to catch you one or two. :)

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On 11/02/2018 at 2:39 PM, Aleoleo said:


Rosebud_hatchi.gif 4th gen hatchie Rosebud X Ice, perfect checker




Rosebud_hatchi.gifRosebud_mature_hatchi.gif any Rosebud hatchie, gendered or not, for freezing




I can only accept hatchies, please do not offer eggs. This trade will be up (and bumped) until the hatchie genders. Frozen! =P






Soulstone_egg.png 2nd gen Soulstone from Aria

Soulstone_egg.png 2nd gen Soulstone from Celestial




Soulstone_egg.png MESSY Soulstone egg (similar or lower time left) or hatchie, for freezing - no other offer please




Soulstone from Celestial

Soulstone from Aria


No other offer please! This trade will be up (and bumped) until the eggs hatch.


Bump for new day

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Soulstone_mature_hatchi.png 2G Soulstone hatchling from Script, offer here! TRADED, thanks!

Soulstone_egg.png 2G Soulstone egg from Golden Wyvern, offer here! TRADED, thanks!

Mutamore_hatchi.gif 2G Mutamore hatchling from Gaia, offer here!

+ list of CBs and checkers to breed here



2G Soulstone from Sunsong / Kingcrowne

CB Heartstealing

Messy or long-lineaged Valentine hatchlings for freezing (particularly interested in Sweetling / Rosebud / Heartseeker)

Other offers? Hatchlings preferred.


Nicely-named parents (no "CB" or numbers in name, no super long names) are preferred.

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Rosebud_egg.gif - 2G Gold X Rosebud - TRADED, thank you

Rosebud_egg.gif - 3G Gold X Rosebud checker - NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Heartseeker_egg.gif - 3G - Heartseeker X Silver checker - Lineage - Make an offer



CB Luna Herald

CB new releases since 2015

Nice offers (not valentine)

(hatchlings are preferred but eggs will of course be considered)


I also have available to breed the following - please PM if you're interested (with a partner of your choice if I have it):

1x CB Rosebud

1x CB Val09
1x CB Sweetling

2x CB Arsani

2x CB Radiant Angels

1x CB Heartseeker

3G Heartseeker X Royal Crimson checker

2x CB Heartstealing


Thanks for looking!

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oops, forgot my two heartstealings

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* all CB Valentines to breed

* 2nd gen Sweetling x Almandine (z-code) - https://dragcave.net/teleport/e02cdec0ebd3e6a88d9e3907d199fe2b

* 2nd gen Sweetling x Bright Pink (z-code) - https://dragcave.net/teleport/17a1e665a6da734a590eca6550c38114


* 2nd gen Soulstone x Omen Hatchling - https://dragcave.net/teleport/d6d9ea7690323b07faca519f9f2aabaa

* 2nd gen Soulstone x Magi (z-code) - https://dragcave.net/teleport/6b4f5592732355bf900312e36a20772a


* 3rd EG Rosebud x Moonstone Checker (cool code xD) - https://dragcave.net/teleport/d54a755cf253113faf5b32827ca84117

* 3rd EG Rosebud x Balloon Checker (with ALT ROSEBUD grandparent) - https://dragcave.net/teleport/9f1932c42b0b8a508b0ae97223ff58d4 -> for 2nd gen Alt Sweetling x Balloon only ;3


* 3rd EG Sweetling x Silver (ALT SWEETLING CHECKER! - anyone who can continue this properly?) - https://dragcave.net/teleport/3599f441006e9c820ac80d0b684e3561

* 4th EG Sweetling x Spring Checker Hatchling - https://dragcave.net/teleport/a0994aef3cea4bf9a94730404ead743a

* 5th EG Sweetling x Red Checker (ALT SWEETLING BASE) - https://dragcave.net/teleport/a469821efc2dd914624da9d04dd95ff9




* 2nd gen Sweetling from Balloon x Alt Sweetling (Please name your price for that one via PM! Maybe we can work something out :) )

* any Valentine 2017 (Soulstone) Hatchling for freezing

* 2nd gen Mutamore x Silver Lunar Herald

* 2nd gen Heartseeker x Balloon

* Spriter Alt lineages

* 2+ messy Rosebud Hatchies for freezing


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Have ready to breed:

CB female Bronze Shimmer (Rinoa) with Valentine mate of your choice: Pink SweetlingHeartseekerRadiant AngelMutamore

plus various Valentine lineages available to breed


Looking for:

2g Soulstone from Bronze Tinsel, mate for him


Please pm.


Traded! Thank you so much!

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Please PM me before breeding anything! I am egg-locked until tomorrow (13th).


Looking for bloodswaps for the following lines:

- 3rd gen Rosebud x Gold Lunar Herald

- 3rd gen Rosebud x Green Gemshard

- 3rd gen Rosebud x Spirit Ward

- 3rd gen Rosebud x Celestial

- 4th gen Rosebud x Falconiform

- 4th gen Rosebud x Indigo Lunar Herald

- 4th gen Rosebud x Purple Ridgewing

- 4th gen Rosebud x Chrono Xenowyrm

- 5th gen Rosebud x Nhiostrife

- 5th gen Rosebud x Gold

- 5th gen Rosebud x Neotropical

- 5th gen Radiant Angel x Desipis


Apart from bloodswaps, I have a bunch of other holiday checkers to breed. Also willing to breed multiple lines for you!




In general, I am breeding any of my unreserved holiday checkers for free! (I would be breeding them to the AP in the end otherwise.) So if you are still looking for a specific checker line, check my list. I especially have many Rosebud lines. Please let me know when exactly you will be able to take the egg(s).


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user posted image CB Vday09 (coded IdOTH) - TELEPORT



ALSO, can breed the following CBs:

user posted image(I have normal sweets)user posted image(user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image (Both Soulstones bred) 

I currently have all CB dragons available to breed except: Spriters alts, Prizes, Vday09, Female Red Gemshards



AUTO user posted image 2G Sweetling from any of the following: 

Script, Autumn, Summer, (Any) Zyu, Green or Red Fire Gem, Khusa, BBW, Brute, Gaia Xenowyrm, Pyro Xenowyrm, Fell, Fever, Frilled, Terrae


Thanks in advance! Also please see signature. <3

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Soulstone_egg.png  2G from Sunrise  -gone

Soulstone_egg.png  2G from Sunrise  -gone

Soulstone_egg.png  2G from Sunsong  -traded- THANK YOU!



Soulstone_egg.png 2G from purple Nebula, Purple or Witchlight

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Sent to the AP, too impatient to trade :) I hope someone enjoys these!

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18 hours ago, Daiyachiri said:


Valentine_mature_hatchi.gif - CB 09 Valentine hatchie

Can add a 2nd CB 09 valentine hatchie if asked and/or 2G from CB Arsanis, Heartseekers, Mutamores, Radiant Angels and Soulstones with mate of choice c:



2nd gen holiday prizekin ? :)


Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! or PM?

Still looking :)

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21 hours ago, amamiya_ritsukabi29 said:


2g Val'09 from Blue Fire Gem

2g Heartseeker from Red Fire Gem

Nice named parents please.


Have/Can breed:

CB and lineaged Valentines I can breed: 2x from Sweetling to Mutamore, 1x Val09, 1x Soulstone. Lineage ones.

Mate of your choice except for Holly, Tinsel, Shimmer. And I also have none or limited of the newer dragons.

Just send me a PM to know if I'm able to breed the pair you want or other offers.



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