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Happy Valentine's 2018 Trading Thread!

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All CB past Valentines (except Val'09) available to breed to choice of mate including CB Holly

A variety of 3G Checker Valentines ~ see HERE for parings details 



2G Soulstone from White Zyumorph  ~ with named parents


Please PM me.


Thank you! :)



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Have to breed:

Untitled.png CB female bronze tinsel x user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image



2g Sweetling* or Heartseeker from bronze Tinsel

Will consider 2g Valentines from other prizes or hm


Please pm to arrange.

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Have 2CB of each V-day except Mutamore.  (Just caught my CB eggs)


Also have a number of bred V-day dragons here: https://dragcave.net/group/33961


Want: Offers.  Will breed with your choice of mate, so long as I have one.


Willing to breed the non CB V-days for free if you don't have 1.

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user posted image CB Val '09 with 09 code (09h7e) Traded, thanks!


Edit: Also picked up 2G Rosebud from Gaia


Have to breed:

1 CB Val '09 and 1 CB Heartstealing



Incuhatchable CB Val '09 or hatchling

2G Heartseeker from Blue Zyumorph

2G Heartseeker from White Zyumorph

2G Rosebud from Script

2G Mutamore from Silver

Still missing CB Rosebud and CB Radiant Angel

Other items from red line in signature


I've already held onto the Val '09 for a day, so I may just end up keeping it at this point unless I get a good offer :unsure: PM me to negotiate, otherwise offer on the link above!


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Have to breed:


2 X CB Mutamore (With mate of your Choice Including the Gold & Silver)

1 X Soulstone (With mate of your Choice Including the Gold & Silver & Holly) 

Can Offer a 3G Val09 From Gold This Lineage


Mutamore_hatchi.gif 3G Mutamore from S.Alt "Osiris Kroc"   Lineage   (View Bombed :/ )




2G Val09 From Male Holly (Need that SOOO much)

2G Val09 From Enraged Aegis Unrelated to any of Her






Z Coded CB Val 09 Lineage (ZfiiB)




2G Gold Shimmer or Tinsel from Holly or Val09 Mate (after the valentine's is so ok) PM me 

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Looking for these auto-abandoned babies:

(they're all 2G Radiant Angels / Gaia Xenos) 


- Radiant_Angel_egg.png code: z3Shh

Radiant_Angel_egg.png code: XxfFe

Radiant_Angel_egg.png code: d9Jcg

- Radiant_Angel_hatchi.png code: hxiFD --- FOUND, thank you!! 


Probably a long shot, but l'd really love it if I could track down these little ones! They're project babies. ♥



- CB Valentine 09

- CB Sweeting


I also have a 2G nicely named Mutamore I can breed with anything on my scroll. 


(the pink line in my signature also counts, but has to be fulfilled after Valentine's Day) 


Please PM me if you found any of them!

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Rosebud_hatchi.gif 2G from CB alt Black (z' code) - lineage

Heartseeker_egg.gif 3G perfect checker x Silver Shimmer - lineage

Can breed
CB Rosebud  x1
CB Heartseeker x1
CB Arsani x2
CB Radiant Angel x2
CB Hearstealing x2
CB Mutamore x1
CB Soulstone x2

CB F Silver Shimmer x any M CB valentine from the list above


Heartseeker_egg.gif 2G from silver shimmer
Heartseeker_egg.gif 3G checker with silver shimmer
Silver_Shimmer-scale_egg.png 2G from Heartseeker IOU

other offers are welcome

PM to discuss

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Valentine_egg.gif  5th-EG Thuwed perfect checker Val '09 from Flamingo x Val '09, with cute code OodLi -- Val '09 offer!

Heartseeker_egg.gif  2nd-gen Heartseeker from Heartseeker x Gold -- Heartseeker offer!



(nicely-named parents greatly preferred!)

2nd-gen Heartseeker from one of the following mates: Albino, Fever Wyvern, Green Fire Gem, Horse, Kingcrowne, Vine

2nd-gen Heartstealing x Silver Lunar Herald

CB Val '09



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Rosebud_hatchi.gif x1 CB Rosebud Hatchie

user posted image x2 CB Heartstealing Hatchies

Radiant_Angel_hatchi.png x1 CB Radiant Angel Hatchie

Arsani_hatchi.gif x1 CB Arsani Hatchie




Swaps for a nice code - Must be same breed! (Eggs are okay)


Rosebud - https://dragcave.net/teleport/5d47e2cc12242c3cd01a7644b8356878

Heartstealer 1 - https://dragcave.net/teleport/c5f436682c3168a512c18ede36e42f32

Heartstealer 2 - https://dragcave.net/teleport/03d5c0f83475bb8b3a23f7133dbe8896

Radiant Angel - https://dragcave.net/teleport/8aea44e5d67ba037951a13b0bdf58346

Arsani - https://dragcave.net/teleport/6ba3cfd52f27259e022e11e037660f66

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On 2/8/2018 at 8:08 AM, Spiteful_Crow said:

Currently have:


Radiant_Angel_egg.png 2G Radiant Angel x Gold Lunar Herald, bred for a swap I didn't get. Want swap from nicely named parents. (PM me)


CB Valentines still available for breeding:



Heartseeker x1



Radiant Angel x1



*Heartstealing x2



Mutamore x1



Soulstone x1



*Certain restrictions may apply on one of these pairs, PM me to learn more.





Priority: 2G Valentines from Hollies! Prefer nice names.

Heartstealing is highest priority from CB male Holly, Arsani is the lowest.


Can add more for any Valentines offered from CB female Hollies! (Purple line from my sig also applies.)

Radiant Angel or Sweetling is highest priority from CB female Holly, Heartseeking is the lowest.


Can pair my CB Hollies* with any of the female CB Valentines I have for a swap.

(*Certain restrictions may apply on one of these pairs, PM me to learn more.)




CB Sweetlings (currently need: 0, but will trade one of mine for one with cool code)



CB '09 Valentines (currently need: 2)



CB Rosebud (currently need: 1)


Also have lots of interesting 2Gs & up to breed, including a few with alts. PM if interested.




Also want:


Pretty 3G checkers, especially if there's a spriter's alt or prize in the lineage. I'd be willing to offer multiple items (and apply purple line from my sig) for a perfect checker from alts or prizes. Will also consider nice EGs.


Pretty Sweetling lineages, 2-3G. Can be checker, alternating stairstep, EG, almost any lineage type as long as it looks nice. I especially love Sweetlings with alt/black ones in the base (mine are Pink) or paired with Almandines and Arias. Will also consider Valentine x Valentine for Sweetling x Heartstealing or Rosebud.


Perfect Sweetling x Almandine, '09 Valentine x Almandine, or Rosebud x Almandine checker with nice names. Or 2G Sweetling/'09 Valentine/Rosebud x Almandine to build checkers with. Can swap 3G Rosebud Almandine checker upon request.


2G Radiant Angel x Gold Lunar Herald


2G Soulstone x Purple Nebula



Please note that I currently have 7 eggs on my scroll, so please PM me before breeding to make sure I have room!


Bump with updated info.


[Excuse formatting errors, this editor doesn't work very well on a tablet; will fix on computer later]


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22 hours ago, Amazon_warrior said:


Silver_Shimmer-scale_adult.pngSweetling_egg.gif / Heartseeker_egg.gif / Radiant_Angel_egg.png / Mutamore_egg.gif

CB silver Shimmer x choice of male Valentine, available to breed now



Valentine prizekin swap, 2G from Spriter Alt, or other nice offer?





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3rd gen z coded Rosebud_egg.gif from Silver Lunar https://dragcave.net/lineage/zqbaj




Unrelated blood swap please. :)


Currently fogged due to 'helpful people' >_> please pm. 



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