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Happy Valentine's 2018 Trading Thread!

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1x CB each of mutamore, heartstealing, radiant angel, and arsani to breed with mate of your choice

Many, many checkers to breed

2nd gen soulstone HATCHLING from black




2nd gen soulstone from white

3rd or higher gen rosebud/gaia checker unrelated to https://dragcave.net/lineage/8FS5D or https://dragcave.net/lineage/ZfWMg

2nd gen rosebud/script

High gen heartseeker/GW unrelated to https://dragcave.net/lineage/7CliL and https://dragcave.net/lineage/KaEAV



Make an offer on my 2nd gen soulstone! Only looking for 2nd gen soulstone from white for this, must have decent names



Will breed checkers for free! Please PM ^_^ 

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On 2/9/2018 at 5:35 AM, Rexsaurus said:

Can breed you

4th gen Valentine_egg.gifVal '09 from CB Brute vqCiH (example)

3rd gen Heartseeker_egg.gifHeartseeker X CB Aria

3rd genHeartstealing_egg.png Heartstealing X CB Witchlight

2nd gen Radiant_Angel_egg.pngRadiant Angel X CB Solstice

4th gen Bright-breasted_Wyvern_egg.giforCoastal_Waverunner_egg.gif Thuwed h2KrL (example)



x2 2nd gen Soulstone_egg.png Soulstone X Aegis (not enraged) top priority


CB Sweetling_egg.gif Sweetling X1

CB Rosebud_egg.gif Rosebud X2

CB Heartseeker_egg.gif Heartseeker X1



Please PM first come first serve 

PM me


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Rosebud_egg.gifSoulstone_egg.png - 2x CB Rosebuds and 1x CB Soulstone to breed (Black Sweetling x Sapphire only)

Heartstealing_egg.pngMutamore_egg.gif - 2x CBs each to breed of Heartstealing, Mutamore

Sweetling_hatchi.gif - 2g Pink Sweetling from Mint

Soulstone_hatchi.png - 2g Soulstone from Celestial

Soulstone_hatchi.png - 2g Soulstone from Purple Ridgewing

Soulstone_hatchi.png - 2g Soulstone from Black Sweetling

Radiant_Angel_egg.png - 3g Radiant Angel x Gold checker Altkin available to breed, sibling to this (Black Sweetling x Sapphire only)

Mystery.gif - Wide variety of 3g Valentine checkers available to breed



Sweetling_egg.gif - 2g Sweetling from Black Sweetling x Sapphire

Sweetling_egg.gif - 2g Sweetling from Black Sweetling x other pairings




Valentine_hatchi.gif Valentine_egg.gifSweetling_egg.gifHeartseeker_hatchi.gifHeartseeker_egg.gif - CB Valentines



Blue line or red line in sig!

Silver_Shimmer-scale_egg.pngShimmer-scale_egg_variations_rotator.gif - 2g F Shimmer from Guardian, Silver Shimmer parent preferred (not from Jewel)

Silver_Tinsel_egg.gif - 2g M Silver Tinsel from Black Tea (not from Airgid Iontas)

Thunder_egg.gif - 2g Thunder from F Bronze Shimmer (not Mysha or Miss Elizabeth, prefer not but will take Metal or Rinoa lines)

Mystery.gif - 2g Altkin (F Valentine from M Guardian auto, but open to all offers)

user posted imageuser posted image - other 2g Prize offers (preferably not a Holiday/Metal/GoN line; especially if Gold or Silver Shimmer, or Gold or M Silver or M Bronze Tinsel)


Green line in sig applies, can add/combine, PMs to discuss are always welcome!

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18valtrade04.png  18valtrade02.png  18valtrade03.png


2G Mutamore from Silver Tinsel

2G Radiant Angel from Sinomorph

2G Heartstealing from Holly



For the Mutamore:

Valentine egg CB '09 Valentine

Zyumorph-egg-rotator CB Zyumorph

Mystery.gif Nice offers


For the RA or Heartstealing:

Sweetling egg Up to 5EG pink Sweetling x Terrae checker not related to HIM or HER

Soulstone egg 2G Soulstone with named or nicely-coded parents

Mystery.gif Offers, including Valentines (any year) with nice lineages



2G Mutamore from Silver Tinsel

2G Radiant Angel from Sinomorph

2G Heartstealing from Holly

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On 2/9/2018 at 10:48 PM, Sharanay said:



3rd gen heartseeker with holiday mates alfa of the clan





I'm mainly looking for a:

cb Heartstealing

cb mutamore

cb val '09



(any mate will do)

2nd gen heartseeker

2nd gen rosebud

2nd gen soulstone

2nd gen heartstealing

2nd gen mutamore

2nd gen val '09




 Offer here




Adding a 2nd gen Radiant Angel (RA x Gold Lunar Herald)


Make an offer on my egg!

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~Removed, please do not post a trade request for eggs you don't own.~

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-2nd gen mutamore from gaia





-2nd gen mutamore from silver with similar time as this egg. (A fresh egg won't really do as I can breed it myself too XD and probably will if I receive no offers...) 

-messy/inbred/EG with more than two breeds -> hatchie or incuhatchable egg, or under 5d2h:

---- val 11 s1 rosebud
---- val 14 s2 radiant angel
----- val 15 s1 & s2 Heartstealing
----- val 16 s1 & s2 Mutamore
----- val 17 s1 & s2 soulstone

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On Thursday, February 08, 2018 at 6:05 PM, blackdragonqueen said:


user posted image 2G soulstone from Sweetling - GONE

user posted image 2G soulstone from Holly GONE Thank you so much!


Soulstone_egg.png 2G soulstone from non-holiday dragon as I do not collect holiday x holiday.

Looking specifically for for Indigo Lunar HeraldForest Zyumorph, Chrono/Thalassa/Gaia/Mageia Xenowyrm, Aeon Wyvern, Blusang Lindwurm, and Nhiostrife Wyvern

Thank you!



user posted image 2G heartstealing from GOLD - GONE


Valentine_egg.gif CB Valentine (hey, I have to ask)

Soulstone_egg.png2G Soulstone from Indigo Lunar HeraldForest Zyumorph or Chrono/Thalassa/Gaia/Mageia Xenowyrm's 2 = Auto


They've hatched now so I will only keep the trade up one more day.

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2G Rosebud x Holly




Offers - I like lineages with spriter's alts, also looking for CB Val '09 or CB Sweetling.


OR best offer from the below:

-3G Rosebud x Winter Magi

-2G or 3G Arsani x Royal Crimson

-3G Radiant Angel x Green (Pebble)

-3G Mutamore x Brute


PM me to discuss if you want, I am travelling today but will check every 2 hours.


Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

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CB arsani, radiant angel, heartstealing with your choice of mate



Soul stone x celestial



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Teleport, or feel free to PM before breeding.


Would like:

2G Soulstone_egg.png from Kingcrowne, TeimarrBrute or Autumn

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Have to breed:


CB Female Bronze Shimmer latest?cb=20130203040323   - can breed to all Male Valentines (your choice)





2nd gen Valentine from:


* Male Silver Tinsel (Soulstone would be perfect, but other Valentines ok too)


* Female Bronze Shimmer  (any Valentine ok)


* from Spriter's Alt


Trade arranged :) 



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(All parents named. Some names are dumber than others.)

2G Radiant Angel x Gold Lunar Herald (Z CODE)
2G Radiant Angel x Golden Wyvern



2G Mutamore x Diamondwing



2G Soulstone x Snow dragon (holiday 2016) (Z CODE)
2G Soulstone x Gold Lunar Herald



What I truly dearly want are swaps for all of these. I may entertain other pairings from the same Valentine's partners but these particular pairings take precedence. 


Radiant Angel x Gold Lunar Herald
Radiant Angel x Golden Wyvern
Mutamore x Diamondwing

Soulstone x Snow dragon

Soulstone x Gold Lunar Herald

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I have bred my CB alt sweetling with a red dragon.  I would like to trade that soon-to-be-hatchling for a 2nd gen prize egg or a neglected hatchling.  Please PM me if interested.

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