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So I've been playing Dragon Cave for almost five years now, but only now got around to creating a forum account. Why, you ask? Well, actually, you're probably not asking that. I don't know who reads these, but probably not a lot of people do. This is just an egofest anyway. But, I may as well join in. Well, to answer your question I anticipated above, because I used to do all my trading on Eggs Around The World, but their website is down :( and I am always thrilled by the prospect of a trade.


About me. Well, I like astronomy, animals (horses in particular in real life which I do ride, dragons in fantasy), genetics, and Star Stable Online, where I'm a lifetime star rider on Chocolate Cupcake. (Fun fact, my username is my SSO name). If you're there, mail me and say hi. I love meeting new friends. My signature will be updated with info about my scroll and who I am in SSO. I also had a brief run with Dragons of Elanthia a few months back, but nobody was ever on when I was, so I gave up on that. If you play it, tell me when so we can play together. You can only play that game solo for so long before it gets REALLY boring. I also play School of Dragons, which I'm enjoying a lot.


Last thing. If you look at my scroll and I have a male and female of a breed you want, I'm happy to breed eggs and hatchlings to trade. So far, I've been rescuing abandons, but I'm more than happy to search for a specific breed in a biome if I only have one gender of a breed you want.

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Hello & welcome to DC forums. :) Yeah, EATW is permanently down due to viewbombing issues. I think people are trying to set something new up, though. Also, it's okay to offer to breed people things in your signature and through PM, but on the trading forums, IOUs are forbidden. I think there are also some threads in trading where you can breed for people who struggle to get some breeds. 

Edit: yeah I wrote that before I had coffee. 

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Welcome to the forums. There are some good threads for gifting and trading and some nice dragon requests also that you can peruse.

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