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help pages' info on dead eggs should be changed

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It is important to note that dead eggs and hatchlings will still count toward any limits for up to 24 hours following their death.

Quote from https://dragcave.net/help/egglimits


This should probably be changed to "killed eggs or hatchlings" because right now it gives the impression that all growing death, from lost time or sickness or killing, will take up a slot for a day when only killing by action or BSA does.

I've seen a lot of experienced players with this misconception too, so it should be clarified since many players whether new or not use this page fairly often. 


(and to any skeptics yes I've had both sickness and out of time deaths recently, neither take up extra time)


Also, the help section on killing doesn't have any info that killing growing things has a penalty, and I think it should to prevent newbie mistake of killing an egg they don't want when they can't abandon it yet.

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@TJ09 Can we get some clarification please? This is an ongoing misconception and it's not good that it also originates from official help pages.

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