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If this can be done without inbreeding, I would be happy to help it grow. To continue breeding my pairs, do we have any word from the pretty ? I did not see any posts from her. 

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We haven’t heard from pretty_thumb yet. I’m hoping she will be around for the dc holiday season so we can get in touch with her about continuing this project too. 


I’m totally okay with no inbreeding. I also like your backup plan of creating a new court to oppose yours @Rekha. It’s a nice mix of old and new. :)

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Yea I think if we cannot reach @pretty_thumb then we should created a third court, one who can oppose both the King's and the Queen's Court. In doing such, I think it could be very easy to create even more intrigue when pretty does come back if we cannot find her by the Halloween drops.


Let's give it till Halloween to see if she returns, and if she does then we will discuss with her and figure out how we want to proceed, if she does not then we can move ahead with creating a third court so that when she does return she can always pick up with the King's court if she wishes to!


But yes, I definitely agree we need to add the new Xeno, I need to get the new Xeno yeesh! 


I am looking through my pairings and the descriptions and I think you all are onto something with it being a bit complicated so I will be more than happy to work with those here who have such wonderful ideas on how to fix things so that they are a bit more concise. I do not want to clutter things with even more confusion or to have any over kill. Like I thought about the idea someone mentioned about making a little area for the courts houses to be seen and what not but I feel like that just further complicates things even more. Instead of adding more things to confuse new and returning players, let's adjust what is here and piece it together in a way that everyone can easily figure out what they are doing, how things should be named and all of that. With me still working on healing I would be more than happy and thankful to have the assistance of those here who have been helping all along and any ideas from new players as well!


Thank you @Mow @Kigyptnee @Mochi and so many others for keeping this alive during my health battles. I cannot wait to help get this all organized.


If someone could go through and try and organize all the suggestions into one thread, that would be freaking amazing and I would be eternally grateful as it would make it so much easier for us to move forward with a revamp of this project.



Question:  This is for everyone those already in the lineage and those who are looking to join in....


Do you feel that we should create a new thread for the project revamp? Or should we continue with this one?

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4 hours ago, Rekha said:

Question:  This is for everyone those already in the lineage and those who are looking to join in....


Do you feel that we should create a new thread for the project revamp? Or should we continue with this one?


As someone who is interested in joining the intrigue, I would rather a new thread. I think would be less confusing, especially with the addition of a new court. ^.^

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Okay thank you both @Chaosdawn and @Serotina that was what I was thinking that it would indeed make it a whole lot easier to join without the clutter and confusion of reading allll the other stuff in this thread.

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I would prefer a new thread, too!


Is it possible to creat a "building thread" where we can insert all the suggestions and work it out from there? 

it would be great if we then, afterwards, can create the new lineage project thread once the "sorting" is done :)


so @Rekha you would prefer to keep the old courts intact and just add another, 3rd one, right? So we keep the lineages we had and try to make it work with two courst (if pretty doesn't return) aswell with three (when she does return). Am I right? 


How far would you go with changing rankings (in name, etc) and prefered Xenos (and adding peasants, for example). I just ask these questions out of curiositiy, so we can exclude some points you don't want to have right from the start! 😙

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@Mow I believe we should keep the building here, because they do not look very happily upon unneeded threads, so let's just keep all the building here. 


As to answer those questions.


I believe creating a third kingdom (Be it two or three active kingdoms depending on the return of @pretty_thumb or not) is the easiest way to not confuse things or ruin all the hard work that has gone into this project already.


Peasants and Rankings...


Peasants, I have a difficult time again wrapping my mind around this one as it goes against the idea of the project. This is supposed to be a project dealing only with the nobility... So while I am unsure it would work I would welcome anyone to try and explain it in a way that would make sense for me. 


Rankings, I had an idea... To explain the absence, to explain the period of time where breeding pretty much halted... we could write about a war, a war that tore apart the Courts, giving the chance for a rise of a third Court...  This war could have fractured things so much that those left to pick up the pieces may be different, they may be the same, some could change, some could stay the same.. but either way, this would allow for a chance in different rankings.





So I have my first Pharos growing up right now. It's the cutest little thing. There is much research to be had to create ranks for all the different colors of the Xenowyrms. So many options! Hah! 


A thought I had for the third court. Perhaps this third court, is not as... old school as the two original ones. Perhaps they welcome mates from opposing courts. This, would allow things like Even Gens and Arrows I believe to be created. What do you think?

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9 hours ago, Rekha said:

A thought I had for the third court. Perhaps this third court, is not as... old school as the two original ones. Perhaps they welcome mates from opposing courts. This, would allow things like Even Gens and Arrows I believe to be created. What do you think?

I love even gen lineages. That being said, I think introducing them into the projects might make things more complicated than we might want to handle at the moment. First being that even gen lineages will quickly die at third gen if only courts mates are allowed (also since all the current pairings are related story-wise and we don't want inbreeding). Second, if 2G+ mates are allowed from outside the courts original breeding pairs, what are the restrictions? Do all the dragons in their lineage need to be a part of the project and follow the naming scheme? Or would they have a different naming scheme altogether? Third, a large number of points are awarded with emphasis based on the length of the offspring's lineage; even gen lineages grow much slower than stairs or spirals so anyone attempting one will be at a disadvantage for earning francs unless we rework the points system to help equalize the different lineage types or give the new court a different set of rules for earning francs.


Arrows have the problem of being difficult to continue once the arrow shape is formed so I probably wouldn't go for it either, as much as I like them. It's a lot easier to keep the lineage going into higher generations with stairs/spirals.


However, if you want to somehow incorporate them in, I'm not entirely opposed. It just seems like there's a lot of think about on how it would be implemented before it actually can be added in as a unique trait of the new court.



@Rekha - I have a quick question of my own (and it's okay if you don't have an answer right away), but how will the King's court work assuming Pretty doesn't get back to us and we proceed with the third  court? Since you want to keep the King's court around in case Pretty ever returns, would current King's court members still be earning francs for King's court? Or would they temporarily be earning francs for the new court? And if the King's court stays active, will it receive an update to their rankings as well and be open to new members to ensure it stays competitive with the other courts?


As a side note, I looked at my courts xenobility and have a 2G from the King's Court affair and a 2G from the King's court heirs as well as a couple 4G spirals from the King's court royal pair, so I can help breed little ones for anyone interested in joining the King's court if needed.






Edit: Tagging some past members who appear to be active (at least on the main site) so they can jump into the conversation if they so choose:

From King's Court: @Mochi & @DragonArchaeologist

From Queen's Court: @Kurokosworth

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@Kigyptnee Ohhh yes there are a lot of things to think about when it comes to adding other styles of lineages, let's keep it stairs and spirals for now. Maybe one day we can go further by creating something else or maybe we will come up with something that allows it to be possible in the creation of it all.


As for you breeding for the King's Court.. I LOVE that idea, like, I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE that idea. Yes, let's do that. That way it can continue forward and if pretty returns she can help breed as well but it will be the two of you. If she returns I can find someone with a 2nd, 3rd and 4th gens in the Queens to do and we can find one for the third... perhaps, this Court is the Emperor's Court.. or something along that line.

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@Rekha It's nice to see you back! I'm glad to hear you're doing better.

@Kigyptnee Thanks for tagging me ^^


Sorry I for dropping off 
Things have been a bit hectic for me but I've been steadily collecting xenos thanks to the market. I haven't been as active as of late though. 
I actually prefer no in-breeding for lineage projects though I don't really have a problem with it. 

I think a new thread would be good once we've fleshed everything out here or actually we could have the mods just clean this one when we're done? I think that's something we can ask them to do? So we don't actually need to make a new thread.

I have 2Gs from the Courts as well that I can breed if needed
Here's my group: La Noblesse

Though I'm wondering if we're starting over & resetting?
I've actually bred my xenos out will non-related court things or intermingled them (not inbred but cross pairings) because this thread had been inactive for so long and I have a...limited number of xenos. Nothing from the official lineages though or direct descendants from the King & Queen just my own CB xenos but I recall there being a rule about only breeding with one mate for a certain amount of pairings before you can breed with another mate? So things might be a mess on that front. 
Nevermind I don't think any of that would actually be a problem, I'd just continue on with my current lineages.


A third court sounds like an easier solution than trying to figure out how to mesh the new xenos into the older court but I'm honestly game for anything (as long as it's not too complicated or confusing)

Even gens sound fun but yeah it might complicate things 
I feel if even gens were included they would need a separate point system with more emphasis

A war sounds like a could idea (er that sounds wrong lol) I didn't even consider an explanation or the hiatus needing an actual explanation in relation to the lore.
Would the third court have French naming conventions as well? It'd be cool to have something else but I also see how that could also complicate things and might not be in theme with what you originally had planned or envisioned with this project.


There's a lot of information in this thread to parse through and quite honestly I keep forgetting about half of it OTL
Also going back & forth between pages I kind of get a bit lost >.>;

I think it'd be nice if we could consolidate it all on a google doc or something? Might be easier to read than in thread format and we could all work on it together/access it while we still communicate on specifications here. It would be really nice to just have a list of bullet points & summaries of everything ^^;


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@Mochi yes I agree and sadly pretty has control over top posts so if she does not return then we do need a new thread not just a pruned one.


I think your lineages will be fine. 


Also I am working on lore ideas that can be fun and no I am thinking not French. I am thinking it's someone who settled and due to the war we're able to grab some sort of strong hold. I will think of sunbathing. 


A Google doc would be great. Bullet points would be amazing. I will continue working on this after the weekend! It's so good to see familiar faces and I can't wait to meet the new ones! 

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On 9/17/2020 at 5:00 PM, Rekha said:

Rankings, I had an idea... To explain the absence, to explain the period of time where breeding pretty much halted... we could write about a war, a war that tore apart the Courts, giving the chance for a rise of a third Court...  This war could have fractured things so much that those left to pick up the pieces may be different, they may be the same, some could change, some could stay the same.. but either way, this would allow for a chance in different rankings.


What a great Idea! That would explain so much (e.g. why the King is missing in the kings court xD) and give us the possibility for a third court which differs from the other two. 


As for peasants, inbreeding and even gens: 
I like it, when things are possible which means not strictly forbidden
Nobody *has* to do this things, but nobody gets kicked out of the project for doing these (its overreacting but I hope I get my point across)

1. Possibility: Arrows and even gens: Those types of breedings should be possible for when you want to have a certain kind of lineage, not necessarily to gain points. The main point-generating-lineage is and will be a stair/spiral, and that is okay. I sometimes breed my dragons for lore reasons, not for points/francs, you see? I'd think it cool if the new court will allow partners from other courts. Without inbreeding this would mean, that the lineage ends with the offspring. That would be ok too. But as in many royal families, it's not uncommon if cousins marry ;) I can't think of any good way to implement it tho, and Rekha doesn't want it, so we let that rest for now. 


2. Peasants: This "rank" is for showing, that some royals do breed with peasants (maids mostly). I like the idea for them not having any rank names. So they are mistresses with no worth for the court. Why are they usefull to us then? The thought is, that we have a lot of Xenos. We only have 6 Ranks so far and i wouldn't want to implement more than 8 ranks anyways. So, if you want to have another Xeno in your lineage, you have to resort to breed yours to some Nobles of the other court (but that would be highly confusing, if the cbs have the ranks of another court.. you see?) or you can breed them to peasants. I don't know what that will do with the offspring, but that is something we can think of later, if this gets approved at all ;)


3. Even gens and Arrows with peasants: It is maybe a possibilty to breed the peasants together and create a peasant mate for the royal and therefore have arrows and even gens. I don't really like this idea, but I figured I would throw it at y'all anyways, so you can decide this for yourselves ;) 


Again, those are just random thoughts on my part, nothing I absolutely want :) also, yay for a google doc, thats a good idea! maybe we can even put it in a excel sheet (what is this called on google drice? XD) so we can separate stuff with sheet 1 sheet 2 sheet 3 in the same document. 

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so this halloween thing is really usefull to catch xenos ;) got two in the last 10 drops... ;)
actually i am looking for something else entirely, but this is the cave sensing what I want 🤣

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Hi all! :D Halloween has passed so I thought I'd check in. Are we planning on creating a group google doc to culminate ideas for a new thread?


As far as changes, I think there are three main things we were considering (correct me if I'm wrong):

1. Adding ranks to accommodate new xenos

2. Creating a new/third court or alternate kingdom

           -> And if new court/kingdom created, if a) King's court remains & b) Will we reset the current point count for all courts/kingdoms to zero

3. Updating the points system where needed



@Mow Thanks for the information! I managed to catch one pharos after reading your post. ^_^ 

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Hey there! 


Everyone had a great/good/at least not so bad start in the new year? 🤪


I hope we can move our plans forward now! 


First things to do: 


Create a Community account with access for the members with 'admin' function (kygpitee and Rheka e.g.)


Create a new post for the Courts Intrigue (if we implement the war lore, we can name it 'The Courts Intrigue - After the Great War' or simply add a II behind it xD) and add the things we have so far in the second post (we can always edit it when things change!) 


Create a Google Sheet (or more) where we can collect ideas and rules


What we have so far: 

Queens Court: Rekha is here so this court is unharmed, it may have some new ranks (if we get up to 8 xenos) 

Kings Court: the players continue to use their dragons, if someone want to join they get 3gs or 4gs 

Thrid Court: Will be implemented (who will be responsible for it? @Kigyptnee maybe?) With new names for the ranks!



1. I am for a reset

2. Cutting the points system so it gets less complex

3. leaving points for 2gs and 3gs the same in consideration of the kings court 

4. There won't be as many ppl able to breed the thrid court at first, so they may have a special ability for creating more francs till a certain point!



Stairs and Arrows, everything else can be thought of on a later date if wished 

The same goes for adding baseborn children and peasants like maids and servants


Is that all so far? 

@Kigyptnee, @Rekha, @Mochi, @Chaosdawn, @Serotina, @Minkerbell@pretty_thumb

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@Mow Sounds about right

A community account is a great idea, then we won't have to worry about posts being locked to only one user.
Was the new year the deadline until we made the new post? I can't remember anymore OTL
Also has anyone actually made a google doc/sheet yet?
I assumed from the previous posts that Rekha would be but not sure if it's actually been made yet or I just misread the post x.x

I think we will have to reset at this point (you mean points right? or are you talking about lineages?)

I don't think the point system is actually all that complex but I do remember it being confusing and taking quite awhile to become accustomed too.

I think part of what made it confusing was that each court had a different system (some breeds being more valuable than others) but I also don't see how we could simplify it. 

I think organization also plays a big role in the confusion. I just tried to find the original point system and got turned around a bit until I found it.

Okay yeah actually look at the point system it does seem complicated LOL
Like wow I was only looking at the court's individual system and then I found the general one

At this point it might be better to have a live chat like discord to discuss things? Mostly why i suggested a google doc besides having all the relevant points in one place (and not clutter this with confusing posts) was the possibility to speed up changes without this back & forth (live edits, possible conversations via comments)


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I’m happy it looks like we might get this project started again soon. For the community account, we need permission from a mod to create it, correct?


Also, side note: this project was introduced January 22, 2018. That means its three year anniversary is only a couple days away! Just a fun fact to ponder :D 

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Hey y’all sorry I’ve been so Mia. We moved and life has been chaotic. I am going to try and figure out what I can about any updates and see about starting this up again. Love you all. 

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