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Dear fellow court members, 

regarding the new events in the cave I would very much love to continue this project! 
Mink has been MIA since two years now, I think it is safe to overtake this till she might or might not return. 
I would love to give my Xenobility an old/new purpose ;)




@Mow @Mochi @DragonArchaeologist  @Oxuna @... 


I agree, it would be fun to start this project up again somehow. Some of the mechanics like the nobility rankings/points probably have to be updated to incorporate the new xenowyrms though. Or should we make the same biome xenos have the same rank/points?

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Added quote of Mow's post because new page... also tagged DragonArchaelogist & Oxuna because I just noticed they are still active :)

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good question! 

i was thinking about that too, the first idea was to make another "court", maybe foreigners or such 
and add more ranks
but I am not sure if that would be good 
I have to read myself into it again, I've forgotten everything.. ;) 

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Oh hey I was just thinking about this project when I saw my ranked xenos. I’ve just bred all my xenos to see if I could get any new eggs so I can’t do much until next week, but I’d love to rejoin the project! I’m curious how the court structure will change to accommodate 6 new worms. :D

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@Mow @DragonArchaeologist @Rekha @pretty_thumb @Mochi @everyone else active or otherwise



I definitely have to reread everything again too. :D 


Other than figuring out ranks/naming conventions for the new wyrms, there's also the issue that new players will not be able to get 2nd gen offspring from the King and Queen pairs. Ideally, I'd like to wait and see if Rekha or Pretty_Thumb come back (most likely time to catch them being during the holidays, so probably Halloween time?), but if we decide as a group we want to continue this before then, maybe we should bring in new royalty? Story-wise, the new royal wyrms could maybe be due to a succession of power, a staged royal coup/seizure of power, or simply a different royal house/court from a neighboring kingdom (like Mow was mentioning). 


Of course, now I wonder if we should just spin-off a new thread inspired by this one and make this a seasonal lineage project and have new royals every season (to help ensure the project owners are active members and keep the project fresh). We can switch up who owns the starter pairs, maybe simplify the franks/points system and have the competition for favor in the courts be a fixed amount of time... after which time the points are tallied, a court is deemed to be in highest favor, and a new royal line/thread is created for the next season (perhaps from one of the members of the winning court). It would be cool if old xenonobility lines remain breedable for points in these new threads as well, but they don't have to be if it gets too confusing. 



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Oh i like the 'succession' idea! 

So basically a new family rised up to be royals, and the next season there will be another family yet again. So first we'd need a few starting familys/courts so they can compete with each other! 


That gives us a free hand in implementing the new ones :3 I'd love a purple/jungle royal xD


Edit: in the story, the king is native to Occitaine and the Queen is from a foreign land, Quelless'ar! 

So we have two kingdoms allready, thats a good start :)

I think its necessary to make a new thread, with a new story, continuing this one 😘 


Edit2: i do think we can wait till halloween, as it will takes us a good portion of brainstorming, this project is really thought trough, my respect to pretty thumb, mink and rehka :) the more of them we have in the boat the better we can adapt it but stick close enough to make it work well together. 

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As an additional side note, waiting until Halloween also gives us more time to catch/buy some more CB xenos for the project. My personal collection of CB xenos is on the small side; I've actually managed to catch more of the new xenos than I have managed to catch of the old ones! :blink:

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@Kigyptnee Thanks for tagging me!

Xenos are my favorite breed on DC and this project actually helped me work on breeding them more. I'd be happy if it was active again!

I like the idea of the new xenos being foreigners (sounds good and adds a bit variety). I think it would be complicated trying to work them into the current system (naming/rank). Granted I don't know much about the hierarchical structure/formal titles so maybe it wouldn't be that difficult? I do remember during one of the events we had to look up alternative titles for possible future use so maybe those could be implemented? 
Also it would be cool to have my xenos not just be all French names XD 


I think we should message Pretty_Thumb and Rekha to see what they think. 
If we don't hear from them I think having a spin-off thread would be a good idea.


Waiting until Halloween sounds good. I'm having a really hard time catching the new xenos and I've given up hope of catching a Staterae. Luckily I have a decent amount of the older xenos.

On that note I'm wondering how we would incorporate Staterae into all this. They'd definitely fit for royalty but given the difficulty obtaining (though I heard they're hitting the market so not impossible) I'm not sure if it's a good idea. Lol we should just go with the lore and make them gods and put them into the pseudo-religion of some country XD 

I also have to read up on all this again. It's been so long. I'm really glad that some of us are still around and that we haven't forgotten this project ^^


Ooh just a thought we don't have to necessarily incorporate the new xenos into nobility or I suppose royalty would be more accurate? We could incorporate more lore and put them in roles (ie. royal advisor) or something if nothing else. Just an idea.

I do prefer them being from a foreign kingdom or something because these new xenos just look so cool & majestic *w*


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That is a good point - if they are foreigners, we can choose new naming shemes for them :D gread idea!


The royal advisor sounds good, too! I read through the first fluff texts in front and I am sure we can work something out! I'd like to keep the ranks "simple", if we make new ones that would be ok, but i think it would be cool if we could keep only 6 or 8 ranks and differ the variants in the courst. ( i.e. in one court there are no ranks for Astrapi, Obidar, Umbra and Mageia, they could be "peasants" or something more royal sounding lol) 


i managed to catch a pair of each (exept umbras.. i have two females lol) i think its good to wait, so we can obtain more of them! Also it seems to be easy to breed Stateraes from Stateraes, but harder to get them from Xenos. So i'd prefer to implement them as demigods or celestial beeings or what do I know, so we don't have them as a breeding "starter" but if it happens that a court gets a Stat baby its a rare occassion and much celebrated. (that is, if they keep beeing rare, we will see!) 


So, 4 months till halloween, when we can work this out and catch a *lot* of Xenos XD good hunting! 


PS: I hope Rekha and Pretty_thumb will reply soon, I am getting way too excited ;)

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@Mochi @Mow @DragonArchaeologist @...


According to their description, Staterae were so rarely seen that they were believed to be extinct. Story-wise, we can probably move forward on the idea that many of the xeno & royal xeno population have never seen a Staterae face to face before and believe them to be either beings of myth/legend or long gone ancient ancestors evolution-wise. Given their immense power, perhaps reigning monarchs might even claim to be direct descendants of a Staterae or something similar as a way of strengthening their positions on the throne (I think it is called "divine right" historically?). I saw in the news thread that staterae can be borne from other xeno, but it is probably a rare result; if one is born into the royal line from a regular xeno they would probably be revered. So they would probably be given the highest rank title possible and maybe ignore the color rule when determining points and just get the max points (as if it matches both parents) since they are in such high regard and a tier of their own? So +2 points for rank, +2 x 2 (4) points for "matching" both parents, and then whatever points for generation number. Or something. We can figure that out later of course. The point system is a little confusing to remember how to calculate lol.


@Mow just saw your post as I was typing this - I totally agree, Staterae probably shouldn't be part of the starting pairs and should be celebrated! :D Being considered demi-gods is an interesting idea.


I also like the idea of keeping only 6 to 8 ranks. The commoners idea is a cool idea. I also like the idea of having more than one variant at the same rank, determined by the current King or Queen's standards.



@Mochi The foreigners idea and non-royal positions ideas are cool as well. I agree, it would be nice to switch up the naming schemes so that the xeno names are not all french and has some variety. :)



So many great ideas brewing here! I'm getting quite excited as well. Halloween doesn't feel too far away. Hopefully everyone has some good luck hunting xenos in these short few months! XD



edit: Market staterae are 1200 shards! The other new xenos are only 100 shards each so I'm tempted to buy a whole bunch of the new ones until their price gets bumped up. The old xenos are still 500 shards a piece - I'm still hoping their price goes back down to 400 or lower but my hopes are not high. Either way, great prices for the new xenos, especially if you're having trouble catching them right now! :D 



edit 2: We can also mix in some imperial harem style mechanics for point gain. Currently, points are gained separately for each court; as in, a king's court person breeds an offspring and gains points based on xeno type & rank etc for king's court, and same for queen's except with different ranks. In imperial harem, any green gemshard bred by any player that was descended from a royal line would give points to jade clan and so forth. So what if instead of having the same xenos in both courts but with different ranks, both courts simply favored different xenos? Keep six ranks for both courts, six favored xeno types for each court. If a xeno of the opposing court's favored xenos are bred, the other court gets the points. Staterae, of course, being neutral.


The reason I was pondering switching up how points are gained is because we might not have a lot of members to start with. Even at the height of this lineage, I think there were only six or so members on each side. So if we assume that half the members that were part of this lineage project are no longer active or no longer interested in continuing and we may only have a couple new comers...


I really hope we can inspire some new people to join us in the excitement...

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@Mow @Kigyptnee Oooh I like the idea of them being rare events! It could be like during Valentine's and we had the Radiant Angels (something special that happens very rarely)

I've completely forgotten how the point system works haha
We could also incorporate a way to elevate rank? If we plan on altering the ranks of some of the current xenos? If it's not too complicated. I'm all for trying to keep the system the same/not too complex. Even the current point system used to confuse me lol 


3 hours ago, Kigyptnee said:

Market staterae are 1200 shards!

I just unlocked it in the market yesterday (thank goodness for hatcheries) and the price almost made me want to cry lol

Maybe I should buy the new xenos too since the price is low (I totally didn't even notice until you pointed it out).


Hmm I feel like favoring certain xenos makes it more complicated, with gemshards it's just three colors & 3 courts(?) so it's more straightforward. 

I prefer how the current system works but I get your reasoning. 

I don't think we'll have to worry too much about active members though because there aren't any other really active projects similar to this one going on right now (Imperial Courts come to mind). I feel like a lot of people would be interested in this because even when it wasn't active there would still be random/new people trying sign up (I remember seeing posts even after a year of inactivity). Also xenos are pretty popular.


I do wonder though if there are any other ways to rework the current system...


Oh wow I just remembered that each court ranked certain xenos differently
I totally forgot about that


Edit: Oh yeah! Also the thing with gemshards is that the color is completely random

Whereas xenos the outcomes are usually more certain when breeding and last chance for a variant

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@Mochi True, xenowyrm breeding is less random than gemshard breeding, so it probably wouldn't work as well as a solution as I was originally thinking.


It might still be a nice idea to revisit the point system in general though to see if we can simplify it to make calculations easier and reduce any possible confusion. One thing I really do love about the point system currently though is the encouragement to breed longer generations because longer lineaged offspring are worth more points than shorter ones.


Looking at the current point system now, there are five categories: Francs for Pairings, Francs for Offspring, Francs for Donations, Francs for writing, and Francs for Other Reasons. It's so thorough and well thought out, its hard to see what to change to help make it clearer and less intimidating for old and new members re/joining the project.


Assuming we want to keep everything, I'd probably start by reorganizing how the information is presented in the Francs for Offspring section. 


Instead of this:



+2 if offspring's color is next in line of rank

+2 for affair producing offspring of same color as their lineaged parent

+2 offspring matches one married parent's color, carrying on the family ranking

+4 for a prince or princess (2G) that completely match a parent (color + gender)

** francs double for offspring that match both parents **



Maybe something like:



+2 if offspring's color is next in line of rank the same or higher rank compared to their lineaged parent

+2 if offspring matches one married parent's color, +4 if offspring matches both parents' color



+4 if prince/princess (2G) completely matches a parent in color and gender

+2 if offspring from an affair is the same color as their lineaged parent


(Randomly noticing on this note that there are no special point rules for 2G legitimate heirs?)

(Wait, do affair offspring get the double franc bonus for matching both parents as well? If so, why are the legitimate and illegitimate children separately mentioned? The points are the same...)

(I might not have calculated the points properly for the example lol. But hopefully you get the idea anyway...?)


I'd probably separate the points for stairs and spirals as well to something more like this:



+1 for a 3G step

+2 for a 5G step

+5 for a 7G step

+6 for a 9G step

+10 for all steps 10G or higher



+1 for a 3G spiral

+3 for a 5G spiral



I don't know, what do you guys think? Would that help at all? :unsure:


edit: as a side note, we can possibly even get rid of the points for stairs vs spirals since there is already points based on generation listed as well...



Also, I just realized it's unclear in the rules whether CBs are tied to the project or are allowed to breed with mates outside of the project. Or if inbreeding is allowed within the courts (I mean, some real life royal families bred within their own family, didn't they?). Not that I would likely inbreed, but it's a random thought that's interesting to note, especially for people with few xenos...




Yeah, market staterae are expensive! :( I bought one because I have yet to see any in the biomes and I like them & odds are the price will only go up for them, not down. I'm happy the regular new xenos are so cheap though!

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@Mochi @Kigyptnee


Thanks for the example! It points out the 'confusion' very well 😂


First, i like it that we earn points for the team. I also like the courts Halls and Boni, maybe we can expand that (not as much as in Imperial Harem, that was overkill i think 😂) If we have 4 Courts with 8 different Xenos we can distribute them evenly I guess. 


Also it would be complicated to have dragons of different courts on your scroll. So i'd prefer courts and their respective ranks to be 'bound' to someone's scroll! 


We could give the other dragons which do not have ranks in their courts titles like Maids, or High Servant or sth xD I have no idea what would sound good, maybe you have? 


I would give the same points for stairs or spirals :) i would also allow double stairs or spirals, but its harder to continue them 🤷 I like the reward you get for a loong lineage!  I would allow inbreeding too, but only cousins ;) it should not be punished but also not be specially rewarded, so people can have their own choice if they want it or not. 


I also like the title 'Aimè' and would like to keep it, maybe add two other tiles? One for a dragon who has 2 offspring with at least 3 different dragons and maybe one for the faithfull who only breed with their betrothed, for i dunno 10 or 20 breedig circles? Or is it too similar to Aime? I'd give on franc for obtainig one of this titles.


I would find it interesting to give francs o both courts if offspring of both marry. And maybe less points if a noble marries a maid/commoner of his own court 

I am not sure how this will work with stairs but maybe we have solutions later on :)


i like brainstorming with you 🥰

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Oooohhh, if y'all start this up again if love to hop in !! 


I think the idea of certain Xenos not giving points in a single court is interesting! As long as the courts are balanced with which types they prefer, that could encourage the trading of eggs between players  "If they stay in this court they're a peasant, and worth 0 points, but if you trade them your court earns X point(s) and they become a 'RANK' in the  rival court, which earns them Y point(s)." It would also keep us from having to have 12 different rankings for each court.


I wasn't here when this was active, but it's something I'd be super interested in joining if it got up and running again. I'll definitely start looking for CB Xenos in anticipation of Halloween. Hopefully this can get started up again. If not, at least I'll have a ton of pretty CBs ^^


I forgot to quote this part, so I'm editing to say I would find this to be an interesting addition:


"I would find it interesting to give francs o both courts if offspring of both marry. And maybe less points if a noble marries a maid/commoner of his own court" @Mow



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@Serotina OMG, new blood!! XD Welcome to the dark side! :P 


@Mow @Mochi @DragonArchaeologist @Serotina - Apologies in advance for the jumbled thoughts! I tried to give each section a title to make it easier to follow or jump around thoughts :) 


Inbreeding & Lineage Pattern/Structure

I'm not sure if inbreeding cousins (or brothers/sisters) would work with this lineage, now that I think about it; it would break the stair/spiral only pattern. And if inbreeding was allowed for only the CBs marrying into the family, it would be like coupling with a grandparent or aunt/uncle and maybe that's a little too weird. So maybe no inbreeding? Or we can potentially change the pattern rules to include more patterns. I'm certainly not opposed to allowing double stairs/spirals or even gens or even "messy" lines if that's what you like. The main rule that should definitely be kept though is that all pairings for the project, marriages & affairs, should be pure xenowyrm. I'm not sure we need to make the non-royal being CB a hard rule. Although it would be nice if they still descended from only xenowyrms for world-building reasons, but I'm flexible on that thought too.



New Ranks

As far as ranking names, I think we have to decide how many new ranks we need names for first. We have six nobility titles at the moment, how many more nobility titles do we want to add to accommodate the new number of xenos before we group the remainder into a commoner position. Actually, if they are commoners, maybe the easiest thing to do would be to give them no title at all before their name. Coming up with interesting sounding titles is hard! :D 



More than two Courts

I feel like the players would be too spread out if we had four courts. Also it would mean two extra courts to keep track of and record/organize which I feel would add more work for whoever is managing the project thread for the season. Not to mention as players trying to remember who is on what team for gifting purposes since you get a different amount of points depending on what court you gift to, etc. Anyone else have thoughts on this idea?



Progeny Titles

I think giving titles based on number of offspring might be okay, but I don't know if I'm in love with the idea of tracking faithfulness more than it already is. I mean, I suppose a title can be created if the dragon never has an affair, that should be easy to track. But isn't that what Aime is? I have to reread about that because I cannot remember what dragons qualify for aime/beloved.

edit: Oh, Aime is for dragons with five offspring already. So if you want two other titles, we just have to come up with how many offspring qualify and interesting title names.



Progeny Titles

Grand *rank* - Bred 10 or more offspring

High Aime *rank* - Bred 5 offspring

Arch *rank* - Bred 2 offspring



Progeny Points

In fact, if we give points based on number of offspring too, maybe we can relax some of the affair rules/restrictions where you have to wait a month from marriage or lose francs for affair pairings or whatever else. Here's some ideas:


Method 1: (Francs are counted as offspring are bred)

Francs for Progeny

+2 francs for new offspring from marriages

+1 franc for new offspring from affairs



Method 2: (One time fixed bonus points for royal xeno overall progeny count)

Francs for Progeny

     Marriages - AKA continuing the royal bloodline

     +5 francs for producing 1 offspring

     +7 francs for producing 3 offspring

     +10 francs for producing 10 or more offspring


     Affairs - AKA royal illegitimate offspring

     +2 francs for producing 1 offspring

     +4 francs for producing 3 offspring

     +5 francs for producing 10 or more offspring


Just an idea. Would love to hear thoughts :) 



Points based on Court Marriage Ranks

I like the idea of giving a different amount of points for marriage pairings based on rank. Between nobles/royals and commoners would be the least amount of points, two nobles of ranks two or more apart (like breeding a Duc/Duchesse with a Vicomte/Vicomtesse or lower rank) would be somewhere in the middle, and two nobles of equal or one rank apart would be highest (so like a Marquis/Marquise with another Marquis/Marquise or with a Duc/Duchesse or Comte/Cometesse).



And... (because I don't know how to title this haha)

@Serotina I really like this idea of yours:


I think the idea of certain Xenos not giving points in a single court is interesting! As long as the courts are balanced with which types they prefer, that could encourage the trading of eggs between players  "If they stay in this court they're a peasant, and worth 0 points, but if you trade them your court earns X point(s) and they become a 'RANK' in the  rival court, which earns them Y point(s)." It would also keep us from having to have 12 different rankings for each court.


I love that it further encourages gifting and sharing of different royal lines between the courts. :D 

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Hello @Serotina! Nice haviing you here, we need moooreee interested people :D


Inbreeding & Lineage Pattern

I would just not prohibit inbreeding or non stair/spiral lineages, we don't have to necessarily award it ... i would like to keep the lineage strictly with CBs and Xenos (apart from special pairs/breedings <3) 
Regarding the points from intermarriages between courts.. that would require other patterns, thats true! Maybe its just allowed to marry 3gs and up with other courts lineaged dragons? If the partners are CBs its well.. meh XD We'd have to define what counts as a marriage between courts. How do we reward a mariage between a Royal you got from another court and a CB from "your own court" as you cannot have CBs from other courts? Do you get what I want to say 😵


New Ranks

On 7/8/2020 at 1:28 AM, Kigyptnee said:

As far as ranking names, I think we have to decide how many new ranks we need names for first. We have six nobility titles at the moment, how many more nobility titles do we want to add to accommodate the new number of xenos before we group the remainder into a commoner position. Actually, if they are commoners, maybe the easiest thing to do would be to give them no title at all before their name. Coming up with interesting sounding titles is hard! :D 

We also have to decide if the other courts have ranks in another language 😧 that would make it more complicated but also more fitting, If we want our Xenos to have non-french-names... hmm. 
Apart from this i'd like to have at least 8 ranks, and maybe the other 4 Xenos are just Commoners/Peasants/Servants (maybe even withoug titles?) Every court should at least be able to have all Xenos, they are just not that highly regarded 🙃


Progeny Titles

I think its not hard to track all those things, just looking in the progeny of said dragon should be enough! 
The 2 - 5 - 10 rank is reasonable, but I was thinking I don't want everybody to get another rank just because they bred two eggs! I'd even think its only possible to get one rank for each dragon. 
I'd like to stick to my ideas, just stating them here again for transparency so we can decide later on if we want to implement it or not. 

Considering this, the "Fidele/Loyalty" rank I wanted is not really possible, i was thinking to set a time span for this rank to get in place, but this just means you can 'forget' about a dragon for lets say 6 months and bam he got a title. Hm. not so good ;_; 

what do you say to my third one 🤣


Progeny Title-Examples (just copy & add your ideas!) 

Ancetre (like progenitor) - bred 2 eggs with 3 or more partners (only available for lineaged dragons) 

Aime - Bred 5 offspring with one noble (only available for affairs (?)/ or not lineaged marriage partners) 

Tresorier - Bred 3 offspring the color of the courts king or queen 


Grand *rank* - Bred 10 or more offspring

High Aime *rank* - Bred 5 offspring

Arch *rank* - Bred 2 offspring


Progeny Points

Ok I have to re-read the current francs system to give my thoughts to that 🥶 

ok.. the current system is veeeryyy detailed xD

I like the thought that some francs depend on the color of the bred dragon, it makes things more interesting in my eyes :) Also the color is important for the rank, and if thats not whats earning francs, they would be obsolete apart from the background fluff...oh, right, i forgot the marriages! 

should we allow one franc for an affair, or should we keep that -1 franc? 



-1 franc for an affair
+1 for a marriage with a commoner

+2 for a marriage with two or more ranks apart

+3 for a marriage one rank apart

+4 for a marriage with the same rank


+2 additional points if married to another court (for both courts!) 



+2 if offspring's color is the same or higher rank compared to their lineaged parent

+4 if offspring matches both married parents' color

+4 if prince/princess (2G) completely matches a parent in color and gender


So if the offspring is from an affair, it only gets points regarding to the rank of the lineaged parent and ignores the CB parents color and rank (did we rank the affairs too or were they just "commoners"???? I am confused a bit) 

we can even add points if the offspring has a higher rank compared to the other court's parent, but i guess that would make things too complicated ;) 

I think i would not give points to everything bred.. but maybe we can give francs for introducing the offspring to the courts? 

We had that form.. I would like to introduce an Offspring from a marriage /a *insert rank here* to the court  

So maybe we can give francs for the respective ranks the Offspring is in when its introduced?
that would mean +1 to +8 if we have 8 ranks.. and none for commoners or +2 to +9 .. 
or is that too much? 



this sounds good allready, would keep it for every pattern, just go with the generations 

+1 for a 3G 

+2 for a 5G 

+5 for a 7G

+7 for a 9G 

+10 for all 10G or higher

+10 additional francs for a line that contains all ranks in descending form 🙃

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How do we reward a mariage between a Royal you got from another court and a CB from "your own court" as you cannot have CBs from other courts?

In general, I don't think I would be inclined to disallow CBs from any court, even if they are not favored by your own court. Instead, I like the idea of having non-noble titles where maybe marriages between the noble ranks and common ranks are not worth any points, which in turn might encourage people to gift CBs to other courts.


As for marriage between courts, I'm wondering if we should bench the idea for the time being, since there seems to be a lot of changes/ideas floating around and we don't want things to become too complex. If a great idea of how to implement it comes to mind, maybe we can add it in at a later point.


We also have to decide if the other courts have ranks in another language 😧 that would make it more complicated but also more fitting, If we want our Xenos to have non-french-names... hmm. 

Having both courts use different languages sounds cool, if they are supposed to be two opposing kingdoms rather than two courts within one kingdom. Although, it might be nice to only specify titles and let people name their xenos in any language. While it is cool to name your dragons in chinese or french or fill-in-the-blank language, I know from personal experience as a non-native speaker of those languages I get paranoid that the name I picked doesn't quite mean what I thought it did and so forth. Google translate can only do so much lol.


Apart from this i'd like to have at least 8 ranks, and maybe the other 4 Xenos are just Commoners/Peasants/Servants (maybe even withoug titles?) Every court should at least be able to have all Xenos, they are just not that highly regarded 🙃

This sounds good. Yeah, I like the idea of the commonalty not having titles. It'll make it easier on us too, since we don't have to think of as many titles for the lineage. :) 

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Okay guys, I had a bit time to brainstorm about the new Courts question ;)


Variant 1: 

three new courts, representing each another country with different cultures: 

Patriachy                                                                                     Matriachy                                                                                                   Gender Equality 

A dauphin is rewarded +2 francs,                                                A dauphine is rewarded +2                                                                          Both genders (2g) are rewarded +1 franc 

Affairs of males do not have a malus                                           Affairs of females do not have a malus                                                       marriages have a +1 bonus 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         the Tresoire rank is worth 3 francs instead of 5


Variant 2: 

Variant 2a: peacefull intrusion 

The Kings and Queens courts of Occitaine will remain as they are (with a few changes to implement the new Xenos, of course) and there will be a Prince from a new foreign kingdom, who is to marry the eldest daugther of the King, and fairest Princess near and far. 

The prince brings his court with him to the palace, and now the three of them have to manage to live beside one another. This new Prince and the Dauphine will be the beginning of the new line, and the Prince, who is only 3rd born in his own kingdom, wants to overtake after King Florian passes away. 


Variant 2b: belligerent intrusion

The beautiful Kingdom of Occitaine is threatened by a new king arising in the west, who wants to overtake this lands and claim them as his own. 

The new court will consist of a King (Ke'maro) and his Witch-Queen (Pharos) who come over with malicious intent. 

Marriage between the new court and the old ones will not be possible, gifting will be considered "making hostages" ;) 
as new ranks there will be the strongest Xenos of each court (knight/chevalier) and the most loyal and cunning consultants (conseiller?) 


we can also play a bit with the francs given if the "dark Kingdom" people breed dragons highly ranked in the other courts, as in malus for the other courts etc. 
breedings and hostages should have more points in this new court, the aim for the challenger will be to get more francs than the other courts. 


Variant 3: 

We have four courts - 

The King and Queen from Occitaine and the King and Queen form Quelless'ar, who are getting closer after the marriage of the Queen Delacroix (who is related to the new King) and King Florian

what caused the new friendly actions between the two kingdoms, who had been long years past at war, is a new prophecy: The messiah will be born! Somewhere between the two lands - the prophets and scholars can't agree on the exact location tho... 


New ranks: Prophet/Voyant and Scholar/Erudit and Messiah (Statarae only) 


When a Statarae is born, the affected court will hold a celebration, during which the points for marriages/offsprings/lineages (which one would be best?) are enhanced (a week or two max, I would suggest) also Statares born count automatically as fitting both parent's colors (+4 francs) and if the Stat is a 2g it counts as completely matching a parent (gender+color) 


let's just hope Stataraes will not be that common when breeding 🤣

ok I hope I haven't forgotten anything from my creative thinking session today - and I also hope you are as impressed with me as I am ^_^

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Hi y'all, I've been watching and I'm interesting in joining this as well. I'm sure I do not have a full understanding of how this works but I have to say I really like @Mow 's ideas of the belligerent intrusion and messiah. I think either would be very interesting.  ^.^ 

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@Chaosdawn - yay! welcome ❤️ 

@Mow - I think all your variants sound great! I'm not sure I like the idea of four courts still (in variant 3), but I like the premise with the prophecy and the inclusion of the staterae in the story telling. I am definitely intrigued about variant 2b. Variant 2 (peaceful) would probably be the most similar to our current storyline and thus likely the easiest to implement. I like where variant 1 is going, but it doesn't have as much story as the other variants yet.



On another note, something else I thought might be cool would be for the elemental affinities to play more of a role in kingdom/court ranking.


One idea I had would be to somehow incorporate the three different elemental alignments (encyclopedia); creation, destruction, and change.


If we're thinking of having two warring kingdoms like in variant 2b, maybe the dark kingdom favors destruction aligned xeno while the other kingdom favors creation aligned. Change aligned dragons, being a more neutral alignment, might hold titles in both.


If we're thinking of something like variant 1, maybe each of the three kingdoms favors one of the alignments. We can then split up the remaining xenos into lower ranks/commoners in whatever way you like.


For convenience, here is how the xenos fit within the alignments:

Creation: Pharos (light), Obidar (earth), Gaia (life), Thalassa (water)
Destruction: Umbra (dark), Astrapi (lightning), Ke'maro (death), Pyro (fire)

Change: Mageia (magi), Aquilo (air), Chrono (time), Aso (ice)



Another idea would be to split the classical/natural elements from the mystical/sorcerous/supernatural elements to determine the two kingdoms'/courts' ranks. Like so:

The "Natural" Elements: Obidar (earth), Thalassa (water), Pyro (fire), Aquilo (air), Astrapi (lightning), Aso (ice)
The "Supernatural" Elements: Pharos (light), Gaia (life), Umbra (dark), Ke'maro (death), Mageia (magi), Chrono (time)


This might be a cool direction to go for variant 2, with the princess' court being supernatural (given the queen of the original was a gaia) while the prince's kingdom could be the natural elements. Or maybe in variant 4 if there were only two courts, with staterae (the prophesied ones) being the bridge between the natural and supernatural since their powers encompass all elements.




What do you guys think? Interesting direction?


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@Chaosdawn hiii 👋 and thank you :D


@Kigyptnee your ideas are amazing! I especially like the part where the Pincess'/Dauphines Court is supernatural and the princes natural! 

I also like the idea of the three courts with the three alignments. It shouldn't be hard to come up with a story for this, right??

I understand why we don't want too many courts, but given all the Xenos i'd be happy to give every form a high rank 🤣but getting 12 members will be hard enough, so we should focus on the ideas for 2 and 3 courts...


And yes, I couldn't come up with a story to variant 1, i am sorry 🙈 also the other storys can be switched with every other variant, i suppose! 

Its funny, Variant 2b was my least favorite in my head, but once I had worded it out it sounded cool 😎


I think with all the suggestions we are heading in the right direction, till halloween we will have figured it out for sure! 

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Oh I'd love for this to be active again!! I used to be on the waitlist way back but unfortunately I think it was around the time the project started to die down haha. It's so exciting seeing all the brainstorming 😁

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Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know that I am back. Life has been filled with so many ups and downs, but I battled Covid twice and won! I am strong, give me some time, I am really wanting to come back into this. Let me know whos still around and who wants to move forward. I see yall came up with some amazing ideas.

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@Rekha oh my god! Life sure doesn't go easy on you! Great to hear, that you are good now, tho *hugs*

i would be really pumped if you'd join again with us when we start this a new! Did you allready read our ideas? 
Halloween is aproaching fast so we need to get this lined up 😎 maybe you can add a  "seasoned" advice, too? 


Have a good day everyone!

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@Mow So I have just finished reading all of your ideas and I am happy to see you all taking this and going forward with it. However, some decisions are being made that I cannot wrap my mind around such as inbreeding. I personally have an issue with inbreeding so I will gladly stand on the side lines and encourage you all to make this lineage project into whatever you all see as something you wish to enjoy. Myself, however, will cheer you on, and if you have any questions or need me to breed my originals I can. 

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Hi Rekha,

Welcome back! I’m glad you’re doing better. :) 


I’m okay continuing this project with the existing pairs/story with minor updates to include the new xenowyrms or as a new project with new starting pairs should that be the route everyone agrees on. The ideas put forth in this thread are just possible ideas and not anything concrete at the moment as far as I know... so adding in inbreeding for example is not something that needs to be added, old or new. 


As far as time, take as much time as you need to get stronger @Rekha, and know we are here.


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