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The Gifted, people who possess abilities far beyond those of an ordinary human, had been public knowledge for centuries, though were rarely encountered and often secretive about their powers.  Fifty years ago they started to be more open about their existence, using their abilities in public or being less secretive in general and aided by the rise of social media and the internet. There were many concerns raised about this seemingly sudden surge of Gifted, sometimes expressed violently, and it was seventeen years before Gifted were eventually accepted, for the most part, by society.


The majority of Gifted were just like any other humans and simply wished to lead ordinary lives, though many used their abilities to help others or to simply to make money. With Gifted settling down openly and using their powers in their day to day lives it wasn’t long before military uses were considered. Though there were no official wars there were many smaller conflicts where a Gifted with the right abilities could make all the difference. Every country had the same thought.


As a result Gifted with the most ‘useful’ abilities were often drafted and sent to fight, spy or serve however their country needed them to. Though not every Gifted was recruited it was not unusual for a Gifted or their family to find a man from the Gifted Military Service (GMS) knocking on the door.


In order to suitably prepare Gifted for service and to ensure proper control over their powers, specialized schools were founded. Not your typical education centre these schools were dedicated to teaching Gifted how to use their talents in combat situations and how to appropriately defend themselves. As Gifted could come into their powers at any stage of their lives, though usually only during their teen years or beyond, the students are a variety of ages. Though the lessons do not follow any strict schedule, allowing Gifted to attend when they choose (outside of school hours for those still in regular education), a minimum of five hours a week is expected and in many places enforced.


The rural town of Lightmist has one such school, the Lightmist Gifted Education Center (LGEC). For the last eight years the classes were taught by Derrick Fleck, a Wereporcupine. Poor health has forced him to retire and move across the country for treatment, so a new instructor has been dispatched to take his place.  


Classes of Gifted


The Gifted can be broken down into four different classifications; Mancers, Titans, Weres and Espers. No Gifted has more than one power, which seems to be defined at birth, but it is not always discovered easily. It has become common practise to test people for abilities once a year, using special facilities to force powers to appear. These tests are not entirely infallible so it can take several attempts for the procedure to work, leaving some Gifted undiscovered for years. 


Mancer abilities are elemental, such as Pyromancy, Cryomancy and so forth. Usually the element is generated from the hands but in rare cases it comes from the mouth. Once separated from the Mancer the element behaves how it naturally would, so a Pyromancer who sets fire to a room is in just as much danger of burning as anyone else.


Titans are Gifted whose power manifests physically, such as enhanced strength, speed, healing and in rare cases intelligence. Titans are also the most commonly found class of Gifted, and most likely to be hired for their talents.


Weres can transform into a single animal form, including birds, fish, reptiles, insects and the occasional dinosaur. Like every other classification, they have no control over how their abilities manifest, leading to some ridicule from regular humans and Gifted alike. They do however have some minor control over just how much they transform, allowing them to tap into enhanced animal senses without notice, though stages in between full human and full animal are painful and difficult to maintain for long.


Espers are the rarest of the Gifted, making up just fewer than 20% of their population. Their gifts are ‘invisible’, and are generated from the mind or entire body. Espers are sometimes dubbed ‘psychics’ and their abilities range from telepathy and telekinesis to mind control. There has even been one recorded instance of future sight. This class is the most heavily monitored by the GMS, sometimes leading to ‘accidental deaths’ should the Gifted in question prove to be too untrustworthy or dangerous.


All powers can only be used consciously, which means outside of testing facilities or other powerful sources of unconscious encouragement accidents rarely happen. Crimes committed using powers are treated just as seriously as if one had used a powerful weapon and all Gifted are encouraged to learn how to use their powers defensively regardless of other applications.


The Lightmist Gifted Education Center (LGEC)


The LGEC is situated on the outskirts of Lightmist and was converted from an old warehouse. The ground level is simply one large room with a high ceiling and a metal stair case leading to the rooms above. In these rooms are a few offices, rest rooms and a small common room with a vending machine. The Instructor’s private quarters are also located on this floor and are off limit to students.


Apart from a first aid kit there are no onsite medical facilities, so in the case of a serious injury the local hospital must be contacted.


Outside the LGEC are two huts, one where various training equipment is stored and one to allow Weres to change forms with some privacy, as only skin tight clothing transforms with them. To the rear and left hand side is a decent sized field which is badly overgrown with weeds. To the right and across the street are more warehouses which are privately owned. Down the street marks the start of the Lightmist commercial district.


There are no set hours for lessons, allowing students to drop in at their convenience unless otherwise specified. A minimum of five hours a week is expected though, with attendance recorded by the Instructor.  


The GMS (Gifted Military Service)


The GMS is the arm of the government that monitors all Gifted and controls their use in combat. For the most part they remain in the shadows when it comes to civilians, usually only keeping watch over those that have caused concern or looking out for any particularly useful individuals for recruitment.


Gifted who are actively working for them or engaging in combat on their behalf are sometimes fitted with implants that enhance their powers beyond the norm. This can cause use of their powers to become painful and are removed when they leave service. Rumour has it that they have also started to research implants that allow normal humans to mimic Gifted abilities. 




1) No god-modding.

2) No flaming, spamming, or advertising.

3) You may only kill another person's character if they allow you to.

4) Please be active.

5) Respect the other RPers.

6) Keep it PG-13, but romance is allowed.

7) Minimum of four lines a post.

😎 Forms must be formatted properly and PM’d directly to me please.

9) Two characters per user maximum.

10) This RP takes place in the ‘real’ world. If a character commits a crime they will be arrested and potentially removed from the RP.

11) Real/extinct animals only for Weres. No fantasy creatures. 

12) Your characters, regardless of age, are inexperienced with use of their gift, hence their need for training.





Character Name:

Character Age: (13+)

Appearance: (Spoiler tag pictures)

Job: (Where applicable, just put Student if still in school)

Classification: (Mancer/Titan/Were/Esper)




[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Character Age:[/b] (13+)
[b]Appearance:[/b] (Spoiler tag pictures)
[b]Job:[/b] (Where applicable, just put Student if still in school)
[b]Classification:[/b] (Mancer/Titan/Were/Esper)


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Username: Fortune86

Character Name: Avery ‘Nix’ Sims

Character Age: 27

Appearance:  Avery is 6’2 and broad shouldered. He has short white hair and grey eyes. He has a network of thin red scars that span his entire body including his face.  His favourite clothes are a red hoodie, a grey tank top, dark navy jeans and cheap sneakers.

Job: LGEC Instructor

Classification: Esper

Gift: Nullification

Avery’s gift allows him to project an aura that nullifies the powers of other Gifted. It only has a very short range, a few inches, so close proximity or contact is mandatory for any effect. The effect is instantaneous, stopping or cutting off any powers from use. In the case of Weres in animal form, they are forcibly returned to their full human shape. 

Once contact with the nullification aura is lost powers quickly resume.

This power does not protect Avery from attacks from other Gifted. He can still be hurt by elements generated by Mancers or by other Espers if he is not touching them.


Avery was a cheerful black haired blue eyed boy whose gift was discovered at a GMS testing facility when he was 15. He attended sessions at the training centre at his home town for three years before he was drafted into service by the GMS at 18. They fit him with implants that allowed him to project his nullification aura further than he could naturally and was assigned to a small squad that specialised in dealing with Gifted.  For the next 6 years he aided in the capture, and sometimes disposal, of the most dangerous Gifted the GMS knew of.

At 24 he was retired from active service and had his implants removed. After a short period in hospital he drifted from job to job before being given a second chance as an Instructor in Lightmist.


Username: DragonSpirit009

Character Name: Meagan McGree

Character Age: 16

Appearance: Meagan

Job: Student

Classification: Were

Gift: Can transform into a T-Rex

History: Meagan or sometimes called Meg is just a normal girl who attended high school in the area. Well she was normal until the little incident. She was tested to see if she had a gift but it never really showed itself. There were no signs at all, until one day it happened. Meagan was about to leave and head to school. She greeted her parents, grabbed her bags and cell phone. It was a good day and she herself was in a good mood. Stepping out the front door, Meagan felt uneasy and a few steps later she heard tearing sounds. It wasn't long screams could be heard and glass was shattering. Her gift had popped and in a big way. She turned in to a teenage T-Rex. Havoc rose in the area and finally after a couple of hours and some good advice from the old LGEC instructor she returned to human size. Sadly her gift brought her humiliation as for once a were changes back to human they would be completely naked. It took days to convince Meagan to go outside again and to attend the LGEC school. All this only happened a few weeks ago and Meagan is still very new to her gift.


Username: Marcus Pheonix

Character Name: Raine Trapello  

Character Age: 33

Appearance: Raine is 5’8 she has chestnut hair with blonde tips. Her eyes are brown.

Job: Nurse at a small clinic

Classification: Esper

Gift: Preja vu - Raine can briefly glimpse the immediate foreseeable future.

History: Raine didn’t discover her gift until her late 20’s. It was discovered when she was mugged by man in an alley, after handing over her money an image flashed in her mind of the mugger lashing out and attacking her. A second later it happened, but ready Raine succesfully avoided the attack and managed to subdue the man. She was then approached by the GMS but Raine was heavily pregnant and turned them away. Her partner had a terminal illness and passed away shortly after he and Raine sired their child leaving her to raise their child alone, something she accepted. Several years later with her daughter, Lily, now heading to school, Raine deemed it time to learn how to properly control her gift.


Username: Avialae

Character Name: Bella ‘Isabella’ DePalma

Character Age: 15

Appearance: Isabella

Job: Student

Classification: Were

Gift: Dakotaraptor

History: Isabella was born to a young and immature mother who had an unfortunate tendency to become very invested in certain forms of entertainment that were released into popular culture, and did not have the skills necessary to analyze them and realize that some of the themes they contained might be problematic. She even named her first child after a character from her favorite series of books. From the time of her earliest memories, Isabella was forced to listen to comments from her mother and her friends about how she was "just like" that character, frustrating her immensely, to the point when she entered preschool and first learned there was a longer form of that name, she immediately adopted it as her own and refused to be called anything else, to the point that now only her mother tries to call her by her original name anymore.

 Once she was old enough, her mother decided to introduce her to her favorite book series. Isabella’s existing history with them was more than enough to make sure that she would hate them on principle alone, but fortunately there was a lot more than that for her to find fault with. When her mother, who could not understand why her daughter didn’t like such a great series of books, demanded she defend her point of view, Isabella looked on the Internet for ways to help her frame her argument and found a treasure trove of old websites that criticized every little thing wrong with the series written when it had first come out. Armed with these, Isabella went back to her mother. 

The two of them had never quite seen eye to eye, but with this latest point of conflict their relationship deteriorated quite rapidly, and shouting matches between the two of them became commonplace. It was during one of these that Isabella woke to her Were abilities, changing into her animal form to her first time. Unfortunately, the way in which the rest of her family handled what had just happened to her meant that Isabella was left to figure out how to change back on her own, which took almost until the next morning. Immediately afterwards, Isabella’s mother went out and signed her up for the Lightmist Education Center, despite protests from her daughter that she might be forcibly conscripted into the military if the government knew about her. However, Isabella does want to make use of her abilities, if only for her own satisfaction, so she’d better learn to control them. And if it does come to it, maybe she can learn what the school teaches her against the military.


Username: Felixr2

Character Name: August Storm

Character Age: 17

Appearance: August a slightly pale boy with a length of about 5'6" and quite average build; perhaps a little skinny. He usually wears casual t-shirts and jeans, preferring the colors blue and black. His shoes are black with electric blue stripes. He has short blonde hair and bright blue eyes. However, only the left eye can be seen; the right eyelid is closed, permanently paralyzed and covered in a scar in the shape of a lightning strike, running from the middle of his forehead to just below his cheekbone. This scar is the result of a fairly recent accident with his powers and he's still getting used to the inability to see depth.

Job: Student

Classification: Mancer

Gift: Electromancy

History: August's parents were always very accepting and supportive towards him, though they valued nothing more than living a normal life. This never bothered August much, as he was never really extraverted to begin with, not to mention willing to get attention by being highly out of the ordinary. Anything of which he thought it might worry his parents, like the fact that he got bullied from time to time, he would keep silent. So naturally, when August first discovered his powers at his 14th, he did all he could to hide them. Because of this, he also never learned how to control his powers, only how to suppress them. About two weeks ago, one of the bullies hit a real sore spot by making a joke about his grandmother - who had recently passed away - causing August to lose control over himself. He randomly fired a weak lightning bolt from his fingertips, but a pen that was tossed at him conducted it, changed its path and caused it to strike his own right eye. He closed it in a reflex, but the electrical current destroyed the nerves, blinding the eye and paralyzing the eyelid. This left him with a clearly visible scar that he couldn't possibly hide from his parents. He had to tell the full story now. His parents were shocked to find out about all of this and are still not completely done processing it all, but they did eventually all agree that it would be best if he'd go to the LGEC and learn how to control his powers.

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Oooops I knew I had forgotten something XD


I'll get onto that as soon as. 


Edit: Done. :)


EditEdit: Just figured I'd point out that I'm English and use English spelling. I don't mind whether posters use English or American.

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Thank you very much guys :)




Avery tried to stifle a yawn as he looked through the various notes and files his predecessor had left him. Fleck kept a good enough record of things, neatly written in good detail, but used the traditional filing system of just putting stuff anywhere. As a result, Avery wasn't quite sure how many Gifted were actually in Lightmist, or how many he was accountable for. 


Putting what files he had been able to locate into one neat stack on his desk he picked up the half empty cup of coffee and left the office, kicking the door shut behind him. Sauntering down the stairs Avery could see that LGEC was still empty, though given the drop in policy that the GMS enforced that could change at any given moment. 


Once he reached the ground floor he stopped and took another sip from his cup. Avery had only arrived in town the night before, so as such hadn't had the chance to meet anyone, though in small towns like this news tended to travel quickly. He wondered just how the people were going to react to an outsider like himself. Fleck had been born here and that had probably made it easier for him to be accepted into the community. 


Stifling another yawn Avery placed his cup on one of the benches and picked up the small poster he had made earlier, just a small infomercial that let passersby know the LGEC was open again, having been closed the last few days. Walking outside he located the notice board nailed to the wall and set about pinning the poster up. 

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"Mom I can't find my note book for school." A young girl shouted from her room searching frantically. She was going to be so late for school and the stress alone for that might cause her to have an accident. Since she discovered her gift things go a bit intense in her life. She had to make a few drastic changes and not to mention trying to work past the humiliation she experience that day.


"It's down here sweetie." Another woman shouted from downstairs.


Meagan flung around and grabbed her bag and ran down stairs. "Thanks mum."


"Oh before you leave I got a call from GMS. They said one of these days a new instructor would be at the centre. You should pop by and see if anyone has arrived yet." Meagan's mother spoke as she dried her hands on the dish cloth.


"Oh okay. I'll go by there after school or maybe before school. Can I use the scooter?"


"Sure, your father filled it the other day so you should be okay."

"Thanks mum. See you later." Meagan spoke already halfway out the door with the keys of the scooter in one hand and her school backpack in the other. Her father had already left early morning for a meeting and her mum was a stay at home wife. Even they had trouble with the adjustment of a gifted in the house, especially since it was no small gift.

Meagan put her backpack on her back and got on the scooter. She inserted the key and switched it on bringing the small yellow scooter to life. Giving it a bit of gas she waited for it to heat up before heading to LGEC.

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Raine gave a loud yawn as she finished packing Lily’s lunch for the day.

She had been so anxious about the day that she’d been unable to sleep. She glanced over at the clock as it slowly kicked towards the next hour.

Hmm, I guess now’s an alright time, she idly thought.

Scrunching her face up and shutting her eyes Raine focused on the activation of her gift. As if someone had suddenly shone a strobe light directly in her eyes a series of quick flashing lights passed through Raines mind.


She grunted in irritation waving at the air as if there was an insect buzzing around, before opening her eyes, pausing to make sense of what she’d just seen. Though the time she shut her eyes took no more than a second over an hours’ worth of events had just passed through Raines mind.

She’d seen several people pass through, some she’d seen before and others she hadn’t. She saw the steering wheel of her car and she saw her daughters smiling face covered in what looked like sauce.

Raine frowned, that event had been towards the start of the flash. Stepping out of the kitchen she glanced into the dining room, her daughter lily was sitting mouth agape staring at the television, a fork with a nearly full piece of toast lathered in baked beans was held up just away from her open mouth. Lily was clearly more interested in the morning cartoons that were playing.

Raine watched as her daughters arm slowly drooped, the piece of bread tilting also. With reflexes only known to anxious mothers, Raine darted over catching the piece of toast as it fell off the fork. Lily jumped in fright at her mother’s appearance, knocking the toast out of Raines hand and splattering it onto Raines shirt.


“Mummy, why’d you suddenly jump out at me!?” Lily demanded.

Raine glanced down at her shirt, feeling the warmth of the sauce now coating her shirt and sighed.

“Mummy just wanted to make sure you were nearly finished eating,” Raine said, smiling down at her daughter.

“You took my toast,” Lily replied straight-faced to her mother.

Raine nodded bending down to pick up the piece of bread off the floor.

“You’re right, and now mummy’s going to go change her top, so eat up. We’re leaving when I get back,” Raine said, still maintain a positive front. Lily nodded and started scooping the leftover beans into her mouth.


Raine hastily cleaned up the mess and raced to her room, changing tops and throwing her now stained shirt into the laundry.

She emerged from her room, holding her keys and was happy to see Lily depositing her lunchbox into her backpack. The two of them left the apartment, locking it, and went down to the garage.

“Okay so if mummy isn’t waiting for you when school finishes…” Raine started.

“Go home with Jessica!” Lily responded, visibly excited at the prospect of going home with her friend.

The two of them climbed into the car, Lily in her booster seat at the back, and left the complex.

“Exactly, Mummy doesn’t know how long she’ll be at class today. So I’ll pick you up from Jessicas if I stay too long,” She reaffirmed. Lily nodded happily from the backseat, her attention shifting to the window.


After a 15 minute drive Raine pulled the car up outside Lily’s school, many other kids were being dropped off at the same time.

“Okay sweetie, have a nice day. If I’m not late I’ll pick you up here alright?” Raine called out as Lily hurried off to meet up with her friends. Raine sighed again, Lily obviously hadn’t heard her. Shaking her head to regain her composure, she hastily imputed the address of the LGEC into her GPS and headed off.

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With the poster fixed to the notice board Avery glanced around at the empty road before heading back inside the LGEC. It was still pretty early so chances were most people were either on their way to work or school. It could be several hours before anyone arrived, though it was important for him to remain on site in case of any exceptions. 


Avery walked back over to where he had left his cup and picked it up, taking another sip of the now lukewarm coffee, and them scooping up one of the fliers that had arrived during the interim between instructions. Weres were without a doubt the most varied of the Gifted, with new animals being discovered all the time. As a result the 'helpful' little leaflets the GMS printed for distribution were constantly being updated. 


Sitting down on the bench Avery opened the flier and began to read, wondering if there had been any major updates since the last time he had read one of these. 

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Meagan sang as she drove her little scooter to the centre. The road out wasn’t as busy as in town, so she could drive freely and enjoy herself. Random tunes jumped in her head and she sang them in a mix. She still needed to hurry. It was just supposed to be a quick drive by to see if the centre is open.

As she looked in the distance she could see the warehouse-like building. She had only been there a few times, until the old instructor announced he was retiring. It was closed for the time being. She was nervous at first about it. Mostly because she was afraid that her gift would pop out of nowhere again. But luckily her family was there to help her trough the tough time.


About five minutes later Meagan stopped in front of the centre’s entrance. I looked the same except there was a poster up which wasn’t there before. Switching of the scooters engine and “parking” it out of the way she quickly did a quick jog towards the notice board.


“Oh cool. They’re open again.” She spoke to herself.

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Avery didn't even have time to finish the first paragraph before he heard the rumble of an engine. It didn't sound like a car, but perhaps a motorbike or scooter. As he placed the coffee cup back down on the bench he heard the engine die. Getting up he walked back towards the doors and spotted through the window a young girl standing and examining the notice board. Opening the door a little he poked his head out and heard her speak. 


"That we are" he confirmed. "Can I help you?"


While Avery knew he had never met the girl before, she looked familiar.  He was pretty sure he had seen her picture in the LGEC files, which would mean she was one of his students. 

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Meagan’s head swung around towards the sound of the voice. She didn’t really expect anyone to actually greet her or that the centre would be open. But then again there are some of the older gifted people who come early and then afterwards attend to their daily lives. She on the other hand would show up after school during the week. As these thoughts ran through her mind Meagan realised she haven’t even spoken yet.


“Oh, sorry. Uh hi.” She spoke stumbling on her words. “I was told to come and have a look to see if you are open. But… um… I guess you answered that.”

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Avery opened the door further so he could step out and look at the girl properly. He recognised her now, Megan McGree, a Were that was only discovered a short while ago. She looked a little nervous, maybe either she didn't expect anyone to actually approach her just yet or she wasn't too fond of the scars across his face. 


"The name's Avery. I've been put in charge of the center. You haven't had a session before?"

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“N-no not really. I mean I have been here with the old instructor but only to show me around.” Meagan said nervously. “But that was about it. My name is Meagan.”

She looked at the man but wasn’t really sure how to place him. He looked dangerous but not really that dangerous. But he could be dangerous. She wasn’t sure if he would be as nice as the old guy but she was at least trying to be positive.

“Um I have to get to school.” She spoke taking a few steps back. “I’ll come by after school.”

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Avery nodded in understanding. A quick check just to see if the rumours were true. To be expected in a small town.


"Later then. Have a good day."


While he wasn't really responsible for Gifted outside of lessons, there were still plenty of people that would try to blame him and any other Gifted for the most ridiculous reasons. It wouldn't be good to get a student in trouble for being late on his first day in town. 


He was about to step back inside when he hesitated, recalling another bit of information from the girl's file, her Were form was a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Now while residual effects of the GMS tests should be out of her system by now and there would be no further danger of accidental transformations, some Gifted struggled with the mere implications of their powers. Meagan had already hidden away for several days after her first shift.


"Do you have the center phone number?" he asked. "It's usually a good idea to keep it on your cell."

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Raine tapped her hand in annoyance on the steering wheel, she'd taken the wrong turn, her GPS informing her far too late.

"I should have just looked it up prior, stupid things," She muttered angrily.

After making several more turns to get back on track, Raine saw the large warehouse getting closer.

She wasn't really sure where she was supposed to park and decided to just bring her car to a halt on the side of the road.


She spotted two people standing at the front of the building, loweinrg her window she called out to them.

"Umm excuse me, I've been meaning to start coming to this school to train my gift," She said.

"Would one of you be able to help me out with this? Also where should I park?" Raine asked again, pulling the handbrake and popping her car into neautral, taking her feet off the pedals.

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Before Meagan could reply a car pulled up on the road. Avery turned to glance at them and saw that the driver, a woman who looked to be in her early thirties, was lowering the window.


She called out to them, explained she was a new student and wondered where she could park. Avery looked around. The center didn't have a dedicated car park as such, the road not really getting much use save for those on their way to the center itself. He gestured vaguely at the road around them. Just parking her car on the pavement seemed pretty much the only option.


"Anywhere where you are off the road should do" he suggested.  


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Isabella grumbled to herself as she cycled down the old road to the LGEC, its pavement cracking and starting to be reclaimed by weeds. Her mother had made a point of waking her up early this morning because she'd heard that the center was open again so that she could go check in with the new instructor, even though it might make her late for school and she would be having her classes afterwards anyways. Ever since Isabella had changed the first time, her mother had acted like she might change again at any moment, and seemed unclear on whether her daughter retained her human reasoning while in animal form, though Isabella, having already experienced it once, had tried to tell her mother it wasn't the case so that she would calm down. Her mother rarely listened to her eldest daughter, however, so here she was.


At least her family didn't live that far from the center of town, so as long as this didn't take too long hopefully Isabella could still make it to school on time. Not that she cared too much personally about being late for just one day, but she knew her mother would blame her about it even though this had been her idea. And it wasn't like she could just not come here, either, since her mother had told her she'd be calling the center later to make sure she came, since she was aware that Isabella wasn't fully onboard with the idea of attending classes there.


Finally coming to the end of the road, Isabella turned into the driveway of the lone buiding at the end of the cul-de-sac, figuring this must be it. To her slight surprise, Isabella saw other people there --  a woman who looked to be about her mother's age or a little younger in an idling car, and a girl about her age talking to a man who looked to be in his mid to late twenties, with harsh scars on his face. Of course, Isabella had expected the instructor to be there, but not so many others. Getting off her bike, she walked it out of the way of the woman's car, and cleared her throat. "Excuse me," she said, in a voice she hoped would carry across to the others present, "which one of you is the instructor here?"

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Ten minutes ago Avery thought it would be several hours before he actually saw anyone, now it appeared they were all going to turn up at once. The woman in the car hadn't even had time to acknowledge his reply before a young girl with a bike approached. She looked about the same age as Meagan, which meant she too was probably just checking in before heading to school.


"I am" he said turning to face her. "Are you a student as well?"

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Isabella turned towards the man. Now that she was closer, she could see the network of scars that criscrossed his face. She was instinctively curious as to how he'd gotten them, but knew better than to ask, not wanting to broach what might be a sensitive subject. "Yes, I am. I'm Isabella DePalma," she told the instructor, "though it's possible I'm registered here under my legal name," she said with distaste. She had signed 'Isabella' on the forms like she always did, but her mother had, as always, refused to call her anything other than Bella, and it's possible that's what the receptionist had written down, even though Isabella had introduced herself by her preferred name. She hadn't been able to see what had been put into the computer.


A student as well, the instructor had said. Isabella assumed by the "as well" he meant the other teenage girl present. Isabella studied her face for a moment; she looked familiar somehow, but for the life of her she couldn't place her at the moment. Shrugging the issue off mentally she turned her attention back to the adult man, "I'd assume you're the instructor we're going to be training under?" she asked, feeling that it was safe to assume that whoever the other teen was she was also Gifted from the way the man had spoken of her, and possibly even the other woman as well, though she could just as easily be another employee here, but Isabella didn't want to rule anything out. Even so, the man had verified he was an instructor, and the from what Isabella had heard, the Lightmist Gifted Education Center was so small it had only had one of those for quite some time now. "If you are, we're probably going to be on close terms with each other for a while, so I'd like to know your name."

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Raine glanced around for a more appropriate parking spot, but paused as a girl on a bicycle arrived.

The girl began to speak to the instructor, making it clear that she was also a new student of the LGEC.

Raine felt her face drop, two cute young girls both appeared to be in highschool age were going to be attending. She was suddenly feeling old, she examined the instructor again and felt her mood drop even further.

Though convinced at first that he was an older man, she realised that despite the white hair, his rough features were the result of several scars covering his body.

On closer examination he appeared to be younger than her as well.

"Ughhhhhh" Raine groaned pressing her forehead against her arms, still on the steering wheel.

Lifting her head she hastily moved the car, turning the engine off and exited the vehicle.

Grabbing her bag she walked over to the instructor and decided to just wait and see what happens.


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Meagan was about to say something when she heard a car rumble. Someone else also came to see if the centre was open. Clearly the word has spread fast. As Avery replied to the woman in the car Meagan quickly grabbed her phone and took a photo of the notice board which had the number on.

“Um I got the number. But I kinda have to go now.” With those word another person showed up. A girl showed up on her bicycle. The girl was clearly around her age and she got to the point which out stumbling over her words. For some reason Meagan got the idea that she is a rather dominant kinda person. Hopefully she is just miss reading it.


“Yeah. Like I said I’m off for now. See you all maybe later.” Meagan spoke as she rushed to her scooter.

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As the woman in the car went off to park in a more suitable location Avery turned his attention to the two girls.


"My name is Avery Sims" he told the second teenager. "But just call me Avery. None of this 'Mr' or 'Sir' crap. You'll just make me feel old".


At that point the girl Meagan must have decided it was time to get going. She said her goodbyes and hurried off to the scooter he had heard earlier. Avery waved her off then looked back to Isabella.


"I haven't really had much of a chance to go through everyone's file just yet, so I have no idea what you'll have been put down as. I'll just stick with Isabella if that's ok with you."


The woman from the car had returned. He still didn't know her name yet, but she had already identified herself as a student.


"You can go on inside. I'll join you in a moment."

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"All right," Isabella said to the instructor - Avery - as he told her to call her by his first name, and then as he agreed to call her Isabella, she added, "Yes, that's just fine," with visible relief. Turning herself and her bike around, she looked back at him and added, "Sorry to be leaving so soon, but I have to get to school now or I'll be late. Oh, and my mom is going to be calling here later today, so, you know, be expecting that. I'll probably be back after school." She nodded briefly in acknowledgement to the older woman who was now standing next to Avery as she wheeled her bike over to the road. Isabella still didn't know what the woman did here, but she figured she'd find that out later.


Now that she was facing the other girl again Isabella's gaze drifted over to her. Looking at her face again, something clicked, and she suddenly remembered why she'd recognized her before. "That's where I know you from!" Isabella yelled suddenly, the words shooting out of her mouth before she could help herself. "You're the girl from those T-rex videos on Youtube!" The grainy cellphone footage had concentrated more on the gigantic dinosaur rather than on the face of the girl that it had turned into, so Isabella hadn't recognized her at first. Realizing that she might have embarrassed the other girl even as she said what she did, Isabella tried to ameliorate some of the damage. "Ah. That was cool."

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Raine watched as the two girls both began to head off, she had been right, they were highschool students.

She turned towards the instructor and held out her hand.

"I'm sorry I didn't catch your name, mines Raine, I'm a nurse, "She said.

"Is it... is it just going to be us?" Raine asked, glancing around hoping to see another middle aged student striding into view.

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Meagan was half way back to her scooter when she heard the other girl spoke to her. Of course people would recognise her. A T-Rex stood in front of a house in panic for more than two hours. But luckily what set her mind at ease was that she wasn’t the only big kinda were out there. But then again she was a teenage girl that got humiliated after returning to normal person again.

“Oh… um… thanks.” She spoke stopping in her tracks. “So… you came to see as well if the centre as open again?”

Meagan knew it was kinda a dumb question but it’s times like these that she feels a bit dumb-ish. Especially when she is nervous.

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