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Dark's Art and Graphic Thread

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Hello everyone and welcome!
For those who don't know me I'm Darkness, and I have quite the passion for art! After some time of debating (and gathering up enough courage), I finally decided to make this thread and share my pieces with others in hopes of encouraging myself to practice my talents and pursue my career further. By no means am I perfect, nor do I have the best art available but if it makes me happy and I enjoy what I do then that's enough for me!
A little bit about myself- in a shortened up summary of course. I have been studying and practicing graphic design for a little over six years now and still in the works. Currently I'm enrolled into a community college where I hope to earn my associates in Communication Design by 2019 (assuming everything goes as to plan), and then transfer into a four-year university that fall. Programs I currently use to make my artworks consist of Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator and SAI but aren't always limited to just those three. Other sources I'm quite comfortable with are programs such as Paint.net, GIMP, and FireAlpaca. I can make anything from sketches, line art, digital art, graphics/backgrounds, and vectors so I'm quite flexible as to what all I can do. 
Feel free to enjoy yourself while you're here! I don't bite and I'm certainly open to answering questions, offering assistance, and if poked enough I could be persuaded into taking requests or doing collaborations. Constructive criticism is always welcomed and at times I might even ask for it if I'm struggling with something I'm working on. Do keep in mind that due to college it could very well be weeks or months before I produce something in my free time but I'll try to do what I can. <3 Sketches can be uploaded much more frequently than anything else. 
Though before we jump into some of my examples there's a few other things:
  • I don't draw people or anthro characters.
  • I rarely add drawn backgrounds to pieces but that doesn't mean I won't give them a shot.
  • My comfort range in drawing is usually with animals (canines, birds, dragons, etc.) and if its an animal I've never done before I'd love to try my hand at them.
  • I can draw mythical creatures and other original concepts of the sort.
  • Can make avatar/banner/signature art.
  • Might assist in sketching for the Dragon Request thread.
  • Might do trades/requests, maybe even in exchange for some dragons as well.
  • I have a DA account under the name of XiraCaster in case anyone wants to know where I upload my works.


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Art Work



Skydancer (August 2017)

Aegis (December 2017)

Noodle Beast (February 2018)



Phoenix (August 2017)

Egyptian Avian (January 2018)



Galaxy (August 2016)



Tribal Elk (March 2017)

Card symbols (September 2016)

Minimalistic Salamander (July 2016)

Polygonal cougar (May 2017)


Digital Art:

Magma Moray (December 2017)

Phantom Moray (December 2017)

MLP Kirin (January 2018)

Tiger-Dragon (January 2018)

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25 minutes ago, Maduka said:

Great art , i especially love the vector art section :D


Thank you! ^_^

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