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Greetings, I'm MasterMJRS.

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Hello everyone! I am MasterMJRS; if you want call me MJ. I am new to both the Dragon Cave and to the forum. Hope to see you on the different activities. 


To make this post a bit more entertaining, I wanted to narrate my events as a noob on DC. I found this place while looking for mods for Minecraft on the forums when I saw someone's signature saying something like: Please click the dragons. I was curious and I did it. And so I entered to DC jeje. I read a bit of the mechanics of the page and went to look for a dragon egg. I ended up getting a diamond dragon egg. So I sticked for a while in the Alpine to see what I dragons appeared. Then I thought: "Hmm, how do I really know what dragon I am getting?" And so I went to the Dragon Cave Wiki and decided to check what where the descriptions for the eggs. While I was refreshing, I saw the desc of a Golden Wyvern. I didn't knew that by the moment it was a GW, it would have being stolen by someone else. Then I was stubborn enought ot keep looking for another until... I filled up my egg limit with other dragons jeje. And that is my story, hope you enjoyed it :)

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Welcome to Dragon Cave MasterMJRS! I hope you will enjoy your time on DC. If you ever need help, just ask around and people should be more than willing to help you understand bits of DC and how it works.


Good luck on your hunting!

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