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Hi! I am 0Xx_cute_potato_xX0. Basically, I am still learning about the game of Dragon Cave. So, I guess I am a noob-


Anyways, I am a user or a player of this game for about 1-2 months. Thanks for reading! :D


P.S.: My dragons are having a difficulty to grow- .__________.

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Hello and welcome! I would recommend adding your dragons to one or two fansites so they get the views they need to grow up. I use Allure of Neglected Dragons, Valley Sherwood, and Silvi's Lair. Here is the list of fansites you can choose from. I must caution, though, to keep an eye on your dragons after you add them; we've had issues since the Christmas holiday of members being viewbombed (having their dragons added to sites for them against their will, drastically increasing the amount of views they get and possibly killing them), so it's a good idea to hide your dragons as soon as you see a notice at the top of your scroll stating some are sick. You hide dragons by selecting Actions for the dragon in question, then selecting Hide; hiding dragons covers them in fog and prevents them from getting views and clicks until you remove the fog. This is a good thread to check to see if others report viewbombing happening to them. 


Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions!

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Welcome to DC forum! Hope you enjoy!


We were all once noob. Did you visited help page yet? If you didn't yet, go ahead. You may find information that you need.

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