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Bitcoin immitator Ethereum selling breedable digital cats

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We have all played that game for free but it seems others are paying real cash for rare offsprig!





Nick Johnson, a London-based Ethereum software engineer who often writes about the cryptocurrency, sold his unique kitty for over $75,000 and donated the money ..

The WikiLeaks Shop bred these cats after purchasing two Generation 0 CryptoKitties, named Mr. and Mrs. WikiLeaks, whose virtual copulation has led to other such cats as CIA Vault7 Kitty, NSA Spying Kitty, and Iraq War Kitty.



Not a question, but I could not find a forum to post funny news about collectible digital "babies" like our dragons and cryptocats

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This has bad idea all over it to me. Someone in a facebook group mentioned that they blew over $300usd on these things without even realizing it.

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