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I've been working on the Heart of Blue lineage builder and would like to give the ability to "import" already existing lineages directly from DC. A decent amount of this will work perfectly fine with the already existing API capabilities, however, there's no way to tell what breed a dragon is through the API. I would like to request that the API have the dragon's breed Encyclopedia entry number added to it, thus giving the ability to tell, for the most part, exactly what breed a dragon is. Of course, alts will still be a slight issue, but comparing one image between two or three others is a lot better than comparing an image between every breed on DC until you find exactly what it is.

I was also wondering if there was a reason why the API no longer tells if an egg/hatchling is owned by someone who is accepting aid or not. I would be interested in using this if it were re-implemented.

I'd also like to request that the api.txt file be updated - it is out of date (at least slightly) and there may be API commands that haven't been added to it as well, although probably unlikely.

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