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The Strange Exchange

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This used to be a thing back in my day, and I swear I searched all over the Trading sub-forum both manually and mechanically and could not  find it anywhere. So, I am reestablishing it. Of course if it is a duplicate, pretty please point me to the existing one and one of our esteemed mods can lock this one. 


Alright. All of that said, the Strange Exchange is a thread for exchanging a very specific set of CB eggs. You all know what it's like to realize you need a particular kind of CB dragon, a Frilled, say, and experience that sinking sensation when you grab the egg and it's a Horse. This thread is here to solve that problem. This is where you can swap a CB egg with the description, "This egg has strange markings on it" for the other egg with that description that drops in the same habitat. The original thread of this name predated biomes and included all four breeds, but TJ has had mercy on us and made life a little easier since those days, so we will reserve this thread for those who have done their homework.  Those eggs include (at the time of this writing):
Frilled_egg.png The Frilled Dragon

Horse_egg.gif The Horse Dragon


In the spirit of this thread is the trading of any other CB eggs that share both a description and a habitat. That includes,


"This egg resembles a glowing stone."

Sunstone_egg.gif Sunstone

Moonstone_egg.GIF Moonstone


And "It's bright. And pink."

Pink_egg.gif Pink Dragons

Flamingo_egg.gif Flamingo Wyverns


Because this thread is intended to help facilitate and ease the stress of hunting in the cave, please only offer CBs of these breeds for CBs of other breeds of the same description. I will not make a huge fuss if someone trades for the other two strange markings breeds as long as they are CB, but let's not turn this into a free for all because it will get closed that way and then where will we be?


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That one seems to be for trades within the same breed. Is that not correct? I've been away a while so maybe there is a nuance in practice in that one that doesn't come through in the first post?

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This does look like the Breed Variant Trade Hub, and since this thread isn't getting any activity I'll close it.

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