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New Year!

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Since the new year is coming up, I feel it would be good to have a thread to discuss it. How do you celebrate the New Year, if you celebrate it at all? What are some things you hope to accomplish in 2018? What are your New Year's resolutions?


For me, I usually stay up until midnight on New Year's Eve and watch the ball drop in NYC on television. I also watch the Tournament of Roses Parade on New Year's Day.

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Probably gonna do the same as you. Was going to head up to San Francisco, but car troubles + hating public transportation = 3 hours of celebrities entertaining me on TV until the ball drops. Same old, same old.

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My plans are more or less the same each year:

- Stay at home with husband

- Watch "Dinner for one" if it happens to be on TV when I remember to check
- Watch fireworks from the balcony

- Stay up until midnight

- Consume 1 glass of alcohol and say something smart and meaningful, such as "ummm, so, may 2018 be... not awful?"

- Contemplate calling parents, decide they might be asleep already and I better text or call tomorrow

- Probably forget to call parents the next day


As for things I'm hoping to accomplish - I'm currently starting a business in an industry I haven't had anything to do with previously, and I hope it won't go terribly wrong.  :D

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^ "Dinner for one" is a tradition for me too! 

Otherwise, my new NYE traditions since I moved away from home and started living with my boyfriend have been

- Cook a nice meal and have some wine with it

- Buy a new, simple game to play on xbox all night (last year it was Tropico)

- Have a few drinks on the side

- Eat chips, candy and cheeses

- Watch the neighbors' fireworks

- Take a walk to the beach to see the fireworks from the city center


I'm not really one for new year's resolutions (I know I won't keep them so I see no point in promising something very strict), but in 2018 I'm going to try buy only cruelty free cosmetics and visit a local nature landmark at least once a month!

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I will spend the last 5 1/2 hours (6:36pm here now) with playing Final Fantasy XIV and celebrate New Year with my guild, we lone gamers need another XD

I could go to my family, thier house is just 5 mins away, but nah, they dont do anything as well as far as i know them



Dont have anything for the new year, i only wish it gets better, at least a bit, i dont expect much after 2017

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My bf is in Los Angeles for the Rose Bowl game (he was obligated to be there and he's currently at Disneyland), so I'm stuck here by myself. I'm at my parents' house, but I honestly don't care about New Years. I've worked every day for the past couple weeks and got off early today. I'm gonna spend it in bed watching movies. :P I'll Facetime my bf at midnight, (9 pm where he is). I miss him so badly, but I had a lovely New Years with him last year at his parents' neighbors' house. <3


DC New Year for EG this year! 


My resolution is to cry less, enjoy the moment more, let things go. I had a horrible concussion in October, and afterward, it messed me up so bad I cried every day for 2 months. It's been a few weeks, and I haven't cried a single time. I want to be a more emotionally stable girlfriend. Second part of my resolution is to gift several eggs a month to people. I need to give more. I have a lot. More things that I would like to accomplish are graduating college Magna Cum Laude and possibly getting engaged this year (since I'll be moving in with my boyfriend at the end of the year). Though, that's not up to me. I also hope to be successful at my new career, since I already have a position waiting for me at a large company.


Lots of people say that each year is a trainwreck for them, but 2016 & 2017 have been wonderful years (besides the loss of my beloved avatar). Yeah there's been hard points, but I've traveled so much and learned so much. I can't wait for 2018. I'm visiting Nashville for the first time in a couple weeks, taking my bf there for his 21st bday, and my parents invited us to Miami with them for spring break. I'm also going to The Netherlands for the third year in a row to visit family. I also plan on buying Carolina Rebellion tickets (still deciding and prodding my bank account). Hopefully, I get to return to Michigan with my bf this year as well. I am very excited. Bring on 2018! The YEAR OF EG!

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A tad more then 5 hours 'til the New Year here! Spending it the way I do every year, which is... Basically the same way I spend most evenings. TV and computer and hanging out with my mom and dog. When I was a kid I used to have New Year's sleepovers with my cousin and we'd play games all night and sleep on the pull-out couch in the family room. Now it's not really anything special.


I don't usually do Resolutions, and this past year is a perfect example of why. I made a few resolutions at the end of 2016 and actually posted them on my often-neglected blog... Out of 5 resolutions I only accomplished 1 (read at least 20 books, ended up reading 70 as part of a group challenge). Multiple others I didn't even touch, like the photo album I said I'd complete and the story I started in 2016 that I wanted to finish (instead I wrote nearly 100k on a completely different story, whoops?)

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Six hours away for me! I'll be staying up meditating when the clocks change to midnight, I want to go into the new year feeling as calm and centered as possible. 


I epically failed at most of my resolutions from last year, but I'll make new ones that I need to do:


1. Bike more often

2. Meditate/increase my spirituality

3. Live in the moment


I'm sure there will be more. 

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Never understood the craze people get over another day passing, lol. It's just another day to me.


Continue to do well in college and grab lots of Fire Gems next year.

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Here's already 2018. And morning!


Haha... here's time goes faster then most of countries.


  • Drawing practice and improve my skills.
  • Reading many books as I possible. Especially english books again. Since I became a member of 3 online  communities(english) in 2017, I didn't really willing to reading english books.
  • Overcome weak-willed...?

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36 minutes ago, Condorflight said:

Never understood the craze people get over another day passing, lol. It's just another day to me.


Like many things, it's belief that makes it special.


I forgot about resolutions in my last post, so:


1. To come down from on high and mingle with the common people. To be more social.

2. To overcome lack of motivation and procrastination. (Yeah, right.)

3. To reacquaint myself with the definitions of "punctual" and "caring."

4. To reread all of Shakespeare, including the sonnets. (This one will probably happen.)

5. To get back into drawing.

6. To do more public singing. (Again, this one's almost a done deal. Local bands are always in need of a vocalist, especially one who's actually had some professional training.)

7. To find at least one exercise buddy. Maybe then I won't overdo it and unnecessarily injure myself.

8. To get into modelling. (Kinda late for me to start a career in that field, but we'll see. I wanted to a few years ago, and if industry is finally going to throw women a frickin' bone, I may actually make an attempt to break in.)

9. To get my IQ retested and subsequently apply to MENSA. (It was above 190 15ish years ago during a psychologist-administered exam. I doubt it's changed that much. I've never really cared about this sort of thing, but it might be fun. Who knows?)

10. To pull another of my famous costume pranks. (Last time I evaded jury duty by showing up dressed like Sherlock Holmes, and it worked. What to do this time...)

Bonus: To attend a pagan festival, like the one in Nottingham. Been a long time since I hung out with my fellows.


Hey to Asia and Europe and everywhere else it's already 2018. There aren't many major time zones behind mine. We're going to be waiting a while. XD

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Last night was awesome because we saw an early fireworks show under the impression we weren’t gonna see the midnight ones (travel time and all), and in the way home midnight struck, and my dad parked the car up at a little vantage point where we could see not just one set of fireworks, but another display elsewhere!


So my resolutions —


  • Get better at art
  • More writing
  • Get my script sold and hopefully off the ground

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Just two hours left until the new year for me!


My list of resolutions (that won't happen):


1. Be more social. My best friend/person I've been romantically involved with for years is going to be silent for the most part of the next 4-8 years. I need to make more close friends so that their absence isn't so painfully obvious.

2. Get out there and help others more. I've been interested in volunteering at a local hospital for months, but the paperwork was too daunting. I'm going to do it this year.

3. Find a new hobby.

4. Learn to live freely and stop letting the small things drag me down.

5. Become more optimistic. I'm tired of being scared of the future. Embrace the unknown, right?


Here's to a better year than the last.

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