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Barely Human

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From before the point of recorded history, human-supernatural hybrids have existed. Ancient stories of them are often passed off as myths and works of great fiction, but many take it as confirmation they aren't alone. The main issue is, very few will tell them that part of what they are even exists. Luckily, there are others who will embrace just what makes a hybrid so different from the rest of society. 




You've always known you were different whether your parent(s) told you or because you found out on your own. Maybe it was obvious to everyone else too, or maybe it was well hidden. You remember relating so much to those outcast underdogs presented in movies and stories, and maybe you hoped for the day when you could finally be yourself, or when you could finally just fit in. Of course, by sheer virtue of being a hybrid, no real chance ever presented itself; until you came across an odd business card clearly directed to you, a stylized "DT" imprinted on the front in a deep red. It had your name on it, and it stated that there was a job interview for you from the "Dragon Team."  On the back, a small paragraph detailed that your abilities could be useful to the team, and that you could help countless people (while still being well-paid.) 

Giving that up would have been an opportunity wasted. However, the address listed on the card couldn't be located through any means you tried, technological or not. But, by some chance, you touched the address just right- and you were teleported right to the interview.
It was an empty, blank room with nothing but a desk, some sort of wall-climbing Roomba, a seat for you, and an interviewer with a voice and appearance that seemed all too familiar yet all too uncanny and unknown at once. After instructing you to take a seat, they asked you various questions both basic (simple tidbits about your life, like your age and family size) and hard-hitting (out of nowhere queries about your stances on things like self-defense and overall morality,) jotting down notes and answers before you even gave them. What at first seemed like the end was when they pursed their lips a bit and tapped their pen against the seemingly-psychic notes in apparent thought. Sparing no time to let you speak up or even fidget in your seat, the interviewer's eyes snapped to focus on you as they pulled a gun to your face, their lips locked shut in abeyance. After you reacted their once tightly shut mouth offered a warm smile and they told you that you made the team. Without a chance to question anything, you were teleported into the main lobby of the Dragon Team's headquarters; known by most members as The Training Hall, located on the planet Co:Ten. 

After getting guidance from some helpful employees, you were offered housing in the immense building, and were shown technologies far more advanced than nearly anything you'd encountered before: teleporters, highly advanced medical machinery, incredible weaponry, and far more. Humans and non-humans alike gave you specialized training based on your abilities to strengthen them, be it in combat, defense, evasion, healing, etc. 

Becoming acquainted with the Team, in time, gave you knowledge of divisions: groups based around certain skills or attributes that you could get into by invitation from the division leader or from the heads of the Dragon Team themselves. The most sought after division to be in was the Elites, a group consisting of the absolute best of the best. Despite going on several small scale search-and-rescue missions in war zones and natural disaster zones, you were never invited to join any divisions. That was, until the reveal of the Metal Cross Division. 

It was a division created exclusively for human-supernatural hybrids, to emphasize their abilities and give them teammates who could really understand them. You were promptly invited to join and decided to accept the offer whether it was because you wanted to fit in, or the pay seemed nice, or because you were just curious. 

You were told that the leader was a Dragon Team Elite named Cathryn Scordato. Personally you'd never met her, and if you'd even encountered her before it was just briefly. Rumors flew, and perhaps you believed some or just saw them as ridiculous "ghost stories" to make you anxious. Many speculated that she was far from the first choice to lead the division. Some said that she'd been abandoned by her mother at the steps of a Dragon Cave orphanage for hybrid children. A few whispered that she'd betrayed teammates on missions before. Most bold, however, were those who claimed that this woman wasn't even a hybrid in the first place. 

A few weeks after joining the Metal Cross Division you were told you'd be joining a small team within the Division that would be headed by none other than the very leader of the Division herself. But you'd been sitting in this room with the others just waiting for her and your mission for a while, and it was looking like your leader was running about twenty minutes late... 




Settings will be introduced as time goes on, but the main place to know about is Co:Ten. It's a planet inhabited by a fair amount of humans, though many other alien creatures and sentient species (including the species of the leaders of the Dragon Team) share it. Several hybrids have also been known to make this planet their home, due to the various species. It's mainly known for its incredibly advanced technology and mines which produce a natural alloy known informally as Trytanium. The metal is considered to be one of the strongest in the universe, and several Dragon Team weapons, vehicles, armors, and tools are made from it. Anyone who's asked would say that the massive Training Hall itself has support beams and walls coated in the metal. 


On Earth, all talk and signs of the supernatural or extremely advanced technology is censored. People like vampire-hunters or ghost-hunters often find government-given advantages and privileges to keep their services of hiding the unknown strong, while cryptozoologists and scientists eager to expose the truth are silenced, have studies labeled as ludicrous, or even convicted falsely of crimes to keep them quiet. This puts supernatural creatures and hybrids at the bottom of the so-called food chain, their existences made, well, non-existent. Any specialized medical services they may require on account of their mere state are either extremely risky to trust or simply not present. Some unlucky enough to look too inhuman and lack access to cloaking technologies or magics often find themselves in lives of hiding and secrecy not unlike that of their fully inhuman kin. Crimes committed in acts of hate for either of a hybrid's sides or against the hybrid for no reason in particular are swept under the rug, with genetic tests and investigating in general wanting to be avoided in simple fear that word may spread. Such issues and numerous others faced on the regular have been known to stir suspicions about the Dragon Team's apparent absence on Earth, though the organization's size and influence in the rest of the universe makes challenging its behavior an intimidating prospect... 


{General Rules} 


- Keep things PG-13


- A minimum of a five sentence paragraph per response please, but longer is preferred unless there's not much to react to 


-At the beginning of the RP, everyone will have an introductory response based on the waiting situation to give a quick introduction to their character (people who join later will be given a way to enter by me) 


- Word censorship is okay (for example, ****,) but I'd recommend either alluding to it instead/simply not overdoing it


- Only one character is allowed per rp-er, but if there's not enough people joining I may change this 


- Relationships between characters are okay with the consent of both rp-ers (or by the decision of one rp-er if multiple characters are needed per person) 
         -  I don't need to be informed of this, but there is a chance I could intervene in or out of character if it interferes with/distracts from the plot, overall I would only want something like this to actually make sense in context when there's a chance for it to happen


- No godmodding, but there will be some leniency when it comes to combat against enemies 


- I'll probably just let people post freely, but if the RP slows down too much or some people post way more than others/post unnecessary things, I may try to organize it differently to help it progress better 


- If people need a hiatus they can ask to just drop out for a bit (with no repercussions) or pause the rp if it's for a short amount of time (only because I may have to do this personally and want this to be a fairly interactive RP that everyone who joins will play a part in) 


- Present or past tense is fine for posts, just keep it consistent within your own writing


- This universe is far more expansive than the introduction. New concepts not initially relevant may be introduced in a second person POV throughout the RP, so participants must be willing to be a part of this world and be willing to accept that there are pre-existing rules in place that may contradict what they want to do and that they must be willing to accept and edit if need be


{Hybrid Rules} 


My main request for characters is for them to follow a few specifications when it comes to their non-human half:

- No werewolf hybrids because of some species rules I'll be following; vampire hybrids are ok but like all characters the powers will have to be balanced and approved


- Cryptids, aliens, undead creatures, and other supernatural/mythical creatures are okay 


- This RP assumes there are multiples of Cryptids and such, and that there are spells and such to turn supernatural creatures human (allowing any types of hybrids to exist, along with multiple hybrids from the same type of creature) 


- This RP also assumes that these supernatural creatures have human sentience and intelligence or above, so a hybrid being raised by both parents (perhaps with one using a spell or such to remain human/human-appearing) is not unheard of 


- No animal/human hybrids, such as part wolf part human, or part bird part human; stick to supernatural creatures


- No human/Dragon Cave dragon hybrids, in general I'd say any dragon hybrids should be with dragons that aren't from any sort of existing media (like HTTYD or Yu-Gi-Oh or LOTR or something) 


- Feel free to have fun with and be creative with your character's abilities! Everyone/everything is going to be fairly powerful, and I'll make sure to have the enemies match the strength of the group 


{Character Sheet} 


PM a completed sheet to me if you want to join! 


Username: (forum username) 
Character Name: (nicknames okay too, actual name preferred alongside it / if they only like certain people using certain names or something please either specify or wait to bring up that name) 
Hybrid of: (one part human and one part supernatural creature, please / made up species/species adjusted for certain media are okay but can't be too unreasonable, I'd suggest pm-ing me with the species first before trying to make a full fledged character around it) 
Character Age: (eighteen or older please / if your character ages oddly for hybrid reasons please say so here; that being said, no hundred/thousand year olds or adults that look like kids) 
Character Gender and/or Pronouns: (you don't have to say the full specifics of your character's gender, what I mostly want is pronouns for writing's sake) 
Character Appearance: (pictures are okay, but some written parts to accompany it would be nice / this doesn't have to be very in depth but things that might be out of the ordinary that express being a hybrid should be specified / height and stature would be nice too / if the character looks completely or mostly like their non-human part, please also say what a human form would look like to some degree / if you want to describe clothing, keep in mind that it should probably be some form of mission apparel; if you want to use casual clothing don't be surprised at possible drawbacks) 
Powers/abilities/weapons/tools: (no limit, but this will be looked over and critiqued, so make sure the powers make sense for the type of hybrid they are / if they have a certain type of weaponry or tool make sure to list that / a character doesn't necessarily need to have offensive abilities; defense, healing, tech abilities, etc. are fine) 
Personality: (small descriptors is fine, and the personality can be mainly fleshed out while RPing) 
Background: (optional for secrecy purposes, but make sure you have some sort of character background you can reference in the plot for character development / ask me for some lore help if you want to have your character signed up for the Dragon Team from a young age or something / you can specify whether you want the background published with the rest of the character sheet)
How they reacted to the gun: (you can ask to have this hidden as well, but it is not optional to put / if your character tried to kill the interviewer, that's fine but they would have found nothing but a lack of death and a smile in return) 
Other: (anything else you want to add, such as if your character lives in The Training Hall / put any disabilities or drawbacks they have either from being a hybrid or for any other reason here / optional)

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Hi there! My name is Valid and I'll help you with the Approval Process so your thread is ready to go!


I'm not at a working computer right this moment but I can post some questions/edits tonight! From the quick read/skim I did earlier, your writing looks pretty solid. I'll get more in-depth in my reading a bit later though, when I work out those questions/edits. :)

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*whizzes in now that the holidays have calmed down*


Yes hello, I am Mage and I have notes for you:

  • Relatively minor but something to keep in mind: many of your sentences follow the form of "[independent clause 1], [conjunction] [independent clause 2]". While correct, you can vary sentence structure a little bit to make things more interesting and dramatic, like when the interviewer pulls the gun! Don't be afraid to break things up or link more sentences.
  • For the forum, adding a double space between the paragraphs of your introduction can help readability.
  • Grammar stuff (seems like you got a hang of it, though!):
    • "You've always known you were different, whether" |  No comma
    • "Becoming acquainted with the Team, in time, gave you knowledge of division" | Add commas to reduce confusion ('joined in time' vs 'joined, in time')
    • "divisions; groups" | Colon, not semicolon since it's an explanation
    • "You were promptly invited to join, and decided to accept the offer, whether it was because you wanted to fit in, or the pay seemed nice, or because you were just curious." | No commas
    • "waiting for her and your mission a while," | "for a while" makes more sense
    • "incredibly advanced technology and mines, which produce a natural alloy known informally as Trytanium" | No comma to make it clear that it's not the 'advanced technology' that makes the metal

  • Setting question: why are they so disadvantaged ("at the bottom of the food chain") when they are protected from showing their existence? And isn't there an organization (Dragon Team) out there for them?

Other than that, looks pretty good! Sorry for the wait on the critique, but make these small fixes and you'll be able to get this approved in no time! :)

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Thank you! I'll work on correcting those and filling in the setting gaps. (and diversifying some sentences) 

Edited by Drakessis

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