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Hi there! Now, let me tell you how I got here. One day (today) I was looking at the cattails forum (My main forum) and found someone with their signature as the dragons from this forum, I decided to click on one and it took me here! I decided, why not give this a go, and was it a good idea? It was! Now a little about myself, I'm a kind person who loves playing video games, (Roblox, Cattails, Overwatch etc.) I also like interacting online and joining in on roleplays, since I like to make stories up with other players. I have one brother, a great father who, if you've heard of the creator of crossy road, that's him. And my mother, a very hardworking person who I will miss when they pass away. I don't find it strange telling stuff about myself, and my only problem is me and my brother not getting along, I wonder if this happens to you guys? I'm going away soon so you wont find me for the whole holidays pretty much, and if I'm not online I'm probably at the Cattails Forums, and on there my name is Mistyreed. I love reading the book series Warriors (also known as Warrior Cats,) since it includes many exciting stories, adventure, action and drama (POOR SILVERSTREAM D;)! I hope you will enjoy seeing this new friendly face (or player) here, and I think you might. I like to explore forums myself without help, though this one looks complicated I think I figured some of it out. Now I'm out!

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Hello & Welcome to DC forums! Hope you enjoy our community. :) 

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