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Eulogies for Viewbomb Plague Victims

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Hopefully by now most of DC is aware of the horrible plague that has struck us in this time which should be filled, not with illness-stricken hatchlings and the empty, cold shells of dead eggs, but with the cheer, joy, and hope that follows the Christmas season. Though all efforts are being made to combat this terrible plague, we cannot forget the hundreds--nay, thousands of innocent eggs and hatchlings that have been lost to this tragic act of cruelty.


In an effort to release my frustration and sorrow, I began to do what I, as an author, do best: I wrote.


In between checking on my ill hatchling, who has weathered so much abuse already (iunCy finally shook off the illness around 1:30pm today), and darting amongst the various threads reporting any news on this Viewbomb Plague, I found myself writing eulogies for many of my lost eggs.


Though written in 3rd person, likely as a subconscious attempt to distance myself from these shockingly rapid deaths (and, admittedly in a few cases, murders), these short eulogies are no less steeped in my pain at losing so many precious eggs.


If you wish to join me in mourning the loss of so many potential lives, feel free to post your own eulogies. While a painful endeavor, in the end, it proved to be a therapeutic exercise for me, and perhaps it can be the same for others who are angered or saddened by their losses. These words will never replace the lost innocents... But within them, our beloved eggs live on.


I offer my condolences to everyone who, like me, has suffered under this plague, and can only hope that it will pass before the season's end.


*~.~*~.~* Farewell, my darlings... *~.~*~.~*


On December 15th, 2017, Casem and Iore of Afeare's Lunar Magi line finally laid a Moonstone egg (which has since hatched and gendered male), and she forgot to place him with his fellows on her favorite click site--Eggs Around the World. When she did remember to place him in the hatchery, he was one of seven eggs. Checking in every hour or so, Afeare fearfully waited for him to become sick, worried that a mass jump in views would hurt him. Having never had an egg or hatchling fall ill before, she was woefully unprepared for what awaited her eggs.


In the end, it was the rest of the Moonstone's 'nest' that became sick, as Eggs Around the World was brutally attacked, every egg and hatchling on the site view-bombed. Hundreds of unsuspecting caretakers watched on in horror as their precious eggs and hatchlings became sick and died right before their eyes, despite all efforts to hide and ward the afflicted eggs.


Unaware initially that it was, in fact, Eggs Around the World causing the illness, Afeare gathered another five eggs--only Azure Glacewing iunCy had survived of the Moonstone's original 'nestmates'--and made the same mistake, though catching it faster this time and fogging them... Alas, in her fear, she made a hasty decision to have Vel'asyris use Earthquake late on December 19th as the active wards quickly ran out their remaining time.


Only iunCy and dAINn survived the Earthquake. iunCy was forced from xir shell early, still afflicted with the horrible illness, and dAINn passed away a short while later when its Ward wore off.


Though Afeare continues to collect eggs (and has maxed herself out, as she is wont to do) careful to keep them fogged and avoiding Eggs Around the World until the issues are resolved, her heart remains heavy as she mourns the losses of her dragons.


She bids a weary farewell to the following impulse-stolen eggs, for whom she had no plans, nor true desire to collect:

XkM4X - A Caveborn Almerald Dragon stolen December 18; killed by sickness the same day

a4GKK - A Caveborn Azure Glacewing Dragon stolen December 19; killed by Earthquake the same day

HgtS2 - A Caveborn Black Dragon stolen December 18; killed by sickness the same day

kn7Eg - A Caveborn Kingcrowne Dragon stolen December 18; killed by sickness the same day

dAINn - A Caveborn Kyanite Pygmy stolen December 19; killed by sickness the same day


Over a number of other killed eggs, she silently rages at the viewbombing and her own foolish actions, and prays for the swift resolution of the epidemic. For these eggs, she offers reflections…


x82bm - Caveborn Spinel Wyvern

-Stolen December 18

-Died of sickness December 18

…..Perhaps one of the least impressive eggs lost in the epidemic but included among those Afeare rages over is this Spinel Wyvern egg. As a woman with a very special place in her heart for wyverns of all kinds, this Spinel egg, which was the first of its kind to grace her scroll, was among those she eagerly awaited the hatching of. She feels its loss as keenly as the losses of another two wyverns that passed away in this time that should have been filled with joyous celebration.


PmSod - Caveborn Golden Wyvern

-Stolen December 19

-Killed by Earthquake December 19

sfgJn - Caveborn Nebula Dragon

-Stolen December 19

-Killed by Earthquake December 19

…..While no longer driven by desperation to find Golden Wyverns or Nebula Dragons (especially as the latter can nearly fill an entire 50-dragon page by themselves), Afeare still loves these two species, and is always ecstatic to find one caveborn. Seeing them ill along with the rest of their 'nest' drove her to act rashly, and though she regrets that they died by her poorly-thought-out actions, a part of her is determined to see their deaths as a mercy, as the Earthquake put a rapid end to their suffering. Their deaths will continue to weigh heavily on her mind, however, as she mourns her decision to have Vel'asyris unleash the Earthquake.


OZWAG - Caveborn Green Fire Gem Dragon

-Stolen December 19

-Killed by Earthquake December 19

…..Another victim of the Viewbomb Plague that was killed by Afeare's rash actions, this interestingly-coded Fire Gem is far from the most precious egg she's lost, in her eyes. However, lack of love for Fire Gems or not, Afeare is still extremely upset over its death, an anger directed primarily at herself. An egg she had planned to offer for trade before it was afflicted by the plague, part of her grief is for the future owner it never had.


urTQk - Caveborn Magi Dragon

-Stolen December 19

-Killed by Earthquake December 19

…..By far one of the plainest eggs Afeare has lost to the Plague is this Magi, whose code, perhaps in a dark twist of irony, could be 'read' (with a little creativity) as 'Earthquake'. This little Magi, within minutes of being taken in by Afeare, was influenced to be female by Ysa'lure. She was to become the next matron of the Lunar Magi lineage. Her would-have-been mate, the Moonstone Dragon whom Afeare has named X'masurv Lu'ma, will remain an unmated dragon, a grim reminder of the horrible plague (and her own foolish decision) that ended the lives of so many eggs prematurely.


FILMS - Caveborn White Zyumorph

-Stolen December 18

-Died of sickness December 18

…..Having only recently returned to the Cave, learned of the Zyumorphs and Sinomorphs, and just a few days previous raised a second-generation Red Zyumorph to adulthood, Afeare was absolutely delighted to find this White Zyumorph entirely by accident while on a walk in the woods--and even more delighted by its code! Thus it was a frantic Afeare who immediately hid and warded this egg upon the discovery that it was ill. Alas, her efforts were in vain, for as soon as the ward wore off, this beautiful White Zyumorph passed on, along with most of the rest of its 'nest.' The loss of FILMS has, by far, hit Afeare the hardest of all of her losses, and she hopes that someday, this little one will not weigh so heavily on her mind.

Edited by Afeare

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KKBFk- 3rd gen Bronze Shimmerscale Hatchi

-Egg Laid on December 16

-Hatched on December 18

-Died on December 19

.....Hatched as an ER egg that hatched in a minute and 30 seconds, not even Ward could save it as the views were too much and was lost due to sickness, much to my horror

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Stolen on December 17th

Hatched and died on December 19th


Poor Aeon hatchie. Died of hatchie sickness due to massive views (2200 uv). I was really happy when I revived it successfully, and fogged it because I was being really cautious. But it died in the fog... RIP


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I lost all but one of the eggs I had grabbed on the 19th.  Some had lineages I quite liked.  I have NEVER lost an egg to sickness until this.  I even tried fogging them, but they were apparently doomed.  I didn't even realize exactly how sick they were until I woke up and found all my fogged eggs dead.










No hatchies lost because all current hatchlings are zombie fodder anyways and perma-fogged.

Edited by Nectaris

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I was hit too. I lost 6 of the 8 eggs I grabbed on the 18th. All died on the 19th. All were cave born. It is tragic seeing so many broken shells on my scroll. 

vK25m   Antarean

F66r2    Bauta

NLHtT   Gemshard

DB3c1   Seasonal

qdqz3    Two-headed Linwyrm

7fMCT   Xenowyrm


At least I have two slots left for the Christmas Dragons.

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XAmOy, my long awaited Spitfire. He was my first to continue the line after a long run of attempts that resulted in Ultraviolets. You were the chosen one!

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(Z6wdX) - Silver hatchling that I got just before the event started so I could continue the lineage... Bred on Dec 17th, died on Dec 19th.

(B21kp) - 2G Yulebuck, was waiting to be traded. Bred on Dec 19th, died the same day


(NmYWD) - CB Ribbon Dancer, stolen on Dec 19th, died the same day

(XLxxh) (FcgDk) - CB Winter Magis, stolen on Dec 19th, died on 20th inside fog

(aTeuP) (ooyBW) - CB Mistletoes, stolen on Dec 19th, died the same day

(CGHDa) - CB Wrapping Wing, stolen on Dec 19th, died the same day

(tjXTu) - CB Solstice, stolen on Dec 19th, died the same day


So, that's total 9 dragons dead on my scroll from the viewbombing. I wish there was a way to undo this all...

Edited by HeDy

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Greater Spotted Drak hzsE7.. deliberately trying to die of sickness as an ungendered hatchie, unsuccessfuly... matured, still sick and can't just die unfogged. Doesn't understand why he was refused the quick death he wanted so desperately... now only the long agony in the opaque mist remans for him... he stares at the world he won't be able to see since next day on, only asking one question: "Why ME?!"

Edited by VixenDra

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Good by to my bred little fj7BO laid Dec 16 died Dec 18 you would have been a cute 2G Blue Banded.

RIP little CjBSp also a 2G breeding laid Dec 16 & dead on Dec 18 you would have been an Anagallis.

Fair thee well across the river my two little cave born Spirit Wards, ruf2X laid Dec 17 & dead Dec 17 & 2tORG laid Dec 18 & dead Dec 18. Oh 2tORG and ruf2X you never had a chance...  


I am so sorry I failed to save you despite my efforts of warding, fogging, removing my scroll link and more, but you are survived by the many others all laid and made ill during this blight that I was able to save despite the foul plague. 

Edited by maratrekkan

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