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Christmas 2017 Trading thread

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CB Solstices, Mistletoes, and 1 Aegis available to breed

A bunch of Christmas lineages I can breed for you; here's the full list!



Offers from my Christmas Dragons wishlist!

I'm especially looking for:

  • MJmXg3bv2mxkDdwhWtjYA81oEnL9EcP0TN2FXTUPUnY8jacOeRJOEW2BmBDktoNoTjh2zwvQFZ6paCSkIqMATGyLNoppoi1IZBYTYADz6zgY3qjUaagCRCyVcSMXNBlnvnCzqQQ3 Christmas spriter’s alt lineages! :wub: 
  • Yulebuck_egg.gif 3rd-gen Yulebuck from Mageia Xenowyrm checker, mate for this dragon
  • Ribbon_Dancer_egg.gif 2nd-gen Ribbon Dancer from to-be-deceased partner, mate for this dragon
  • Wrapping-Wing_egg.gif 3rd-gen Wrapping-Wing from Silver checker, mate for this dragon
  • Wrapping-Wing_egg.gif 3rd-gen Wrapping-Wing from Diamondwing checker, mate for this dragon
  • Solstice_egg.gif 3rd-gen Solstice from purple Ridgewing checker (with another Spriter’s Alt would be awesome!), mate for this dragon
  • Solstice_egg.gif 4th-gen Solstice from Avatar of Change checker, preferably all blue-winged 2nd/3rd gens, mate for this dragon
  • Mistletoe_egg.png 2nd-gen Mistletoe from Striped River, mate for this dragon
  • Mistletoe_egg.png 3rd-gen Mistletoe from Ember checker, mate for this dragon
  • Aegis_egg.png 2nd-gen Aegis from (perma-enraged, please!) Aegis x Gold, mate for this dragon


PM me if you'd like to set up a trade! :) 


Thanks for reading my post; happy holidays!


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CB HOLLY SWAP. Looking for an ALL CAPS or ALL lower case code. Alternatively an ALL CAPS with a single number (ex. WXYZ8) code would also work. (You'd be doing me a huge favor.) Can also add either a 2nd gen holiday prizekin (bred on the 25th) or 2nd gen regular prizekin at some point later on.


Please PM. Thank you! 😃

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List of Christmas Dragons I Can Breed:

You can find a list of my holiday pairs here. They are listed under "Solstice Pairs" (both types of Solstices) and "Other Christmas" (all other Christmas dragons).


List of Christmas Dragons I need:


user posted imageuser posted image

4th gen Rosy Solstice from checker Shadow Walker x Rosy Solstice, mate for him


user posted imageuser posted image

- 4th gen Blue Solstice from checker Shadow Walker x Blue Solstice, mate for him


user posted image  x user posted image

- 3rd gen Aegis from checker Peaceful Aegis x Shadow Walker, mate for her


I can offer a bloodswap for all of these, or breed something else. If any lineage of mine is traded for I'll name all the ancestors in it that live on my scroll.


* * *

and posting for a friend:




user posted image  2nd gen Mistletoe from Aegis

both parents have Z-codes (and are named)




2nd gen Aegis from Mistletoe from named parents


Trade here !

Will check for offers at about 2 am cave time (morning in Europe).

Traded. Thank you !

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Alt Sweetling adult

Ready to breed with ribbondancer, white-winged snow angel, solstice, mistletoe - PM me with your choice!




A CB yulebuck? 

Other fun offers :) 

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HAVE ready to breed:
cb snow angel (white wings) x 2
cb winter magi x 2
cb solstice x 2


2g snow angel (white wings) from green gemstone (willing to give multiples for this!)
2g snow angel (white wings) from gold horned tangar
2g snow angel (white wings) from terrae
2g snow from gaia


please pm. thank you!

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Trade.png.186aa46aeff992d8da0282fd17feb101.png  Make an offer on Aegis from Silver Tinsel

   Traded, Thanks!


2nd gen Holly mate for this 2nd gen Red from Female Holly only-  NeedMate.png.1779d9a62e624db6e3b4556518004568.png

OR a 2nd gen Holly from a Female Gold

OR maybe a 2nd gen Yulebuck from Female Silver Tinsel

OR maybe a CB Female Neglected Hatchie--NO IOUs


Please do NOT offer me any CB Christmas Eggs or Hatchies, I am already at my limit for all Xmas dragon types.

PM offers if link is canceled, everything will be fogged later for sleeping and working in the AM, already lost a 3rd gen Tinsel so not taking any chances now.

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SA pink noodles x Snow_Angel_egg.gif (tri color)Winter_Magi_egg.gifWrapping-Wing_egg.gifSolstice_egg.gif




I like gold checkers and other SA lines

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Seeking: in progress, but I do have the below to breed for any 2nd or 3rd gen checker alt lines (with two alt grandparents preferable)


Have: your choice of my bred CB holidays (have everything from wrapping wings onwards as adults) feel free to pm me to work something out. No snows or aegis though

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Crossposting from the Cave Born Trading thread, because I'm impatient.


Have: CB Holly Egg Holly_egg.png 6d 7h


Want: Any one (1) CB hatchling that is predominantly green or blue.

(Examples: Neotropical_hatchi.gifMint_hatchi.gifGreen_hatchi.gifGreater_Spotted_Drake_hatchling.gif etc; Coastal_Waverunner_hatchi.gifDaydream_hatchi.gifDeep_Sea_hatchi.gifFire_Gem_blue_hatchi.png etc)


Two eggs, so there are two teleports. Make sure you have space or I might go to the next person.




EDIT: One gone

EDIT EDIT: Both gone

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18ozfo.jpgCB Holly



2nd gen Prize from common mate?


Currently fogged, so PM


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Normal Code:

user posted image x2 CB Mistletoe Hatchies

Solstice_egg.gif x1 CB Solstice Hatchies

Wrapping-Wing_egg.gif x1 CB Wrapping Wing Hatchies

Winter_Magi_egg.gif x2 CB Winter Magi Hatchies



MJmXg3bv2mxkDdwhWtjYA81oEnL9EcP0TN2FXTUPUnY8jacOeRJOEW2BmBDktoNoTjh2zwvQFZ6paCSkIqMATGyLNoppoi1IZBYTYADz6zgY3qjUaagCRCyVcSMXNBlnvnCzqQQ3 Cool Coded versions of the breed (Happy to take egg for the hatchie!)



Mistletoe 1: https://dragcave.net/teleport/fdbd7de442b99df82b0b0c1241e58c7f

Mistletoe 2: https://dragcave.net/teleport/7cd2373fee4e6b0a47854617d1e42e8d

Solstice 1: https://dragcave.net/teleport/3ef3ed88485055f7085f41203269c191

Wrapping Wing 1: https://dragcave.net/teleport/424f2cf58fc07628f5c917bf5ad00954

Winter Magi 1: https://dragcave.net/teleport/1ee738f75393e6b90c31fcedaa2e803d

Winter Magi 2: https://dragcave.net/teleport/5af8b537c26b7bef3dab69eca7eb5556


Also Have:


From 'original hollies'




2G Holiday from SA

2G Holly from Silver Tinsel or Silver Shimmer


x Spinel: https://dragcave.net/teleport/afe46d91b4ec99f00a87b01a1c2c62d9

x Script: https://dragcave.net/teleport/74a6f33eee4278a0a2fccd1ae77a281b

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