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Christmas 2017 Trading thread

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Have: Z-code 4g perfect checker, Wrapping Wing x Royal Blue lineage


Want: Top priority, an unrelated mate for HIM or HIM (all gold-winged SA ancestors, please), or a 2g Holly from a male CB Holly and something pretty... maybe Almerald or Gold Lunar Herald?

Also seeking mates for THESE FOUR LOVELY LADIES, and THESE FOUR FINE MEN. I can do bloodswaps for any of the checkers, PM if interested. Can also breed 2g from Yulebuck, Snow Angel (gold-winged), Ribbon Dancer, Winter Magi, Wrapping Wing (1 each); and Mistletoe, Solstice, and pacified Aegis (2 each).


Offers? Home now, and will be up for six hours or so.

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user posted image 4G white-wing snow angel from gaia checker, offer here

user posted image 4G blue-wing solstice from thalassa checker, offer here

user posted image 3G ENRAGED aegis from desipis checker (2 spriter's alts in there), offer here



-Blood swap!

-nice offers!


Thanks in advance! PMs are welcomed. :rolleyes:


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Have (all checkers):

3G Snow_Angel_egg.gif from Gold-winged SA x Gold Traded TY!

3G Snow_Angel_egg.gif from Gold-winged SA x Heartseeker Lineage

3G Solstice_egg.gif from Blue-winged Solstice x Silver Lineage Trade Pending

3G Ribbon_Dancer_egg.gif from Gold Lineage

3G Ribbon_Dancer_egg.gif from Heartseeker Lineage

3G Winter_Magi_egg.gif from Terrae Lineage


Want: Bloodswaps


Scroll and most eggs / hatchies are hidden for protection when I'm not actively online. Please PM for trade links.

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2nd gen ribbon from silver egg

Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!




A holiday mate for any of these:

Or a 2nd gen snow hatchie offer if you're feeling kind. 

Or offer. I'll use decline button. 

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I still haven't bred my cb yulebucks, snow angels, winter magi, ribbon dancers, mistletoes, aegis (1 pacified 1 enraged, permanent) or solstices, although one solstice might get bred soon.


Willing to breed any and all for one of the following:

2nd gen spriter alt


Willing to breed two for Ribbon dancer/red-finned tidal 3g checker 


Or breed one for a 2nd gen solstice from silver lunar herald


Pm for questions/negotiation

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CB Winter Magi

CB Z Code Mistletoe

CB Mistletoe

CB Snow



CB Holly, 2g Gold Shimmerscale, or something else nice. Please PM me or offer. I'll decline what I don't like, and I do accept IOU's. 

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List of Christmas Dragons I Can Breed:


CBS  (Dragons I have to breed)


Winter_Magi_egg.gif CB Winter Magi

Wrapping-Wing_egg.gif CB Wrapping Wing

user posted image CB Solstice 1

user posted image CB Solstice 2

user posted image CB Mistletoe

user posted image CB Aegis (Pacified)



3G Checkers  (Offpring I can produce)


Solstice_egg.gif 3G Solstice x Sunsong

Winter_Magi_egg.gif 3G Winter Magi x Tri-horned Wyvern - Open for breeding Dec 24



5G Checkers  (Offspring I can produce)


Snow_Angel_egg.gif 5G Snow Angel (Gold) x Stripe

Solstice_egg.gif 5G Solstice x Sunsong

Winter_Magi_egg.gif 5G Winter Magi x Gold





3G Solstice from Pillow Checker to be a mate for my Thuwed Pillow below:



I'd be so happy if you could help me out, this is a lineage I've been waiting to complete for ages!


Also looking for:


Winter_Magi_egg.gif 3G Winter Magi x Kingcrowne

user posted image 3G Mistletoe x Deep Sea Checker

user posted image 3G Solstice (Rosy) x Sunsong Checker

user posted image 4G Yulebuck x Stone



Feel free to PM me about anything, any questions, I love talking! Signature below applies!

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Hello and merry xmas to all!!!


I am looking for a 2nd gen snow angel with gold wings from white zyu 


I have the following cb's that have yet been bred winter magi, wrapped wing, solstice, 1 mistletoe, winters (is that their name? last years release) 


In addition I have a loooooot of 2nd gen xmas dragons, that could produce 3rd gen checkers, inquire if looking for smth specific, maybe I have it :)


thank you :P


P.S, poke me, if smth could be worked out :)

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Two CB Holly eggs




CB Holly swap for both. I would like nice codes that look like they could be names, because that's how I'm naming my dragons these days. So if you have a nice code and you plan to name your dragons, do a fellow DCer a Christmas favor and swap? I'd really appreciate it!


Trade #1


Trade #2


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Thank you~

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On 12/20/2017 at 8:49 AM, Dracleia said:


Ribbon_Dancer_egg.gif 4th gen Ribbon Dancer x Silver checker w/ both Spriter's Alts (Lineage) (Offer Here)

Ribbon_Dancer_egg.gif 3rd gen Ribbon Dancer x Spirit Walker w/ Spriter's Alt (Lineage) (Offer Here)


2nd-4th gen Ribbon Dancer x Gold checkers

2nd-4th gen Mistletoe x White checkers

3rd gen Mistletoe x Sweetling checker

2nd-4th gen Wrapping Wing x Black checker

Yulebuck x White and Black checkers

Solstice x Sunsong

Solstice x Guardian


3 CB Gold
CBs of all Holiday Dragons


2 CB Holly eggs



Other Spriter's Alt lines

3rd gen Solstice x Pillow checker (Rosy/Night wing only)

3rd gen Holly x Rosebud checker

**Will look at all checker offers**




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Mystery.gif - I can breed a variety of Christmas checkers listed here

Ribbon_Dancer_hatchi.png - 3g Ribbon Dancer from Silver Tinsel checker Traded thanks!

Aegis_egg.png - 2g Enraged Aegis from Silver (approaching incuhatchable) Traded thanks!

Snow_Angel_egg.gif - 2g Tri-colour Snow Angel from Moonstone

Snow_Angel_egg.gifAegis_egg.pngSnow_egg.png - CB Tri-colour Snow Angels, Pacified Aegis, Snow (will be choosy, mostly only looking to swap for Enraged Aegis pairings or particularly tempting checkers I can't breed myself)


Want (in priority order)

Aegis_egg.png - 3g Pacified Aegis from Bronze Shimmer checker (not from Miss Elizabeth or Nuhcuto Shimmering Luck Amahira)

Aegis_egg.png - 2g Enraged Aegis x Gold, Dark Lumina, Bronze Lunar Herald, Red Copper, Pillow, Pyro

Snow_Angel_egg.gif - 2g Tri Colour Snow Angel x Gaia, Red Copper, Frill

Aegis_egg.png - 2g Pacified Aegis x Anagallis, Purple Ridgewing

Snow_egg.png - 2g Snow x Gold, Silver, Monarch, Gold Lunar Herald

Mystery.gif - 3g Spriter Alts checkers from Christmas Alts I don't already have




Holly_hatchi.png - 2x 1x CB Holly hatchies (fogged for safety)

edit: Holly_egg.png- 1x CB Holly egg



Mystery.gif - 2g Prize, 2g Prizekin from blue line in sig, or 2g Altkin offers. No other offers thanks unless it's something rare/unusual from my wishlist, PM to discuss! Traded thanks!


Green line in sig applies for most things, can add/combine, and PMs always welcome (and preferred to discuss timing before breeding, if you have a pair you haven't bred yet and would like to offer)!

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