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Christmas 2017 Trading thread

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For those who are looking for CB Female Hollies....they don't exist now.  TJ made them to be as the original CB Hollies were.  The only Female CB's were Honorable Mention prizes in past raffles

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Snow_mature_hatchi.png 2nd gen Snow x Blue Fire Gem hatchling (close to maturing) here



Desperately looking for bloodswap! (No eggs, cause I'm egglocked)


PM me!

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Snow_Angel_hatchi.gif - 2g Tri-colour Snow Angel from Moonstone** (has been stunned) Traded thanks!

Snow_Angel_hatchi.gif - 2g Tri-colour Snow Angel from Antarean**

Ribbon_Dancer_hatchi.png - 2g Ribbon Dancer from Almerald

Winter_Magi_hatchi.png - 2g Winter Magi from Lumina**

Winter_Magi_hatchi.png - 2g Winter Magi from Yellow Zyu

 Wrapping-Wing_hatchi.png - 2g Wrapping Wing from Almerald

Aegis_hatchi.gif - 2g Pacified Aegis from Bolt

Aegis_hatchi.gif - 2g Enraged Aegis from Seragamma**

Snow_hatchi.png - 2g Snow from Daydream**

Snow_hatchi.png - 2g Snow from Script Traded thanks!

Snow_hatchi.png - 2g Snow from Silver Lunar Herald**

Snow_hatchi.png - 2g Snow from Striped River**

Snow_hatchi.png - 2g Snow from Spirit Ward

Snow_hatchi.png - 2g Snow from Azure Glacewing (z-code)



Aegis_egg.png - 2g Enraged Aegis x Dark Lumina, Red Copper, Pillow

Snow_Angel_egg.gif - 2g Tri-colour Snow Angel x Red Copper

Ribbon_Dancer_egg.gif - 2g or 3g Ribbon Dancer checker x Silver, 3g checker x Electric

Snow_egg.png - 2g Snow x Gold Lunar Herald

Aegis_egg.png - 3g Pacified Aegis x Bronze Shimmer checker (not Miss Elizabeth or Nuhcuto Shimmering Luck Amahira) - can add/combine!

Snow_egg.pngAegis_egg.pngSnow_Angel_egg.gif - only for ** marked trades. Other 2g Snow, Enraged Aegis, and Tri-colour Snow Angel pairings, I use decline and try to check regularly!

Solstice_mature_hatchi_blue.pngSolstice_mature_hatchi_rosy.pngWrapping-Wing_mature_hatchi.png - only for ** marked trades. S2 blue wing, red wing, and wrapping wing hatchie for freezing, messy preferred but will consider anything bred

user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image Alt_Undine_hatchi.png- only for ** marked trades. 2g PB alt (seeking 1F/2M Black, 2F/3M Dark Green, 1F/1M Undine)

user posted image - blue or red line in sig, or something from the high priority mates list in my wishlist - can add/combine!


I do have eggslots to take egg swaps for hatchies. Green line in sig applies for non-Christmas offers, and PMs are always welcome!

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Have: Snow_hatchi.png 2nd gen Snow Hatchie from Stripe https://dragcave.net/lineage/jnjrU


Want: Other 2nd gen Snow. offers






Have: Aegis_egg.png 2nd gen Aegis from Enraged w/Heartstealing https://dragcave.net/lineage/dFZ2u


Want: Bloodswap, 2nd gen from Enraged Aegis, offers





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2nd gen Yuelbuck x Val09, nicely named parents - https://dragcave.net/lineage/bhkQN



2nd gen Yulebuck x Red Gemshard - AUTO

Other nice offers? (no 2017 release, I have an IOU of those already)


Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

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New egg, z code




New egg, non z code, with the same or less time! I don't collect Zs.


Make a swap?

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Have 2nd gen yulebuck from shadow




Would like one of these if possible

2nd gen holly :rolleyes:

2nd gen yulebuck from - frill, zyu red/black/white/blue/yellow, dark lumina, orange nebula, soulstone, swallowtail, pyro/chronos/mageia, white, 

2nd gen snow angel with gold wings from purple nebula, summer, black/blue zyu

2nd gen enraged aegis from red gemshard/gaia/chronos/white zyu/yellow zyu/black zyu


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-2nd gen ribbon hatchie from silver, close to growing up (4d4h) I may stun it or let it grow, haven't decided yet. Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

-2nd gen aegis from spinel egg, almost incuhatchable. (5d2h) I will take it down from here when it reaches 5d. Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!




-please tell me someone has a 3rd gen ribbon checker with avatars lying around that you'd rather trade me... XD (for https://dragcave.net/lineage/243KE)

-i also need a 3rd gen white wings snow angel x white for https://dragcave.net/lineage/92rjK

-also, any freezable mistletoe or snow hatchie. As long as it's a hatchie I'll take it. i'll also take a 2nd gen holiday x holiday (but i'll still freeze it).


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x2, one is a Z-code!







For the Mistletoe only:

A similar 3rd gen EG Christmas checker with 1 Spriter's Alt in base, but from Christmas x Silver (something similar to her)


For all (5:1):

2nd gen Holly_egg.png from female Holly x Gold or Silver (Silver preferred)

3rd gen EG Holly_egg.png checker from female Holly x Gold or Silver (Silver preferred)

2nd gen image.png from Spriter's Alt

2nd gen Tinsel_egg_variations_rotator.gif / Shimmer-scale_egg_variations_rotator.gif from Silver mate or 2nd gen image.png Prize-kin (Kin preferred)



PM me for negotiating! :)


Please understand that I'm not looking for other offers.

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