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Christmas 2017 Trading thread

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2 cb Yules.



I can breed almost anything for them. Currently any growing hatchlings or eggs are off-limits.


Message me with your preferred pairing. Click the albino egg in my sig to go to my scroll.

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HAVE - a bundle of 4 hatchlings

user posted image 2G Winter Magi from Cavern Lurker

user posted image 2G Aegis from Heartstealing

user posted image 2G Solstice from Radiant Angel

user posted image 2G Snow Angel (z-code) from Radiant Angel


WANT - an egg or hatchie from the following

user posted imageuser posted image 2G Holly from Gold or Prize

user posted image 2G from spriter’s alt

user posted imageuser posted image CB Gold 

user posted image Other offers? Please keep in mind that I cannot accept any more CB holidays since I already have 2 of each. 


I will use decline so if your offer is still up, either I haven’t seen it or I am considering accepting it. 


Winter Magi, Aegis, Snow Angel, Solstice


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Holly eggCB Holly - I have no teleport, please PM me if you can set up the trade!



1:1 hatchie (any stage)

Snow Angel hatchiSnow Angel mature hatchi CB Snow Angel - this is the only CB I'm missing!


Please PM me with a teleport link if interested. I will accept the first offer. I check messages frequently and respond to all. Thanks!

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HaveSnow_egg.png 2g Snow x Frostbite egg


Want: Snow_egg.png Different 2g Snow egg, or

Snow_hatchi.png messy Snow hatchie or low-time egg, for freezing


Traded thanks!

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2nd gen snow from red gemfire, unnamed parents






2nd gen yulebuck from from zyu red/black/white/blue

2nd gen snow angel with gold wings from summer/purple nebula/aegis

2nd gen pacified aegis from Autumn/spring/marrow/monarch/gaia/white zyu/blue zyu

2nd gen enraged aegis from spring/shadow/monarch/gaia/chronos/pyro/white zyu/yellow zyu/black zyu


any lineage gendered winter hatchie

any linege gendered snow angel/winter magi hatchie

some other 2nd gen offer?

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Have: two Winter_Magi_egg.gif 2nd gen winter magi (one from Grave one from Red Nebula) and one 2nd gen ribbon dancer from gaia Ribbon_Dancer_egg.gif



Want: 2nd gen yulebucks. I would prefer eggs with a similar time on them (or hachies) but its not an iron rule

magi from nebula: Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

magi from Grave: Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

Ribbon Dancer: Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!



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Have to Breed:

2x CB Winter Magi

1x CB Mistletoe

I can also breed some 3g Winter Magi checkers and a Gold x Winter Magi checker up to 5g, I believe.


Your choice of mate, of course.


Looking For:

Snow (Christmas 2017) x Witchlight

Snow (2017) x Kingcrowne

Snow (2017) x Almandine Pyralspite


PM me please!

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There was a TRADE here.

It's gone now.

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Mistletoe_egg.png 2g from alt sweetling

Make an offer! Traded, thanks!




- CB yulebuck?

- 2g hatchling from any holiday x any lunar herald (except gold or multicolored snow angel, b/c I have a white winged one)

- other offers? Prefer hatchling, unless it's a really exciting egg.

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On 12/23/2017 at 6:02 PM, blockEdragon said:


Ribbon_Dancer_hatchi.png2g Ribbon dancer from gold wyvern

Solstice_hatchi.png2g solstice from ice (Unknown wing color)




Other 2g hatchie

Solstice_hatchi.pnguser posted imageAegis_hatchi.gif Snow_Angel_hatchi.gif(rose winged and pacified preferred but not mandatory, CB snow-angel parent must be gold tipped)

particularly collecting these as 2gs this year (will look at other offers)


Tradelink (Ribbon Dancer)

Tradelink (Solstice)



Daily bump

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On 2017-12-24 at 12:00 AM, Ripan said:


2nd gen Snow X Silver Tinsel hatchling



2nd gen Snow x Gold Shimmer (not related to Eitherna Eriling. Nicely named parents are auto.)

2nd gen Holly with Anagallis father well I can at least try...


make an offer





2nd gen Holly (f) with Chrono Xenowyrm father



2nd gen Holly (f) with Anagallis father


No other offers, sorry. That's the only thing I could imagine for parting with this one.


PM me

I've hidden everything as a security measure, but I will provide proof on request.


Bumping for a new day


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2G Snow hatchling from Gold Tinsel TRADED, thank you!



2G Snow from Gold/Bronze Shimmer

2G Aegis from Gold/Bronze Shimmer

CB Gold (male / influenceable)

Other offers!


PM or offer here.





to breed

CB White-winged Snow Angel

CB Mistletoe 1 & 2

CB Wrapping Wing 1 & 2

CB pacified & enraged Aegis

CB Snow

3G Ribbon Dancer x Gold Lunar checker, sibling to this

3G coloured Solstice x Gold Lunar checker, sibling to this

3G Solstice x Thalassa checker, sibling to this

3G pacified Aegis x Gold checker, sibling to this

3G enraged Aegis x Caligene

on scroll

CB Winter Magi

3G Mistletoe x Striped River checker



2G Ribbon Dancer from Radiant Angel
2G Aegis from permanently pacified x Gold Lunar Herald
2G or 3G Yulebuck from checker with Heartstealings or Almandines
4G Wrapping Wing from checker with Golds, unrelated to ZOLbH

CB Mistletoe hatchling or lowish-time egg

Other offers? Nicely-named parents preferred.


PM to offer.

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2G Wrapping Wing from TWO Spriter Alt parents - now a hatchie! Offer here or PM to offer/discuss.  :)



What I am really looking for is a swap for a different "PB" alt pairing, ideally one not present in this or this.  So, offspring from alt Yule x alt Val'09, alt Witchlight x alt Solstice, or alt Aegis x alt Omen.


Holly_egg.png I would also consider a CB Holly with an all-number (example) or perfect five-letter word code (example) - for this I would also be happy to include one of the CB Hollies I caught earlier, as a replacement.  Please note that I *will* be picky and codes with letter/number subsititions will be declined.






A 2G Holly from 2007 Holly x Almerald, teleport



Swap for different 2G Holly?  2G from Spriter alt?  Or other offer?






2G Aegis from enraged Aegis x bronze Tinsel, teleport



Swap for a different 2G Holiday from Prize?  Would love one from a Snow or Aegis!


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