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Christmas 2017 Trading thread

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Ribbon_Dancer_egg.gif 3G Ribbon Dancer from Gold Checker; all named ancestors! Teleport Link




3G Solstice from Gold checker


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I believe the rules for this thread are that you can post what you have to breed? If not, someone PM me and I'll delete it.


I have two of every past holiday dragon except Hollies. Zero plans for my dragons, so if someone wants 2nd gens from any of them let me know.

I have the ability to breed a perfect 3rd gen Holly x Winter Thuwed even gen checker. - gone

I have the ability to breed 3rd gen and higher stairstep Hollies from various breeds.


I don't need anything back for any of these. Just PM to request. Obviously things are on a first-come-first received basis.

(CB dragons no longer available:

   1 Ribbon dancer bred. )

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CB Holly_egg.png Z-Code!

CB Holly_egg.png with cool code: uweEl (with a lower case 'L' at the end, but the code reads like "Uwe Ei"; "Uwe" is a male German name, and "Ei" means "egg")


WOULD LOVE (I'd gladly add!) :wub:

2nd gen Silver_egg.gif from CB Prize (priority!)

2nd gen Tinsel_egg_variations_rotator.gif / Shimmer-scale_egg_variations_rotator.gif from Silver

2nd gen Silver_egg.gif from Spriter's Alt

2nd gen Silver_egg.gif from female Holly

2nd gen Holly_egg.png from Silver


PM me for negotiating! :)


Please understand that I'm not looking for other offers.

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Holly_egg.png CB Holly - Offer



2g Snow or 2g Yulebuck from bronze Tinsel

2g holiday from Spriter's Alt

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  all  CB Christmas( except Holly) ready to breed - snow angels currently on cooldown


don't need anything in particular in trade (unless you are willing to part with  a CB Holly :blink:- only in my wildest dreams)

I will be in and out all day  so be patient

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Have: Wrapping-Wing_egg.gif cb wrapping wing with go vod code

Want: z-code wrapping wing

Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

Edit: and since we can do this, I have 11 2nd gen prizes and 2 2nd gen thuweds in addition to a few spriter alt lineages I could breed in trade for a cb holly. Examples of spriter alt lineages I can breed are:

Frostbite Thuwed(with chance of it being a silver tinsel instead)
Falconiform (yes I know that's a Desipis)

I also have this cool lineage I'm working on if there's any Doctor Who fans out there. Will breed last year's Holiday to it.

Pm for offers.

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-CB Holly egg, two Zs at start of code.



-2nd Gen Tinsel or Shimmer


PM please, it's off CD but fogged for safety.

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CB Snow Angel (2009)

CB Ribbon (2010)



CB Snow Angel

CB Ribbon with z or Z at the beginning of code.

CB Holly (Z-code preferred but not necessary)


Both eggs are on cool-down. Will add a link as soon as possible.

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Have: Aegis_egg.png CB Perma-Enraged Aegis that I can breed with whatever (Silver/Gold/Non-Christmas Holidays, all commons/uncommons/rares)

Link: Golden Tines

Want: 2nd G Aegis from Permanently Enraged Aegis x CB Gold

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Have Available to Breed:

CB Christmas dragons (Solstice, Mistletoe, Aegis, Snow);

can also breed a whole bunch of Christmas lineages/checkers, which you can find on this spreadsheet!



Offers from my Christmas Dragons wishlist, especially:

  • Yulebuck_egg.gif 3rd-gen Yulebuck from Mageia Xenowyrm checker, mate for this dragon
  • Yulebuck_egg.gif 4th-gen Yulebuck from Red checker, mate for this dragon
  • Yulebuck_egg.gif 4th-gen Yulebuck from Gold checker, unrelated to this dragon and this dragon
  • Ribbon_Dancer_egg.gif 2nd-gen Ribbon Dancer from to-be-deceased partner, mate for this dragon
  • Wrapping-Wing_egg.gif 3rd-gen Wrapping-Wing from Diamondwing checker, mate for this dragon

  • Solstice_egg.gif 4th-gen Solstice from Avatar of Change checker, preferably all blue-winged 2nd/3rd gens, mate for this dragon

  • Mistletoe_egg.png 2nd-gen Mistletoe from Striped River, mate for this dragon

  • Aegis_egg.png 3rd-gen Aegis from Gold checker with mismatched Aegis forms (i.e. some pacified, some enraged; ideally, mirrored, with an enraged grandfather on father’s side and all others pacified), mate for this dragon

Note: Not looking for CB Christmas dragons at the moment!


Trade Link:

PM me to set up a trade!


Thanks for reading my post; happy holidays! :D 

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I have 2 of all CB Christmas dragons except for holly. One mistletoe can't be bred. Can enrage one Aegis. The other will remain pacified. I also have most common/uncommon for mates and some rares.



CB gold

CB Silver



I can try.

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