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Christmas 2017 Trading thread

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Have: CB Gold Tinsel ready to breed

-CB Mistletoe or CB Solstice or CB Snow Angel (tricolor) available as mates


Want: 2nd gen from Spriter's Alt

(if you'd rather have a Tinsel egg/non-holiday mate, that can also be arranged)

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* 2x CB Holly

* 2x CB Yulebuck



* CB Mageia Xenowyrm

CB Blue Zyumorph

CB Chicken

* CB Blue Lunar Herald

Gen 2 Thunder from Brown Shimmer

* I can also breed these Gen 2 Holiday dragons with partners of your choosing: Snow Angel, Winter Magi, Wrapping Paper, Solstice, Mistletoe, Aegis, Snow


PM me to discuss details! :)

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Locked but have: 4G Yulebuck (FjEeM) from 3 SA + ((((Trade Link)))

And I will IOU any amount of any or all of my dragons' offspring for: 2 CB Yulebucks & 1 CB Holly.


I tried to breed 2G Spess from SA Omen + CB F Gold: no refusal, no offspring, but they're good to breed again in a week as per IOU.

I bred one I have to offer and I can't breed anymore until I get unlocked, BUT...

I have all of these yet to breed (and more I've chosen not to add here as not to clutter this post any more than this):


CB Scroll Limits of: Snow / HeartSTEAL / Soulstone / Mutamore

3G Down Stair 1 SA (Caligene x Gold)

3G Down Stair 1 SA (Blue Desipis x Chrono)

3G Up Stair 1 SA (Penk x SW)

3G Down Stair 1 SA (Penk x Neb)

4G Down Stair Silver Shimmer (Jewel x G-Copper)

2G Bronze Tinsel from Caligene

3G EG Desipis 4 SA (Green/Blue Desipi, Blue Mistletoe, Teal RA)

3G EG Gold 2 SA (HeartSEEKER + Ribbon Dancer)

3G EG Marrow 1 Darksweet, 1 SA (Vanilla Snow Angel)

3G EG Gold 2 SA (Black RAs)

3G EG Magi 1 SA (Grave)

3G EG Silver 2 SA (Caligenes)

3G EG SW 1 SA (Purple SW)

4G EG Silver 3 SA (Caligenes + Purple SW)

4G EG Pinksweet 4 SA (Brown/Pastel Sweets + Pink/White Rosebuds)


(please forgive me I don't yet know how to do this as a hidden content list)

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Forgot to add a few things.

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2nd gen ribbon from silver egg

Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!


I can breed the following cb X'mas dragons, and produce the following checkers (and sorry for the mess this became, editing this from my phone somehow caused this and I don't know how to fix it, although it's just double info):




Snowangel - white tips only
My CB Snow Angel (available): Arbol de Navidad
Ribbon dancer 
My CB winter magi: I b A d (I may delete his name someday because he’s coded) (available for breeding) 
Wrapping Wings 
My CB Wrapping wings: Jollyness &Xmas Watermelon
My CB solstices: Crystal Dream &Crystal Inspiration
All rosy wings
All blue wings
My CB mistletoes: Mistlesong &Mistlemystery
My CB aegises: permanently pacified: Cielo d’Hiver – permanently enraged: Eolo d’Hiver



any of these:

Or a 2nd gen snow hatchie offer or low time egg if you're feeling kind. 

Or offer. I'll use decline button. 


I also have a cb wintermagi hatchie, zcoded. I'm willing to swap it with a non z-coded wintermagi hatchie, of similar or less time (5d8h from this post). Pm me for that. https://dragcave.net/lineage/z9F1O


(And sorry for the red letters, I copy pasted some info and the red got stuck, but editing this from my phone is a pain. (>_<。) )




any of these:

 ribbon checker x avy of creation for https://dragcave.net/lineage/243KE

3rd gen pacified aegis from almerald for https://dragcave.net/lineage/0M116

3rd gen whitewinged snowangel from white checker for https://dragcave.net/lineage/92rjK

3rd gen Yule from sunsong for https://dragcave.net/lineage/tS1TG

3rd gen yule from purple for. https://dragcave.net/lineage/rOQD6

3rd gen mistletoe from blue copper for https://dragcave.net/lineage/qkf7

Or a 2nd gen snow hatchie offer or low time egg if you're feeling kind. 

Or offer. I'll use decline button. 


I also have a cb wintermagi hatchie, zcoded. I'm willing to swap it with a non z-coded wintermagi hatchie, of similar or less time (5d8h from this post). Pm me for that. https://dragcave.net/lineage/z9F1O



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Holly_egg.png CB holly

Bronze_Tinsel_egg.gif CB x ??? - Your choice of female holiday mate!

Holly_egg.png 3rd gen holly from this, can be a stair or a checker to GW. 

Holly_egg.png 3rd gen holly from this, stair to female monarch

Other lined holiday dragons from this group. Plus CB holidays from solstice onward. 




For holly: offers?

For holiday tinselkin: tinselkin trade (from male bronze tinsel) or something else nice, like a 2G from spriter alt?

For others: blue winged solstice HATCHIE, S1 or S2 Snow hatchie/low time egg - all for freezing, messy is fine!


PM me offers! :)

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- Various 2g Prizes and 2g Spriter's Alt babies I can breed 3gs of your choice from!



user posted image - 2g Aegis from any Aegis x Lumina combo except Enraged x Dark Lumina

user posted image - 2g Mistletoe from Almerald

user posted image - 3g Yulebuck from Valentine checker, unrelated to https://dragcave.net/lineage/D0ghh https://dragcave.net/lineage/OlWeZ https://dragcave.net/lineage/iphK4 

user posted image - 5g or 6g Yulebuck from White checker, unrelated to https://dragcave.net/lineage/YmcrN https://dragcave.net/lineage/hN8FH

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My bf has:

2 CB alt sweetlings to be bred with mate of your choice (cb mistletoe, cb solstice, cb ribbon dancer, cb silver).


I have:

CB yulebuck, CB ribbon dancer, and CB snow angel incuhatchable eggs

2 CB (male & female) April Fool upside down mints

2 2nd gen white (male & female) from alt graves

2 2nd gen from alt shadow walker to breed a checker sibling to https://dragcave.net/lineage/tTIxM or https://dragcave.net/lineage/6nw3g

CB past Christmas dragons (except yulebuck and holly) with your choice of mate


Dreaming to get 1 CB holly.  Please please please PM me if there's anything else you want caught or bred (except 2nd gen prize).  Willing to catch/breed, influence, and hatch multiple items.

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Aegis Holiday CB
Wrapping-Wing Holiday CB

Holly Holiday CB
Yulebuck Holiday CB

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On 12/21/2017 at 12:20 PM, Amazon_warrior said:




2G Snow from Luckiest Catch, teleport



Swap for 2G Aegis (calm) or Snow from silver Shimmer

Other 2G Holiday Prizekin (prefer silver or gold prize)

2G from Spriter Alt?

Other offers may be considered, PMs ok!



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3rd gen Holly x Rosebud checker  https://dragcave.net/teleport/b0a22b50bb7f35cf0c2baca80bbf7f95


3rd gen Holly x Rosebud checker https://dragcave.net/teleport/e0914d581f9b48d3db75d8c80d70966e



3rd gen Holly checker. I managed to catch 3 from the same Holly x Rosebud parents, so I would rather expand my breeding stock. OR 1 Xmas hatchling, any lineage

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CB HollyMake an offer on Holly #1!

CB Holly - Trade Pending!




2G Holiday from Prize or Alt

Multiple 2G Holiday Eggs with my choice of Parents

Multiple 2G Holiday Hatchies/Incuhatchable Eggs

Nice offers!


Offer above or PM me to discuss and make arrangements if breeding!


Can Breed:


2G Holiday from CB Ribbon Dancer x1, CB Winter Magi x1 and CB Wrapping Wing x2 with your mate of choice.

3G Yulebuck/Pink Checker from Old Pink Base. Sibling.

3G Yulebuck/Gold Checker.

3G Snow Angel/Purple Checker from White Winged Angels. Sibling.

5G Holly/Pink Checker from Old Pink Base.


Looking for:


Holiday Swaps - I'm looking at all breeds. :)

CB Yulebuck x1


PM me to arrange breedings.




CB Rosy Winged Solstice Hatchling


Swap for a CB Blue Winged Solstice Hatchling, please?

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16 hours ago, catstaff said:

Seeking bloodswaps!


Have: 5g perfect checker rosy/night Solstice x Almandine (lineage)

Bloodswap wanted, would also take a 2g Holly from male Holly (Gold Lunar Herald or Almerald mate preferred, other non-holiday mates accepted.)

Make me an offer!


Also seeking mates for HIM and HIM, (top priority, all gold-winged SA ancestors, please), along with mates for THESE FOUR LOVELY LADIES, and THESE FOUR YOUNG MEN. I can breed siblings for all of these... one egg slot currently open. PM if interested, to work out breeding/trading times.


Now also offering a 3g pacified Aegis x Celestial and a Z-code 3g Wrapping Wing x Green Gemshard. Would happily give both for a 3g pacified Aegis x Almerald, the above-mentioned 2g Holly, or for a mate for HIM since the one I originally traded for gendered wrong. I'd go 1:1 for any of the other wants listed above, and I've also got a 4g Yulebuck x Gold that I'd be willing to let go for something I need more right now.

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