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Christmas 2017 Trading thread

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CB Yulebuck from 08 ready to breed with mate of your choice.

Also two sec gen thuweds (Albino and Dark Myst Pygmie) ready to breed.
Willing to breed other stuff (CB golds, silver , CBs Vampires ready to bite etc)
Signature applies. 

Want CB Hollie. 
(Working 24/4 in hospital this christmas, no time for real hunting, sadly)


Pm me. 

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Have a 2nd gen Snow from Lumina user posted image

Want a messy lineaged / inbred / long lineaged user posted image for freezing


Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!



also Have: a 2nd gen Snow_egg.png from Gold


Want: a 2nd gen Snow_egg.png from Silver (either around the same time or bred on 21st)

          - if you have a 2nd gen Snow_hatchi.png from Silver and would prefer a hatchling trade, I could also offer a 2nd gen Snow_hatchi.png from Gold

          - may also accept a messy lineaged Snow_hatchi.png for freezing


Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

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Yulebuck_hatchi.gif 2nd gen yulebuck hatchling from solstice

user posted imageuser posted image snow x2 from green fire gem

 user posted image 2nd gen snow from red fire gem (need bloodswap)


Ready to breed:

user posted imageuser posted image x2 Ribbon Dancer CBs

user posted imageuser posted image x2 Winter Magi CBs

user posted imageuser posted image x2 Wrapping Wing CBs

user posted imageuser posted image x2 Solstice CBs

user posted image x1 Mistletoe CB

user posted image x user posted image solstice x heartseeker checker, several unrelated 3rd and 4th gens (example)




user posted imageuser posted image x user posted image 2nd-gen snow (any stage) from red fire gem (AUTO)

user posted image Snow hatchlings, any lineage

Holly_hatchi.pngYulebuck_hatchi.gifuser posted imageAegis_hatchi.gif other christmas hatchling offers, any breed


You can PM me or email me at chosakared@gmail.com for breeding offers.

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Can breed with all you want :

Ribbon Dancer egg Cb ribbon x2

Winter Magi egg Cb winter magis x2

Wrapping-Wing egg Cb wrapping x2

Solstice egg Cb solstice x2

Mistletoe egg Cb mistletoe x2

Aegis egg Cb aegis x2


Want :

3/4g holly pretty lineage


PM me

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Z CODED CB Ribbon_Dancer_egg.gifSolstice_egg.gifAXOyiOVMlYsd7z4hDbo0E98cmMVPuUm2oKOvGsXPWinter_Magi_egg.gif (Code starts with Z or z)


*points to my signature*

Still looking for the ones I am missing. :unsure:

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Have to trade on 23-Dec-2017

Ribbon_Dancer_egg.gif Offspring from CB Ribbon Dancer x your choice of mate

Winter_Magi_egg.gif Offspring from CB Winter Magi x your choice of mate

AXOyiOVMlYsd7z4hDbo0E98cmMVPuUm2oKOvGsXP Offspring from CB Wrapping Wing x your choice of mate

~~~Many 3G+ lineages in signature link~~~




user posted image 2G or 3G Pacified Aegis x Sunrise, not related to: https://dragcave.net/lineage/67FBU

Aegis_egg.png 2G or 3G Pacified Aegis x Moonstone checker, not related to: https://dragcave.net/lineage/SRwdc

Mistletoe_egg.png 2G or 3G Mistletoe x Aria, not related to: https://dragcave.net/lineage/DLuMy

Mistletoe_egg.png 2G Mistletoe from Red

Snow_egg.png  2G Snow from Storm

Aegis_egg.png 2G Aegis from Perm Enraged x Desipis

user posted image 2G Rosy-winged Solstice from Bronze Lunar Herald

Winter_Magi_egg.gif 2G Winter Magi from Gold


Please PM to set up a trade!  Thanks! :)


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Can breed: anything from this list that is not marked in red and has a mate listed.



Want: Would love to have a spiral 5th or 6th gen Holly to replace the one I lost to sickness.


Prefer Purple, as in the lost one, and getting a descendent of the same CB pair would be awesome! Will consider others.


Also would love to have 2nd gen Snow x Script, 2nd or 3rd gen checker with Pacified Aegis x Bronze Lunar Herald, 2nd gen Enraged Aegis x Seragamma, or other pretty 2nd gens -- all with nicely named parents.


Please PM me.

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2g Pacified Aegis x Aeon hatchling

Trade Link: https://dragcave.net/teleport/f1d3b7765494521420f5f597321c6ce0


2g Pacified Aegis x Silver lunar herald

Trade Link: https://dragcave.net/teleport/de0deda93fe8b85af3c909d7f5398acd


Want (holidays, not commons):

2g Snow x Gold

3g Holly x red gemshard checker unrelated to https://dragcave.net/lineage/STLVq

4g Holly x white checker unrelated to https://dragcave.net/lineage/kCo3M

4g Snowangel Tri-color x Albino unrelated to https://dragcave.net/lineage/YKscp

3g Female Mistletoe x Aeon unrelated to https://dragcave.net/lineage/94Hds

3g Female Mistletoe x Winter unrelated to https://dragcave.net/lineage/Mo8Yd

3g Yulebuck x Purple unrelated to https://dragcave.net/lineage/VrDFI

3g Pacified Aegis x Winter unrelated to https://dragcave.net/lineage/UNH7Z

2g Enraged Aegis x Bronze Lunar Herald

--->Only offer as hatchlings:

2g Wrapping Wing x Green Gemshard

2g Rosy Solstice x Winter

2g Tri-Color Snow Angel x Moonstone


General offers welcome as well! If what I am offering doesn't interest you, but you have what I need, I have CBs of all holidays from Yulebuck to Snow available for breeding, and I have a ton of lines I can link you to. Thanks!

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CB male silver tinsel to be bred on the 25th with your choice of female holiday mate



2G holly from silver tinsel

2G holly from silver lunar

2G spriter alt


Please PM!

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cb holly egg



probably wont get these

cb gold

cb silver


2nd gen prize

cb blue bailaka

cb gaias


pm if interested

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Looking for CB Yulebuck.


Have two CB Snow dragons that can be bred with dragons of your choosing. You would get two eggs 1 from each pairing. PM if interested.

Happy Holidays :)

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Crossed from the CB Trading Thread:

Have: CB Holly Egg Holly_egg.png 6d 11h


Want: Any one (1) CB hatchling that is predominantly green or blue.

(Examples: Neotropical_hatchi.gifMint_hatchi.gifGreen_hatchi.gifGreater_Spotted_Drake_hatchling.gif etc; Coastal_Waverunner_hatchi.gifDaydream_hatchi.gifDeep_Sea_hatchi.gifFire_Gem_blue_hatchi.png etc)


Two eggs, so there are two teleports. Make sure you have space or I might go to the next person.




EDIT: One gone

EDIT EDIT: Both gone

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Have: Holly_egg.png CB Holly, semi-low timed (offer here) or PM


Want: Ribbon_Dancer_egg.gif a 2nd G Ribbon Dancer from Snow, would prefer code/unnamed parents or possibly short-named parents, unrelated to this little guy


would also prefer a hatchling over an egg but that's less important

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