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To Be A Good Soldier | Closed 1x1

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1x1 between Epyon and I.



The year is 2471. Earth has survived nuclear warfare but not without cost. The map has changed, landmasses have shifted, and the world is divided into four major continents, each comprised of several countries. Science has advanced dramatically, and so have military forces. War has broken out between two ruling powers and a third one wants to take advantage of that.


Character Sheet Template

Name: First, Last



Allegiance: Country 


Rank: Standard rankings

Specialized Training: Support, Scout, Offense, etc.




Name: Charlie Haines

Age: 27 years

Gender: Female

Allegiance: Estrela

Appearance: On the shorter side of average height, she stands no taller than 5'4" with an athletic body. She's built and trained for speed and agility, giving her more of a lithe figure than a bulky one. Charlie has cropped black hair, creating a pixie cut that she hardly bothers combing. Her skin is an olive tone and her eyes are a dark maple brown. With somewhat full lips, she has a more narrow face with defined features and a thin nose. 

Rank: Lieutenant 

Specialized Training: Special Ops Scout

Other: Charlie's tactical gear is dyed with dark colors of black and violets as a default. 

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